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Articles and posts that deal with SF, fantasy and horror in gaming, including RPGs, tabletop, computer and video games.

Summer 2017 SF Anime Preview

Summer is here and so is the next gargantuan shipment of shows from Japan. Take a look at what's showing up a few days from now.

Game review: The Last of Us (Remastered)

The Last of Us is a well realized computer game that contains both a thrilling zombie story and brilliant drama.

Comic Con May 2017 – London, baby!

Comic Con in London is a star-studded, all-out geektacular three days of fun, food, celebrities, and costumes, costumes, and more costumes.

Anime roundup 4/20/2017: Fantastic Voyage

In this week's viewing: The last batch of spring premieres, and a journey beyond the double paywall! (cue theremin)

Anime roundup 4/6/2017: You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

In this week's viewing: The old season departs, but first, the new season! I promise it'll make sense when you click through...

Spring 2017 SF Anime Preview

The upcoming anime season is going to be titanic... in more than one sense.

Anime roundup 1/12/2017: The Winter of Our Discontent

In this week's viewing: It's time for the first helping of 2017 premieres! Um, you may want to brace yourself.

Winter 2017 SF Anime Preview

A quick rundown of what the new year will bring us in anime.

Anime roundup 10/6/2016: Weird Sisters

A mediocre-looking season can deliver some great surprises: Izetta, Magical Girl Raising Project and more.

Fall 2016 SF Anime Preview

A look at what's coming your way from the anime world in October.

Battle Gnomes!

Form a band of gnomes to battle for lawn supremacy in the game Battle Gnomes!

Not Just Another Metroid 2 Remake

Sean Martin thought he would never be able to master another Metroid game. Then, he discovered Another Metroid 2 Remake...

Interview: James Sutter, RPG Guru

James L. Sutter, co-creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Creative Director of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game for Paizo Publishing, talks about the history of his company and the personal benefits of game playing.

MCM Manchester UK (Comic Con)

Terence Jackson shares his impressions of the ComicCon held in Manchester, UK, as well as Donald Manning's photos of cosplayers who attended.

Anime Roundup 7/14/2016: Too Much Fun

In this week's viewing: A possibly lucky thirteen premieres!

Anime roundup 7/7/2016: Mass Confusion

In this week's viewing: Summer season starts! Sometimes it even starts at the beginning!

Review: Song of the Deep by Brian Hastings

A tie-in novel based on a new game, Song of the Deep by Brian Hastings is a charming story with the potential to become a bedtime favorite for years to come.

London Comic Con May 2016

MCM Expo Comic Con goes to the Cosplayers!

SF and F Scribes, Scribblers – and Scrivener

Writing tools for writers: Dodd's and friends take a look at Scrivener.

Anime roundup 4/21/2016: And This Is Where the Story Really Starts

In this week's viewing: Two more premieres, and then the final lineup for the rest of the season!

Anime roundup 4/7/2016: On Your Marks

In this week's viewing: The starting gun fires for the spring season! What's taking the early lead?

Spring 2016 SF Anime Preview

Spring, and a young fan's fancy turns to a new anime season.

An Interview With Renowned Music Composer: Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows...

an interview with composer and game director AkiraYamaoka

Anime roundup 1/21/2016: The Undercard

In this week's viewing: The remainder of premiere week makes its case; should you bother paying attention?

Anime roundup 1/14/2016: Next Sunday, A.D.

In this week's viewing: The first batch of premieres has something of a theme...

Top 10 Video Games of 2015

Nikki takes a look at the top games of 2015

Cosplay vs. Inspirations, Side-by-side Comparisons

Being a member of several groups that enjoy cosplay, costuming, etc., does give access to a world of lively discussions. One recent discussion which...

MCM Comic Con Fall Edition

Where do Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Batman, Boba Fett, the Borg, and Captain Jack Sparrow hang out?

Anime roundup 10/9/2015: I Need a Hero

In this week's viewing: The start of fall premiere week runs the usual gamut from tired formulas to fascinating experiments.