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FOR WRITERS: Share Your FB Page

Here's one easy way to build your audience

On Cover Mentions

Cover mentions. Every author loves them, but do they actually help sell magazines?

Dark Worlds Magazine

An early experiment in on-demand magazine publishing.

Military SF or The Books With the BFG’s

We're about as far away from Agent J's Noisy Cricket as you can get....

The Changing Horizon: A Brief Summary of Chinese SF in Year...

An excellent summary of Science Fiction in China, 2015

Getting the Artwork You Want for Your Book Cover

"It's exactly what I asked for, but it's not what I want!" Conveying artistic desires is not an easy task for anyone concerned!


This week, Steve hypes his local convention and talks to best-selling ebook writer Ed Howdershelt, plus there's advice on writing and selling ebooks!

What Is the Solution to Author Solutions?

Self-publishing or publishing scam?

Literary Critics Do Judge a Book By Its Cover

Maybe it should be the goal of mainstream literary editors to find at least one genre novel a week that deserves a lengthy review

Revisiting the Short Story and Heinlein’s Five Rules of Writing

There are at least seven excellent reasons to write short stories

The Ecology of Print Books: Niche Partitioning by Young Readers

Applying ecological principals to book publishing

We All Start From the Same Place

MIchael explains how marketing your book is like a Presidential hopeful going to the down dump to drum up support.

Plug into the Times

Technology breeds independence.

Arisia: Con Report Lite

What went right and what went wrong during Arisia weekend.

The Artful Collector: Your Guide to ArtSpeak – Part 2

Translating art babble, one word at a time.

The Artful Collector: Your Guide to ArtSpeak – Part I

The language of art collecting can be strange, wonderful and at times totally mystifying to outsiders.  It's a vocabulary rife with very specific descriptors...

AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: Christine Rose Signs with Rabid Fan...

Christine Rose signs with Rabid Fan Boy

The Artful Collector: On Collecting Illustration Art that Isn’t . ....

The artful collector talks about illustrations, and the blurred line between private and commercial art.

Self-publishing Competitions: Leave Your Elves At Home

The enormous media interest in self-publishing has been fired by the breakthrough success of Wool by Hugh Howey, so SF is leading the way in this field. It's strange therefore to hear the Guardian's flamboyant Books section editor Claire Armistead warning that "It's all too easy to dismiss the self-publishing sector as a wilderness of elves, sex and high-school romcoms".

¿Hacer una revista física o digital?

A discourse on publishing a science fiction magazine in Spanish - which may just be a bit harder than doing one in English.

Self-publishing Odyssey: Part 3 The Dirty Business Of Promotion

A look at self-publishing promotional strategies.

The Artful Collector: Art and Collectibles as “Investments”?

Is there anything to the idea that one can truly INVEST in collectibles - like comic books and illustration art - the way one invests in treasury bonds, equities and real estate?

The Artful Collector: A Savvy Collector Comes up with Art Hierarchy...

Jane Frank had one last thing to add to her Art Hierarchies: Familiarity.

Interview with Amanda S. Green

An interview with the author of The Road To Digital Publication and the Nocturnal Lives series.

Generating Marketing Buzz

Our proven expert, Michael J. Sullivan, lays out a marketing plan designed to generate buzz (and sales) for books.

Marketing 101: Making Exceptional Covers

Michael J. Sullivan has been delivering some of the best advice and insight into self-publishing offered on the web, and he's not stopping yet. Today - how to get yourself an awesome cover!

The Artful Collector: Art Hierarchies #7: Art That Is Created by...

Jane Frank, the Artful Collector, discusses actual and perceived value of handmade art.

The Wolverine has come to your TV and your phone

We seem to keep getting lucky here in the UK. We got to see Thor 2 ahead of the US, and now we've gotten The Wolverine on DVD and Blu-Ray first, too.

Crear una revista de ciencia ficción – ¿Por dónde comenzar?

A different approach to publishing projects