Time Travel: We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time, But We Can Literally Bend It

James Beacham, a particle physicist at CERN, discusses time travel and if humans could ever manipulate the fundamental forces to alter the passage of time.

One proposed method of time travel is via wormholes. “We know that space can be bent. If space can be bent by, say, gravity, then spacetime can be bent,” Beacham said. To clarify, space is the three-dimensional body in which all things in the universe move. Spacetime, however, is the combined concepts of space and time into a four-dimensional continuum. You may have even seen spacetime portrayed as a fabric, manipulated by energy. If spacetime can be bent, Beacham continued, it’s theoretically possible that time can be bent.

Source: Time Travel: We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time, But We Can Literally Bend It

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