Readers Share Favorite Science Fiction Romances Featuring Black Heroines

Towards the end of February, which was Black History Month in the United States, I was asked if there was a list of science fiction romance novels with black heroines. The question came up in connection with an active discussion going on in the twitterverse and in various places on Facebook. I posed the question in several groups and am now presenting the list I’ve compiled from suggestions by readers as well as authors on Facebook and Twitter. Because while it may not be February any longer, good books are timely all year round!

I’ve read many but not all of the books so I’m relying on the collective SFR readership ‘hive mind’ to have developed a pretty thorough set of recommendations.

My thanks to everyone who participated in response to my question!

In no certain order:

Unfrozen (Valos of Sonhadra Book 9) by Regine Abel

Found (Brides of the Kindred Book 4) by Evangeline Anderson

Divided (Brides of the Kindred Book 10) by Evangeline Anderson

Alien Redemption (Clans of Kalquor Book 6) by Tracy St. John

Cautious Hope (Shifting Alliances Book 3) by Severine Wolfe

The Felig Chronicles Series by P J Dean

The Ruins of Karzelek (The Mandrake Company Series Book 4) by Ruby Lionsdrake

Build A Mate (A Holiday with Love Romance Book 1) by Janice Croom

Hemi (Hell Squad Book Book 13 )* by Anna Hackett

Champion (Galactic Gladiators Book 5)* by Anna Hackett

Rogue (Galactic Gladiators Book 8)* by Anna Hackett

*NOTE: The books were suggested by readers and in a discussion with Ms. Hackett, I received the following clarifications: Hemi’s heroine Cam is half African half Scottish.  Champion has a black heroine, Saff (but she is an alien, not from Earth). Rogue has a mixed race heroine, Neve.

Barbarian’s Prize (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 6) by Ruby Dixon

Rescuing Mattie (Lords of Kassis) by SE Smith

Twin Dragons’ Destiny (Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 11) by SE Smith – to be released April 24th of this year

First Awakening Series by SE Smith

Snowed in with the Alien Warlord by Nancey Cummings

Prodigal (Maelstrom Chronicles) by Jody Wallace

The Time Slip Girl by Elizabeth Andre

Kash (Intergalactic Dating Agency) by Susan Hayes

Hathor Legacy Series by Deborah A Bailey

The Last True Hero (The Burned Lands Book 2) by Bec McMaster

Venomous by Penelope Fletcher

A Matter of Trust by Greta van der Rol (The hero is black.)

Alien Dragon’s Mate (Aliens of Renjer) by J S Wilder

Joyzal’s Prize (Alien Bounty Hunter Book 2) by Michele Mills

Radio Silence (Off the Grid Book 1) by Alyssa Cole

Ascension (A Tangled Axon novel) by Jacqueline Koyanagi

Rescues and the Rhyssa by T S Porter

Torn by KD King

There were some Urban Fantasy recommendations as well:

Blood Lust (Thorns and Blood Book 2) by Cheri Winters

The Marradith Ryder Series by Lori Titus

I also found three lists on Goodreads, which while not exclusively science fiction romance, may contain some good reading recommendations:

Black Women Heroines in Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Science Fiction

224 books

Heroines and Heroes of African Decent in Adult Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Science Fiction Romance

34 books

Black Heroines of Paranormal Romance

34 books

What books would you add to our combined list? Because we the readers crave all the good stories we can get our hands on!

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