Shortlist of Chinese Nebula Award (Xing Yun Award) 2019

The organizing committee of Chinese Nebula Award 2019 has announced the shortlist for this year. There are altogether eight categories of awards for substantial works and each category has four nominees. Additionally, there is a Best New Writer award, and five new authors who have started publishing stories within the recent two years are nominated.

During the period of preliminary announcement, Bao Shu volunteered to drop out from two important categories, Best Short Story and Best Novella, to give more chances to emerging writers.

The Shortlist is as shown below. The final results will be announced later this year, during Chinese Nebula Award ceremony.

  • Best Novel
    • The Orphans of Red Planet, by Liu Yang
    • Departed Soul, by Han Song
    • The Azure Tragedy, by Hui Hu
    • The Advancement of Life, by Tian Jiang Long Xia





  • Best Novella
    • Manjusawa, by A Que
    • A Wager of Brain, by Gu Shi
    • Wings of the Earth, by Jiang Bo
    • A Utopia Story, by He Suo Fu


  • Best Short Story
    • Fields of Gold, by Liu Cixin
    • The Kites of Jinan, by Liang Qingsan
    • The Horror Machine, by Chen Qiufan
    • The Crimes, by Yang Wanqing


  • Best Stories for Children, Long Form
    • The Strange Adventures through History: Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasty, by Chao Xia
    • The King of Adventures, Vol. 10, by Peng Xuluo
    • An Adventure of Shapeshifters, by Lu Yang
    • Explorer of Souls, by Xu Yanli


  • Best Stories for Children, Short Form
    • Where is Dad, by Chao Xia
    • The Nightmare of Kanna, by Lu Yang
    • Settlers of the Ninth Planet, by He Tao
    • Millions of Tomorrow, by Qing Yingliang


  • Best Non-Fiction
    • From Resurrection to Eternal Life: Post-human, Cyborg and Blockchain, by Chen Qiufan
    • A History of Chinese Science Fictions, by Xu Yanli
    • A Strange Man and His Strange Books: About Han Song’s Works, by Dong Renwei
    • That which Comes after Three Body Problem —— Reflections on Contemporary SF Literature, by Song Mingwei.


  • Best Translated Work
    • The Quantum Magician, by Derek Künsken, translated by Yan Wei
    • Seven Eves, by Neal Stephenson, translated by Lu Yuechen
    • Collection of Short Stories by Philip K. Dick, Vol.3, translated by Hao Xiuyu
    • Borne, by Jeff VanderMeer, translated by Hu Shaoyan




  • Best Artwork
    • Cover art of The Fountains of Paradise, by Guo Jian
    • Cover art of Red Ocean, by Bu Tu
    • Cover art of The Poetry Cloud, by Guo Jian
    • Cover art of 12 Lenghu Stories, by Yong Ren


  • Best New Writer
    • Mu Ming
    • Shi Heiyao
    • Teng Ye
    • Fu Qiang
    • Yang Wanqing
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