Is There ANYTHING That Hasn’t Been Branded With Star Wars?

Short Answer:  No

Longer Answer:  apparently not.

Forbes and a couple of other sites have been writing about the juggernaut that is Disney Merchandising.  Apparently Frozen caught the studio a bit off guard with half-a-billion in merchandise sales.  This seems to have given rise to FORCE FRIDAY, 12/18/15, when thousands of branded products will be released onto the market through box stores like Walmart and Target (to be added to the thousands of branded products that have already made there way onto store shelves and POP displays).

Nothing is sacred apparently (though the legality of use is not clear in all cases) as there are both SW-themed condoms and vibrators floating around on the market.  (I feel a disturbance in the force…)

It is now possible for the die-hard Star Wars fan to cloth, furnish, entertain and pleasure themselves with nothing but Star Wars themed product.  You can wear a Star Wars bathing suit while you lounge on your Star Wars beach towel;  you can sit in your Star Wars chair, underneath your Star Wars lamp and drink a cup of coffee, flavored with Star Wars Coffee Mate out of your Star Wars themed mug, (or, alternatively, use a Star Wars tea infuser to brew up some nice Earl Gray) and pick up a (Star Wars) book off of your Star Wars bookcase to read while waiting for your Star Wars macaroni and cheese dinner to cook (after you take it our of your Star Wars refrigerator).

You can also eat a more robust and healthy meal comprised of Star Wars apples, Star Wars oranges, Star Wars grapes and Star Wars yogurt.

Or you just might want to stick that Star Wars themed throw rug in front of the fire, grab a Star Wars blanket to throw on top, a couple of Star Wars pillows for extra comfort, and invite your SO to have a romantic Star Wars evening.  Don’t forget to take off your Star Wars undies and Star Wars leggings, and if either of you feel like it, put on some Star Wars makeup, and/or wrap each other up with Star Wars duct tape.. (Who gets the slave costume and who gets to be Jabba is up to you.) Maybe you’ll enjoy some Star Wars ice cream after.

Don’t be startled by your Star Wars wall decorations in the dark, get some Star Wars nitelites.

Finally, don’t forget to pack all of your Star Wars stuff into your Star Wars luggage, and take your Star Wars vitamins, oh, and here’s some Star Wars chewing gum for the flight, which you won’t be late for because you have s Star Wars watch….

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