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Insane Hubless Motorcycle With Airplane Engine

It's a bike, but talk about Low Riders!

3D Printed House – Organic, futuristic, homes.

Eindhoven featured prominently in the allies' Operation Market Garden plan to invade Germany during World War II. Most of its historic buildings were destroyed at that time, opening things up for more experimental structures.

Why Would AI be Hostile?

Suzanne Hagelin, the author of Body Suit, asked this question: "Exactly how WOULD computers behave if they became sentinent?"

Cities of Tomorrow Will Use “Bio Houses”

Self-sustaining buildings. Got a big meeting coming up? Grow another room!

How Humans Might Outlive Earth, the Sun, and Even the Universe...

Puppeteers manage without a sun, humans ought to be able to as well.

Book Review: AUTONOMOUS (2017)

Steve prepares for a Vancouver visit from Annalee Newitz, whose latest book Autonomous, is reviewed here. He’ll be there, will you?

Life, but not as we know it

New Biochem: Bacteria created with 6 letter DNA code

Zero-Point Energy Demystified | PBS Space Time

If you're not sick and tired of scientists telling us what we can't do, check out this video.

IBM Announces 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

Quantum computing just got closer with IBM's announcement of a 50-quantum bit (qubit) machine.

Slaughterbots – a Chilling Short Film

What happens when we let our weapons choose their own targets?

Larry Niven Predicted it – Iran may have the solution to...

Legalizing the sale of human organs could save lives.

To Sleep – Perchance to Hibernation? 

Is human hibernation possible? Really?

Ancient organism’s genetics may show us how to live for centuries

When it comes to adding years of adult life, we’ve barely moved the needle. But that may be about to change — in part because of one very chilly fish.

Time Travel: We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time, But We...

Is time travel possible? Maybe...

Hacia una antología internacional fantástica neoindigenista

Call for submissions for an anthology of Spanish neo-indigenous speculative fiction.


This week Steve takes on a blurb and a book review and a movie review. And he has a good time with all of it! He doesn’t think your mileage will vary much!


The second issue of Supernova, a Bolivian magazine of fantasy and horror, is now out.

Top 10 Young Adult Books You Need To Read By Fall

Now that summer is winding down a bit, it's time to start stocking up for winter reading - or - you're TBR pile is just not tall enough!

Science Fiction in the Here and Now or “Cleanup on Aisle...

The future may hold many surprises, and this may be one of them

An Interview with Timothy the Talking Cat

Never before has so much science fiction adventure been assembled into one volume by so few cats. An interview with one of the few.

AMAZING NEWS: 1/24/1…”some call it heavenly in its brilliance”

aliens, aliens and more aliens; Boskone, space flowers, ice volcanoes, Groot, drones and Star Trek. Plus Suicide Squad and GotG. And - you guessed it - even more.

Promotional audio: Podcast, Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, with science fiction from around...

Cosmocapsula launches a new podcast for Amazing Stories

Promo: Podcast, Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, ciencia ficción alderedor del mundo

Este es el promo del podcast de ciencia ficción Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, un programa dedicado a la ciencia ficción que se produce alrededor del mundo, con episodios en inglés y en español.


Special event at the Black Science Fiction Society

Review: AMC’s Humans

A partial review of Humans, veering off into a discussion of sex bots.

Blogger Invitado: Gonzalo Montero Lara. Los quechuas conquistan Marte en Los...

Gonzalo Montero Lara reviews Ivan Prado Sejas' work

NEW BOOK REVIEWS: Walter Mosley and Robert Charles Wilson  

This week Steve reviews books by Walter Mosley and Robert Charles Wilson. Good books!

Rewind: Interview with Science Fiction Legend Ben Bova

Ben Bova, editor of Analog & Omni, author of many fine SF works, always deserves a second look.

What is Wrong With You People?

Science fiction's worst nightmares come true

Resistance of the New

Don't be scared: the new year is HERE!