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Intergalactic Dating Agency Authors Answer New Release Questions

A shared SF Romance universe!: "Looking for a love that’s out of this world? These strong, smart, sexy aliens are seeking mates from the Milky Way."

Take A Pinch of This Genre and A Spoonful of That...

Is it science fiction romance with adventure.  Or maybe it's space opera with space marines and romantic elements.

Readers Share Favorite Science Fiction Romances Featuring Black Heroines

To cap off Black History month, a collection and recommended reading list of SF:R novels featuring black heroines.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for Fall

As the temperature drops, you need a good science fiction romance to heat things up. Here are some recent ones, and a collection of short stories that may not be exactly romance, but looks very interesting nonetheless.

‘Xaghra’s Revenge’, by Geoff Nelder

Xaghra’s Revenge is a well-written, time-travelling historical fantasy. Highly recommended!

Science Fiction Romance Readers Share Scary Book Recommendations

It’s that spooky time of year again when thoughts turn to scary books and movies. I decided to ask two of my favorite groups...

Two New Anthologies Offer Total of 25 Science Fiction Romance Stories

Two new anthologies promise lots of great science fiction romance fun.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for September

Time to talk about more science fiction romance new releases and lucky for me there is a constant flow of exciting new books all...

Science Fiction Romance Readers Talk Favorite Series

Discussion of some of their favourite science fiction romance series by authors and fans.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for August

Time to catch up on a few of the many new science fiction romance releases in August. I’m going to start with Found Girl: Project...

Readers Weigh In: Favorite Types of Science Fiction Romance Heroes Part...

When it comes to science fiction romance, who doesn't love a man in uniform?

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance from Colonies to Star Guardians

The summer onslaught of hot new science fiction romances continues - were you in any serious doubt?

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for July

Is there a better time to be reading science fiction romance than the beginning of summer? But, how to choose? Here are some new releases for your consideration.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for June

Time to talk new releases in science fiction romance again! Mars Ho by Jennifer Willis sounds intriguing; with a blend of reality show TV thrown...

Memorable Supporting Characters in Science Fiction Romance

In the romance world, including the science fiction subgenre, one of our favorite things to write and to read is a strong cast of supporting characters. We hope many of them will go on to have their stories told in a future book. Here are some fan favourites.

New Science Fiction Romance Releases for May 2017

Veronica Scott looks at the business of science fiction romance, then at some new releases.

New Science Fiction Romance Report for April

Empaths, wormholes and authors abandoning, for the moment, series to try their hand at something new await you in this week's science fiction romance releases.

New Science Fiction Romances Arrive

More new science fiction romances have hit the figurative ebook shelves, with everything from space pirates to a tale strongly reminiscent (to me) of...

Science Fiction Romance Based on Fairy Tales

Science fiction romance based on fairy tales - what's not to love? Here are some of Veronica Scott's current favourites.

No Lack of New Science Fiction Romance in the New Year

The new science fiction romance novels keep coming, with several more eagerly anticipated entries releasing at the end of the old year.

Science Fiction Romance Readers Pick Memorable Books of 2016

I thought it would be fun to let science fiction romance readers ‘write’ this column for me, and pick some of their most memorable...


The second issue of Supernova, a Bolivian magazine of fantasy and horror, is now out.

The Science Fiction Romance New Releases Never Stop

New releases in science fiction romance, and some good news about one of Veronica Scott's books.

New Science Fiction Romances Keep Arriving!

There are a lot of crowd-pleasers in this week's overview of science fiction romance novels.

Selected New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

Veronica Scott introduces readers to some of the recently published science fiction romance books she has either read or looks forward to reading.

Top 10 Young Adult Books You Need To Read By Fall

Now that summer is winding down a bit, it's time to start stocking up for winter reading - or - you're TBR pile is just not tall enough!

The Fallen Empire Series by Lindsay Buroker

Chickens in the cargo hold is a nice touch.

Science Fiction TV Shows Versus SFR Novels

The first thing I discovered about doing recaps, when I was covering “The 100” - you can’t just sit and watch the show

Review: Night Terrors by J. A. Pitts

Night Terrors by J. A. Pitts will take readers into a nightmarish dreamland of evil spirits in this fourth installment to the Sarah Beauhall stories.

There Be Space Pirates in Science Fiction Romance

Space Pirates! They seem a fitting subject for SF Romance - and they are!