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After a short absence, Steve returns to bid farewell to a beloved SF author, Vonda N. McIntyre, and to talk about his TV addiction... er, favourite shows!

Science Fiction Romance Readers Talk Favorite Series

Discussion of some of their favourite science fiction romance series by authors and fans.

Worldcon day 3. HUGO TIME!!!!! Worldcon día 3: EL HUGO (Bilingual...

Video and images from day 3 of Worldcon 75

Wordcon day 2/día 2 (bilingual post)

Videos & pics from Worldcon 75! (Tanya confesses to being a bit overwhelmed)

Presencia hispanohablante en la WorldCon 2017

Happening in Helsinki! Tanya covers the beat.

Review: Sunjammer by Arthur C. Clarke

Sunjammer by Arthur C. Clarke is just one of seven stories editor Terry Carr selected for The Infinite Arena anthology, a cohesive mixture of sports and classic science fiction many fans will enjoy.

A Brief Glance at the Growing SF Community in China

The unceasing efforts of all the people within the SF community have given the genre a positive outlook in China.

Scide Splitters: Bean Bag Cats & Bad German by Ed Bryant

Ed Bryant (1945-2017), award winning writer, celebrated convention toastmaster, and mentor to developing writers, also wrote some funny short stories.

The Audio File: Religion in Speculative Fiction

Want to hear an audio version of a short speculative fiction story about religion? Sam McDonald has chosen some good ones for you to consider from a wide variety of religious perspectives.


Stamps and short stories--what's the connection? Steve dips into a cheap (in price only!) collection of stories from award-winning authors... then tells you how to get the newest Star Trek stamps from Canada!

George R.R. Martin’s Doorways: The TV Show That Never Was

If Doorways had been picked up and was even successful, Martin may never have written the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire

Scide Splitters: Unidentified Funny Objects 4 edited by Alex Shvartsman

Unidentified Funny Objects returns with its fourth annual anthology, this time engaging a theme of dark humor and including stories from the likes of George R. R. Martin, Mike Resnick, Eric Kaplan, Tim Pratt, Piers Anthony, Jody Lynn Nye, Gini Koch, Esther Friesner and more.

Review: The Slow Regard of Silent Things

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss brings every-thing to life through the eyes of a fan favorite King Killer Chronicles character and a knack for poetic imagery.

Archipelacon 2015 (Post bilingüe/bilingual post)

A bilingual con report from Archipelacon! With even more GRRM!

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 11

A new fantasy entry for the greatest fantasy novels of all time.

Archipelacon (Bilingual post-Post bilingüe)

A bilingual convention profile!

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 10

The character of the young Arthur, known as Wart, was so finely crafted that famous authors such as J. K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman have confessed to borrowing elements of the character for their own stories.

The Truth About Zombies

Zombies are no longer confined to the sandbox known as horror. They have found their way into science fiction and fantasy.

Searching for a Destination Convention

You missed it - but you can still read about ConQuesT 46 & Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 9

A new addition to the Greatest SF&F works of all time!

How Game of Thrones Abandoned Me in the Pit of Despair

“Game of Thrones is very compelling. But so is a train wreck.”

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 8

An 8th tome is added to our running list of - THE GREATEST FANTASY NOVELS OF ALL TIME

A Quick Look at Three Current Kickstarters

Three really great Kickstarter campaigns you ought to know about.

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 7

The latest induction into the Greatest of All Time list

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 6

Which novel has RK vetted for this go 'round? Read on to find out!

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 5

Read on to find the latest addition to The Greatest Fantasy Novels of ALL Time

What’s Wrong with the Saga?

The trilogy, the saga, or the series. They come in many shapes and forms, but in the end…they may NEVER end! Is it too much to ask that books have an ending?

The 72nd Worldcon Voters will Forge History

The Hugos are upon us. RK gives you even more (and better reasons) to join up and vote!

Talus and the Frozen King by Graham Edwards

A murder mystery set in stone age Britian.