Richard Matheson

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The Passing of a Master RIP Richard Matheson

  The passing of a Master RIP RICHARD MATHESON Richard Matheson passed away 8 days ago on the 23rd of June 2013. He was 87 years old. This is pretty much the end of an era when you consider that Matheson was one of the last living writers to have contributed to Weird Tales Magazine […]

What Dreams May Come…

Richard Matheson passed away on Sunday. By this time many have given their thoughts and feelings on Matheson’s body of work so I am inevitably going to re-hash what has been stated elsewhere by writers who are far more eloquent and learned than I am. I just wanted to jot down a few of my […]

Richard Matheson Filmography

Richard Matheson captured my imagination with his first story (Born of Man and Woman – SF Hall of Fame Volume 1) and never stopped entertaining and intriguing me; when I learned that some of my favorite films had been based on stories of his (The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Omega Man) I understood why I […]

Richard Matheson, 1926-2013

There are some writers whose work is known and enjoyed by millions of people who have never heard their name.  Or even if they have heard their name, haven’t read their work, or associate their name with the work they’ve done.  Richard Matheson (b.1926), who died on June 23, is one of those authors, who also received […]

We Can Hear You Scream: An Overview of SF/Horror Literature

The fear of the dark, the unknown, the monster standing right behind you ready to tear you limb from limb…is part of the human condition. Since the dawn of civilization we have been terrified by creatures we can neither comprehend or defend against. Even as the mysteries of the universe unfold before us thanks to […]