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Shaoyan Hu is a part-time translator for speculative fictions. He has worked together with other translators to render A Song of Ice and Fire series into Chinese language. His other translation works in Chinese language include Marooned in Realtime by Vernor Vinge, The Scar by China Miéville, and The City & the City by China Miéville. There are also a number of short stories, novelettes and novellas translated by Shaoyan that appeared in various SF&F magazines in China.

SF Unbound Interviewed Taiyo Fujii on COVID-19

An interview with Japanese author Taiyo Fujii, focusing on the Covid-19 Pandemic

The 11th Xingyun (Nebula) Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction Finalists

The 11th Xingyun (Nebula) Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction have been announced, by the World Chinese Science Fiction Society

Introducing Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association

A new Chinese SF Club forms

Shortlist of Chinese Nebula Award (Xing Yun Award) 2019

The 2019 Chinese Nebula Award short list is announced

A Brief Glance at the Growing SF Community in China

The unceasing efforts of all the people within the SF community have given the genre a positive outlook in China.

Thinking in Context: The Anchor of Genre Translation

An exploration of some of the challenges of translating an English language text into Chinese.

Final Results for 2016 Galaxy Award and Chinese Nebula Award

A report on the winners of the Chinese Galaxy and Chinese Nebula Awards.

The Nebula Award for Global Chinese Science Fiction Films

An overview of the first annual Nebula Award for Global Chinese Science Fiction Films.

The Stories of Their Lives: The SF Association of Shanghai Jiao...

Club Report: Meet the SF Association of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The Metal Flowers: A Steampunk Arts DIY Session

Shanghai goes steampunk

A Time to Share, a Time to Enjoy – The Closing...

Apple Core closes out its 8th annual (massive) convention.

Short Story Review: Balin, by Chen Qiufan

Chen Quifan' Balin takes a look a human's capacity for empathy.

Ifs, Ands, or Buts: the Art Exhibition That Resonates with Imagination

A Shanghai museum engages with the imagination.

The Changing Horizon: A Brief Summary of Chinese SF in Year...

An excellent summary of Science Fiction in China, 2015

Short Story Review: Yuanyuan’s Bubbles, by Liu Cixin

Short fiction by last year's Hugo Award for Best Novel is reviewed.

Short Story Review: ‘If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller’, by...

Shaoyan Hu reviews the latest Chinese SF in translation from Clarke's World magazine.

Updates on the Chinese Nebula Awards and the Coordinates Awards

On October 18th in Chengdu City, the winners of Chinese Nebula Awards were announced by World Chinese Science Fiction Association, who created the award...

The 26th Galaxy Award Ceremony in Beijing

China presents the 26th Galaxy Awards! Most Popular Foreign Author - Ken Liu; Best Imported - Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun

Finalist for Chinese Nebula Awards 2015

Chinese works receive over 50,000 votes for the Chinese Nebula awards, 2015.

Derivative Works of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem

Liu Cixin's International Best Seller has created a franchise

Yet Another Chinese SF Award —— The Coordinates Award

An editor, an author and a hardcore fan set to judge China's newest genre award.

Log-in to the Future – A Report on the 2015 Shanghai...

Reports from a month long science fiction and fantasy festival in China

The Beginning of Chinese Science Fiction

Science Fiction in Chinese is actually rendered from the Russian phrase "science-fantasy-fiction"

An Interview with Tang Fei on her Short Story, A Universal...

While I was reading Tang Fei’s short story, A Universal Elegy, it was like traveling in a train without a concrete destination. It just...

Introducing New Weird to Chinese Readers

Introducing the New Weird to China.

Two Galaxy Award Winning Stories

Chinese SF continues to make inroads with English translation. Here's two coming our way.