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Citizens of the Solar System: Cool TECHNOLOGY on the International Space...

From Luke Skywalker's "remotes" to Star Trek's Mr. Data, science fiction is fast becoming fact on the International Space Station.

MARS! And Some Reviews…      

This week, Steve visits Mars (really! Sort of...) and reviews a new book and an overlooked movie from 2014. Check it out!

Review: Lincoln’s Wizard by Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis

Filled with airships, dragons, zombies, robots, and a wide array of other gear driven inventions, Lincoln’s Wizard is a fresh Steampunk take on the War Between the States.

Asni’s Art Blog: Robot

So what’s the difference between a robot, an android (or droid), and a cyborg?

Review: The Mighty Casey by Rod Serling

When Rod Serling wrote The Mighty Casey for The Twilight Zone, he created an ideal example of some of the most important elements necessary for writing a successful short story.

Review: AMC’s Humans

A partial review of Humans, veering off into a discussion of sex bots.


Steve reaches a milestone 100 columns, and reviews the new Writers of the Future anthology and the film Big Hero 6.

Review: Children of Arkadia by M. Darusha Wehm

Children of Arkadia by M. Darusha Wehm is a character driven political story following man’s pilgrimage to the stars and the vital role artificial intelligence plays in humanity’s survival.

Film Review: Chappie

Chappie has fantastic robots, but little else.

What is Wrong With You People?

Science fiction's worst nightmares come true

Proof Science Fiction is Real

Forget UFOs. Science Fiction IS REAL.

Review: Boilerplate – History’s Mechanical Marvel by Guinan and Bennett

Boilerplate - History's Mechanical Marvel by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett is a fun, reflective look at of what would’ve, could’ve, and maybe even should’ve been if this robot existed.

The Top Ten Best Robots of All Time

This week we take a look at the top ten best robots of all time. The rules are simple. Each robot must have a unique...

Beauty, the Eye of the Beholder and Miss Universe

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is to say that beauty is subjective and, despite the human condition that every one...

Scide Splitters: Unidentified Funny Objects 3 edited by Alex Shvartsman

Science fiction and fantasy’s only annual humor anthology returns with stories from Robert Silverberg, Mike Resnick, Tim Pratt, Piers Anthony, Kevin J. Anderson, Jody Lynn Nye, and more.

Book Review: Help Fund My Robot Army!!!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Given that there is a strong recursive strain in science fiction, it was only a matter of time until a book about crowdfunding was published via crowdfunding.

Review: Jani and the Greater Game by Eric Brown

Eric Brown takes us on steampunk adventure through India at the time of the Raj. The year is 1925, and history has taken an alternate course.

Scide Splitters: The Lunatics of Terra by John Sladek

Daleks is and anagram for Sladek. This seemingly random bit of word play has everything and nothing to do with Scide Splitters’ review of John Sladek’s short story collection.

Scide Splitters: You Can’t Kill the Multiverse (But You Can Mess...

Ira Nayman’s novel, a tour de force of rapid fire humor, is the focus of Scide Splitter’s latest review.

Review: Robogenesis – the Robopocalypse Continues…

Our favorite apocalyptic robots are back....

Karel Čapek: SF Pioneer

Rediscovering Lovecraft's "direct contemporary" - Karl Capek

MOVIE REVIEW: Robocop the Remake—Good, Bad or Ugly?

Robocop 2014: better than the original? Or worse?

A Rivet of Robots

Meet Zorg and the other robot creations of Lynn Taylor Fahnestalk.

Review of The Uncanny Valley by Superbolt Theatre

A review of the play The Uncanny Valley, in which a lonely human forms an attachment to a robot named Pheobe

Which Steel is Real?

The 2011 movie Real Steel staring Hugh Jackman was inspired by the Richard Matheson 1956 short story titled Steel. A 1963 episode of Twilight Zone was also based on the story. Which cinematic version held true to the story, or would the minds of Hollywood been better off leaving the story to the pages.


1977 Doctor Who predicted 2014 real life: Robophobia.

2013 by the Numbers

Dates and statistics to sum up 2013.

M. C. Carper — Historietista por Jorge Pérez Perri

Mario C. Carper has been interviewing the stars of the Spanish genre world for us. Now, Jorge Pérez Perri interviews Mario C. Carper. You don't need to read Spanish to enjoy Mario's gallery!

Pets in Space!

Does science fiction suffer from animal animosity? Where are all the outer-spacey pets? Who banned fish tanks from the Enterprise? C.E. Martin wants to know.

Robots for Home Care

The health care industry is struggling to keep up with seniors’ needs, and one method that has had some success is through the use of home care robots, which was highlighted in the 2012 movie, Robot & Frank.