AMAZING NEWS 1/15/2017

SPECIAL NOTE:  We are very pleased (ecstatic even!) to be able to announce that our very own steeley-eyed missile man – Jack Clemons – has sold the memoir of his days with NASA’s Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. Safely To Earth will soon be released by the University Press of Florida. Much of the material for the book first appeared here on Amazing Stories (you can read some of them here.)  Congratulations, Jack!

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Fans Can Disagree AND Get Along

One Judge in Texas and the law just crumbles (sing to One Night in Bangkok

How to Destroy the Fake News Business Model

What it Looks Like to Leave Earth After the Election

Black Lady Liberty Coin

Resistant to All Treatments Bacteria in US


Star Trek Discovery:  as if you didn’t already know

Moorcock on the StarShipSofa

Roddenberry’s Vault now on BluRay

SF 70s Art

Han’s Murderer to “explore his humanity”

Batman Cat…or…Bruce Wayne was really a feline?

Frazetta Family Featured on First Episode of Strange Inheritance


Windy City Pulp & Paper Con

Getting Kicked Off the Team

Open Submission from Pro Se

Pulse Nightclub Memorial Poetry Anthology

Beneath Ceaseless Skies 212 Available

A Space Queen is no more

Tiff Over Milo’s Deal

Who owns who (the Big 5) (via File 770)


Washington could not have crossed this Delaware

Not such a hidden figure

Predicted Star Explosion

Rocky Mountain High…high, high, high


Year end news about: multi-author sale, beta reading opportunities, release schedule announcement, Goodreads Giveaway, and best-of 2016 lists.
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Where has the time gone?

I can’t hardly believe that 2016 is almost over! Things have been so incredibly busy, but I like it that way. Before we close out the year, there are a number of things I wanted to let you know about, and I’ll try to be more proactive about timely updates in 2017.



7 Authors, 50+ items, savings of 10% – 70% off signed books, short-stories merchandise, and ebooks. 
A bunch of authors decided to band together for a multi-author holiday sale. I’m proud to be included with the likes of Brent Weeks, Kevin Hearne, Brian McClellan, and several others to offer books at amazing prices. And the best part, you can get them signed without traveling to a convention.  One thing to note, the sale ends December 15th so don’t wait too long to check it out.


Click here to find all items on sale



Age of Myth hitting best of 2016 lists
Starting a new series is a frightening prospect. Will readers be so wedded to past characters that they won’t accept new ones? Have I completely forgotten how to write? Am I delusional about anyone being interested in my stories? So, there was more than just a bit of trepidation when releasing Age of Myth this June. I’m so pleased that the concern was unfounded, as the book has been so well received. In less than six months it has over 5,000 5-star reviews. Only 2% have been 1’s or 2’s, 8% have rated the book a 3, and 90% have been 4’s or 5’s. It’s the readers’ opinions that I care the most about, but it’s also icing on the cake to receive recognition from industry leaders. So, I’m honored that some of the most prestigious best-of 2016 lists have  included Age of Myth. Personally, I find checking out these best-of lists to be a great way to find new novels to read, so please click on the links and hopefully you’ll find some books to add to your 2017 reading.



Release Schedule Announced
Many people have wondered why the Legends of the First Empire books are being released on a one per year schedule considering they are already written. My first response, is they’re not. Outside of the first two books (which were spaced one year apart), we had only a tentative schedule for the remaining books. The other thing to note is there is a big difference between “written” and “done.” You see, after turning in Age of Myth, I spent about a year making changes to the end of the series and that meant that Age of Swords (book #2) sat idle for all that time. Now that the new ending is done, I’ve started writing a 4th Riyria Chronicle novel and I hope to have its first draft done by the end of February. With five books in various forms of editing, and a sixth book to be finished in a few months, it became apparent that we would have to step up the release schedule. Robin, my agent, and Del Rey have been working on the dates for the next few books and here is what we’ve come up with.

There are a few things to note. First, the covers at these links are placeholders. Marc Simonetti is already working on Age of Swords, and I’ll debut it as soon as it’s ready. Also, pre-order pages are up for Age of Swords, so if you  know you’ll want to read it as soon as possible, please consider buying now. Pre-orders make a huge impact on how much marketing the publisher dedicates and how prominent the bookstores display the books. It’s early support that can really impact the success of a release.

I should also mention that the next Riyria novel will have an unusual distribution plan, and initially (first six-months or so), it won’t be available from retailers. That said, ebooks, hardcovers, and trade paperbacks will be for sale directly from me via my website and a Kickstarter campaign. Plus, audio versions will be on sale at and through the iBookstore.  Because of the unusual way we are releasing, it’s best if you sign-up for notifications or you might not see when it’s out there.


Click here to sign-up for Riyria #4 Notification



Age of Myth Giveaway
From time to time, either myself or my publisher hosts a Goodreads Giveaway, and I have one running right now for Age of Myth. I really wanted to make sure that any winners could get their signed hardcovers by Christmas, so it’s only open to the US and Canada. I’m sorry to cut out other parts of the world, but I’ll be doing another one early in 2017 that’s open for all people. Winners will be chosen at the end of the day on December 15th, so, like the multi-author sale, keep that deadline in mind.


Click here to sign-up for the Giveaway



Beta Reader Sign-up
I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who want to beta read. Robin runs the  program, and it’s a pretty intense system. Her process provides some really amazing feedback and the result is significant improvements to the books. Typically, we get several hundred volunteers, and given we have some beta-reading veterans, we only have room for 10 – 12 new people each cycle. From the sign-up link below, you can learn what’s involved in the process, and if it looks like something you’d be interested in, you can add your name to the list. Oh, and just because the link takes you to a page that features Age of War, the form is actually a global list for both series. When you add your name, you can choose which books you are interested in, so, don’t let that aspect throw you.


Click here for Beta Reader Sign-up



And that’s it!
Whew, that’s a lot of updates, and I’m sorry it’s coming in such a big chunk. I want to be conscious of people’s email burden, and as such, I’d rather send fewer messages with more content than the other way around. As always, I never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse your email address, and I try to provide content that you care about. I have no desire to spam, so if this message (and others like it) aren’t something you are interested in, then by all means unsubscribe and It’ll stop future messages. For your convenience, there is a link at the bottom of the page to do so.I hope you’re having a great holiday season and are as excited about 2017 as I am. I’ll keep writing and releasing, and hopefully you’l keep reading.


Hello everyone,

Sorry if you are getting this and it’s not meant for you. I’ve had my email list wrong for a couple of weeks. It’s Tony here from StarShipSofa and the District of Wonders network. I have moved over to a new (and really good) email client and just trying to get all my ducks back in a row. There’s a big blue button at the bottom for unsubscribing if I’ve dragged you along kicking and screaming – again sorry for this.

Anyway… those that are left… hello again, sorry we lost each other these last two weeks. I seem to have got my email lists muddled and never included you. Fear not we should be back on tract…

To recap then… We have some really great news going into 2017. All my podcasts will now start paying writers from January 2017! So, check our guidelines and come along and support us! If you want us to keep paying the writers… just a little support on Patreon would be wonderful.

Like I mentioned… we now pay for (January 2017) every story we play we will pay $50 per story. I do want to lift this price but for now it is where it is. We take anything from 2000 up to 16,000 even higher stories. We won’t pay for flash.

It’s took ten years of toil to get here but it does feel nice. The writers (all of them) have been so kind to my shows over the years so it’s nice to pay it back a little.

So… until next time…support us if you can.

As ever,



New Fiction for November & December 2016


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Fantasy Romance


Spotlight on Author Jeffe Kennedy

Tell us a bit about your release this month – is it brand new or a backlist re-release?
This is a brand new release!

Is this release part of a series or a stand-alone?
This book is part of a series – Number Two in the Uncharted Realms or Number Five in The Twelve Kingdoms, depending on how you slice it.

What’s the theme or core idea behind this story?
This book’s heroine is Jepp, a fighter and enthusiastic pansexual. She also has no filter and has been thrust into the uncomfortable role of being a spy in an enemy empire with straightlaced moral codes and customs.

What’s up next for you?
The fourth book in my Sorcerous Moons series, The Forests of Dru, will be out at the end of January.

What’s your favorite thing about being a SFWA member?
Becoming friends with the authors I fangirl!

Get more info about Jeffe Kennedy’s latest release The Edge of the Blade below!


The Twelve Kingdoms rest uneasy under their new High Queen, reeling from civil war and unchecked magics. Few remember that other powers once tested their borders—until a troop of foreign warriors emerges with a challenge . . .

Jepp has been the heart of the queen’s elite guard, her Hawks, since long before war split her homeland. But the ease and grace that come to her naturally in fighting leathers disappears when battles turn to politics. When a scouting party arrives from far-away Dasnaria, bearing veiled threats and subtle bluffs, Jepp is happy to let her queen puzzle them out while she samples the pleasures of their prince’s bed.

But the cultural norms allow that a Dasnarian woman may be wife or bed-slave, never her own leader—and Jepp’s light use of Prince Kral has sparked a diplomatic crisis. Banished from court, she soon becomes the only envoy to Kral’s strange and dangerous country, with little to rely on but her wits, her knives—and the smolder of anger and attraction that burns between her and him . . .

Praise for The Mark of the Tala

“Magnificent…a richly detailed fantasy world.” —RT Book Reviews, 4½ stars, Top Pick

“Well written and swooningly romantic.” —Library Journal, starred review
Amazon * Kobo * Book Depository * NetGalley * Apple


Contemporary Fantasy


Whoever controls the Hundred Halls, controls the world.

Aurelia “Aurie” Silverthorne has high hopes for her second year in the Hundred Halls, the world’s only magical university, but her expectations are destroyed when she accidentally unleashes a plague of faez-eating thralls and spends week after week getting killed in the Grand Contest.

But none of this matters when Aurie learns that the Cabal searches for a powerful magic that will help them get control of the Hundred Halls. If Aurie can’t stop them, then passing her classes will be the least of her worries.


Epic Fantasy


The Nature of a Pirate is the third book in acclaimed author, A.M. Dellmonica’s high seas, Stormwrack series. The Lambda Award nominated series begins with Child of a Hidden Sea.

Marine videographer and biologist Sophie Hansa has spent the past few months putting her knowledge of science to use on the strange world of Stormwrack, solving seemingly impossible cases where no solution had been found before.

When a series of ships within the Fleet of Nations, the main governing body that rules a loose alliance of island nation states, are sunk by magical sabotage, Sophie is called on to find out why. While surveying the damage of the most recent wreck, she discovers a strange-looking creature―a fright, a wooden oddity born from a banished spell―causing chaos within the ship. The question is who would put this creature aboard and why?

The quest for answers finds Sophie magically bound to an abolitionist from Sylvanner, her father’s homeland. Now Sophie and the crew of the Nightjar must discover what makes this man so unique while outrunning magical assassins and villainous pirates, and stopping the people responsible for the attacks on the Fleet before they strike again.
AmazonBN * Indigo




Hard SF


Nebula-Award Finalist. One fabulously wealthy colony. One hyperspace craft. One team of ruthless hijackers. One loner in their way. Do the math.

When hijackers use the hyperspace liner Redshift to plunder a fabled colony, one man stands in their way.

WARNING: Read This Guide Before Boarding the Redshift.
The environment aboard a hyperspace craft is quite safe as long as you are careful. The management reminds you that the speed of light on board this craft is ten meters per second. Or about 30 million times slower than what you are used to. This means you will frequently encounter relativistic effects and optical illusions.

“The list of science fiction authors who play the game the hard way by sticking to the rules of science is all too short. Now to that group which includes Clarke, Niven, Asimov, Bear, and Clement should be added the name of John E. Stith.” — Dan Simmons

“This is absolutely one of the most terrific ideas for an SF novel I’ve seen in years. My first thought was, ’Why couldn’t I have come up with this?’ My second thought, too.” — Connie Willis
Amazon * BN


Speculative Fiction


Every minute, 108 people die. This fall, in one of those minutes, twenty-three of those deaths will be teenagers. Now they are humanity’s last hope for survival. Awakened in a post-apocalyptic world and hunted by mechanical horrors, these teens search for answers amidst the ruins of civilization. Fate, love, and loyalty face off in this adrenaline-pumping YA adventure.

A serialized story in 15 episodes—written by Matthew Cody, Kiersten White, E.C. Myers, Andrea Phillips, Carrie Harris, and Gwenda Bond—the full first season will be completed on Dec. 21, 2016. Episodes can be purchased as eBooks individually, via subscription or season pass, or in collections.
Amazon * Serial Box


The worst thing about the end of the world is being alone.

Everyone needs someone. When zombies are at your door, help never goes amiss. Even if it’s only someone else they might choose to chew on instead of you.

Jessica Talbot has settled into South Florida for safety, and she’s carved out a piece of secure quiet amid a teeth-torn world. She and Austin have laid in stocks. They’ve started learning how to adapt to a life that’s not just more dangerous, but also requires a can-do self-starting mindset. And it’s working. The zombies are being held at bay, the pantry’s full, and they’re keeping her daughter Candice safe.

When the two of them agree to go looking for missing friends, Candice must face solitude that might not just be temporary. Friends are good, but family’s better. Home isn’t necessarily where you live; it’s where your heart does. And her mom just walked out headed straight into the zombies the three of them have been trying for months to stay away from.



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Chaotix’s Op-ed: iPhone 7 – Innovation at the Cost of Convenience?

How is taking a feature away making it better?

Read more.



New Cast of ‘DuckTales’ Sings the Theme

And who’s that in the middle there? Is that David Tennant? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Read more.



Video of the Day: Steam Powered Giraffe’s ‘I Don’t Have a Name For It’

This new cut from the latest Steam Powered Giraffe album ‘Quintessential’ is quintessiantially SPG.

Read more.



Video of the Day: Smooth McGroove’s A Capella “Majora’s Mask Clock Town Day 3”

With only the power of his own voice, Smooth McGroove recreates music from popular video games. And it is awesome.

Read more.



Yahoo Discloses Another Massive Security Breach

A billion accounts were compromised in this latest hack, and Yahoo didn’t even know about it. Law enforcement had to point it out.

Read more.


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Raised by Legends… Trained by the Best… Destined to be the World’s Greatest, Truest Hero…The Pulptress returns from Pro Se Productions in a three story collection-THE PULPTRESS VOLUME TWO!

“The Pulptress,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and creator of The Pulptress, “is near and dear to Pro Se, and to me.  Designed originally as a sort of New Pulp/Pro Se mascot, The Pulptress quickly let everyone know she wouldn’t be denied her time in the bloody action packed spotlight. The three stories in this volume clearly show the diamond like multifaceted aspects of the character and definitely add to the legend the lady in the stripes and domino mask has already built.”

The ultimate Pulp heroine comes out throwing fists, both guns blazing in her second volume of collected stories. Authors Richard Lee Byers, Nancy A. Hansen, and Ethan Nahté take The Pulptress, daughter of the two legendary heroes and a woman reared to be the penultimate fighter for justice, around the world, facing weird, wild, and dangerous evils! Using her mastery of disguise, fighting of all sorts, and the keenest of minds, The Pulptress stands in the trenches between malevolence and the unknowing world. New Pulp’s greatest defender of Justice returns to battle in THE PULPTRESS VOLUME TWO. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring an explosive cover by Jeffrey Hayes, logo design by Sean E. Ali, and print formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, THE PULPTRESS VOLUME TWO is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at for 10.00.

The ultimate Pulp Heroine’s second anthology is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Lo Iacono and Marina for only $2.99 for the Kindle at and for most digital formats via Smashwords at

The Pulptress’ first full length novel, written by Hancock, will be released from Pro Se in late 2017.

INDEPENDENT BOOK DEALERS-If You’re interested in putting this or other Pro Se Books on your shelves, please contact for special dealer prices and discounts.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at
To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at


 In This Issue: December 28, 2016


We hope each of you and your families are having a happy and safe Holiday Season. Here at the Secret Moon Base, we are still working on making the best books we can of your favorite writers. This time ’round, we have updates on the long-gestating first two volumes of the FREDRIC BROWN MYSTERY LIBRARY. So, getting to it . . .The first volume, MURDER DRAWS A CROWD was given to a printer in August 2015 and they alerted us on December 7th that finished copies were available for pick-up. As detailed in previous newsletters, the binding method used to make the cloth-covered case fit the page-block matched no book we’ve ever seen, let alone published. This binding method also forced the spine of the dustjacket to wrap onto the back of the book. When we were informed that the entire inventory was bound in this manner, we rejected the whole lot. Despite a lengthy dialogue, this printer refused to make any corrections let alone mount a reprinting. One a brighter note, bringing MURDER DRAWS A CROWD up to date for a different printer requires only minor changes (mostly updating copyright notices from 2015 to 2017).

For the second volume, DEATH IN THE DARK, layout & design are complete, along with the introduction, proofreading, copyright notices, etc. Aside from a new cover image, the largest bit of work remaining involves the interior illustrations. These illustrations are taken from the original magazine publications (requiring more than four years of research and acquisition!) and every single one of them will undergo a painstaking (and back-breaking!) digital clean-up to present them in the best light. FYI, we’re still looking for a logo for the magazine The Michigan Well Driller.

Based on the beautiful job done by a different (and much more reliable) printer on our recent Henry Kuttner book, THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR: THE EARLY KUTTNER, VOLUME TWO, the plan is to send both MURDER DRAWS A CROWD and DEATH IN THE DARK to this superior vendor in 1st Quarter 2017. We’ll share more news and we have it, and thanks for hanging with us on these titles; we hope you feel the delay was worth the wait.

Meanwhile, you can read one of Fredric Brown’s first-published stories, “Blood of the Dragon” (from Variety Detective Magazine Feb. 39) HERE:

CHIEF OF POLICE Walworth smacked the top of his desk with his hand so hard that the impact sounded like a revolver shot. “I tell you, ‘Deadpan,’ we’ve got to get those counterfeiters soon, damn soon, or the commissioner will have me out on the sidewalk. And the newspapers are howling like banshees!”
His ace detective and closest friend, seated across the desk from him, replied calmly, placatingly: “We’ve been doing everything we can, Phil. After all—”
“We know the stuff’s being made right in or near this very town. Whenever a green-goods dealer or pusher gets picked up anywhere in the state  [MORE]

..Sample Story Spread

.Sample Story Spread

.Sample Appendix Spread


Edited by Stephen Haffner
Introduction by Jack Seabrook
744-page smythe-sewn hardcoverORDER NOW:  $45.00 W/FREE SHIPPING*

“The Apprenticeship of Fredric Brown: 1936-1942”
The Moon for a Nickel, Detective Story Magazine Mar. 38
The Cheese on Stilts, Thrilling Detective Jan. 39
Blood of the Dragon, Variety Detective Magazine Feb. 39
There Are Bloodstains in the Alley, Detective Yarns Feb. 39
Murder at 10:15, Clues Detective Stories May 39
The Prehistoric Clue, Ten Detective Aces Jul. 40
Trouble in a Teacup, Detective Fiction Weekly Jul-13-1940
Murder Draws a Crowd, Detective Fiction Weekly Jul-27-1940
Footprints on the Ceiling, Ten Detective Aces Sep. 40
The Little Green Men, The Masked Detective Fall 1940
Town Wanted, Detective Fiction Weekly Sep-7-1940
Herbie Rides His Hunch, Detective Fiction Weekly Oct-19-1940
The Stranger from Trouble Valley, Western Short Stories Nov. 40
The Strange Sisters Strange, Det. Fic. Weekly Dec-28-1940
How Tagrid Got There, unpublished until 1986
Fugitive Imposter, Ten Detective Aces Jan. 41
The King Comes Home, Thrilling Detective Jan. 41
Big-Top Doom, Ten Detective Aces Mar 41
The Discontented Cows, G-Men Detective Mar. 41
Life and Fire, Detective Fiction Weekly Mar-22-1941
Big-League Larceny, Ten Detective Aces Apr. 41
Selling Death Short, Ten Detective Aces Apr. 41
Client Unknown, The Phantom Detective Apr. 41
Your Name in Gold, The Phantom Detective Jun. 41
Here Comes the Hearse, 10-Story Detective Jul. 41
Six-Gun Song, 10-Story Detective Jul. 41
Star-Spangled Night, Coronet Jul. 41
Wheels Across the Night, G-Men Detective Jul. 41
Little Boy Lost, Detective Fiction Weekly Aug-2-1941
Bullet for Bullet, Western Short Stories Oct. 41
Listen to the Mocking Bird, G-Men Detective Nov. 41
You’ll End Up Burning!, Ten Detective Aces Nov. 41
Number Bug, Exciting Detective Winter 1941
Thirty Corpses Every Thursday, Detective Tales Dec. 41
Trouble Comes Double, Popular Detective Dec. 41
Clue in Blue, Thrilling Mystery Jan. 42
Death is a White Rabbit, Strange Detective Mysteries Jan. 42
Twenty Gets You Plenty, G-Men Detective Jan. 42
Bloody Murder, Detective Fiction Jan-10-1942Appendix:
The “V.O.N. Munchdriller” stories from The Driller
The “William Z. Williams” stories from Excavating Engineer
..Digital clean-up in progress
.Sample Story image.Sample Appendix Spread

Edited by Stephen Haffner
Introduction by Jack Seabrook
744-page smythe-sewn hardcoverORDER NOW: $45.00  W/FREE SHIPPING*CONTENTS:

“Fredric Brown Begins to Master the Pulp Mystery Form: 1942”
Little Apple Hard to Peel, Detective Tales Feb. 42
Death in the Dark, Dime Mystery Mar. 42
The Incredible Bomber, G-Men Detective Mar. 42
Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter, Strange Detective Mys. Mar. 42
Twice-Killed Corpse, Ten Detective Aces Mar. 42
A Cat Walks, Detective Story Magazine Apr. 42
Mad Dog!, Detective Book Magazine Spring 1942
Moon Over Murder, The Masked Detective Spring 1942
“Who Did I Murder?”, Detective Short Stories Apr. 42
Murder in Furs, Thrilling Detective May 42
Suite for Flute and Tommy Gun, Detective Story Mag. Jun. 42
Three-Corpse Parlay, Popular Detective Jun. 42
A Date to Die, Strange Detective Mysteries Jul. 42
Red is the Hue of Hell, Strange Detective Mysteries Jul. 42
Two Biers for Two, Clues Detective Stories Jul. 42
“You’ll Die Before Dawn”, Mystery Magazine Jul. 42
Get Out of Town, Thrilling Detective Sep. 42
A Little White Lye, Ten Detective Aces Sep. 42
The Men Who Went Nowhere, Dime Mystery Sep. 42
Nothing Sinister, Mystery Magazine Sep. 42
The Numberless Shadows, Detective Story Magazine Sep. 42
Satan’s Search Warrant, 10-Story Detective Sep. 42
Where There’s Smoke, Black Book Detective Sep. 42
Boner, Popular Detective Oct. 42
Legacy of Murder, Exciting Mystery Oct. 42
The Santa Claus Murders, Detective Story Magazine Oct. 42
Double Murder, Thrilling Detective Nov. 42
A Fine Night for Murder, Detective Tales Nov. 42
Heil, Werewolf!, Dime Mystery Nov. 42
I’ll See You at Midnight, Clues Detective Stories Nov. 42
The Monkey Angle, Thrilling Detective Nov. 42
Satan One-and-a-Half, Dime Mystery Nov. 42

The “Willie Skid” stories from Ford Dealer Service Bulletin
The “Colonel Cluck” stories from The Michigan Well Driller, Independent Salesman, and The Inventor
The “Barnyard Bill” stories from Feedstuffs

*Shipping is FREE in the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii and International orders should email us at for shipping rate quotes. You have been warned!

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In January 2017, Signum University is pleased to welcome back Dr. Tom Shippey for a special, three-part series on J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation of

Beowulf, originally published in 2014. As one of the world’s leading experts in both Tolkien Studies and philology, Dr. Shippey’s insights on the intersection of these topics are always much appreciated.


Tolkien’s involvement with the poem Beowulf was lifelong, yet much of his thinking has been revealed only recently, in the translation and commentary published in 2014, along with his story “Sellic Spell.” This, together with the 1982 publication of Finn and Hengest – as well as Michael Drout’s edition of the early drafts of Tolkien’s famous 1936 lecture – make it clear that Tolkien did not fully reveal his opinions on the poem in 1936, and indeed disguised them. These three seminars will go beyond the familiar statements of 1936 to try to reach Tolkien’s personal reactions to the poem, and the criticism of it.



  • Thursday, January 12, 2017, 4pm – 5:30pm EST
  • Thursday, January 19, 2017, 4pm – 5:30pm EST
  • Thursday, January 26, 2017, 4pm – 5:30pm EST

Support Our Seminars

The generosity of anonymous donors supports this series of special topic seminars within our Signum Symposia program. We suggest a donation of $20 per attendee for the entire series. All donations toward our Special Topic Series are applied to the Donor Appreciation Program.


See you there!



RPGnet Newsletter #82
January 3, 2017


Happy New Year!  We’ve got a fair bit to catch up on from the end of last year and, as always, we’re looking for your input on how to improve the Newsletter to make it more useful or entertaining.  Please PM the Newsletter Editor (Iustum) with any questions, criticisms, or suggestions.

In particular, the Newsletter is always looking for suggestions on RPG-related Kickstarter (or other crowdfunding) campaigns to cover in our Kickstarter Spotlight column.

New Columns

The closing weeks of 2016 brought two new editions of Christopher Cecil’s Fuzzy Thinking: “The Horde Approaches” and “Dice Efficiency.”

Jonathan Hicks made some more Observations From A Gamer’s Chair, all about how “Preparation is the Key” when it comes to a successful gaming experience.

Maybe a little late now in this post-holiday world, but Sandy Antunes offered thoughts on “The Last Minute Gift for the Gamer in your Life” in the latest Sandy’s Soapbox.

The Lawful GM, Kirk Johnson-Weider, considered the role of “Dealmaking” in a politically-centered RPG campaign.

And, Fred Furtado of Superseeds continued his Wild Cards history update in “Resuffle, Part 2.”

New Reviews

Okay—deep breath now: we’ve got a lot of new Reviews to cover:

RPGnet’s own Shannon Appelcline reviewed “The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire,” a new worker-placement game in the Manhattan Project line with some innovative mechanics and excellent production.

Shannon also checked out “Salvation Road,” a post-apocalyptic co-op game with nice theming and some clever mechanics that’s a low slow in the end-game.

After that was a bunch of board game reviews from Antonios S:

  • “Star Trek: Ascendancy,” a 4x board game with tremendous production value but somewhat slow-moving gameplay.
  • “Olympos,” a civ-building boardgame that can satisfy that civ-building itch in only 90 minutes.
  • “Forsaken Lore,” the first small expansion for the Eldritch Horror game line, which is an indispensable addition to the already-great base game.
  • “Strange Remnants,” the second small expansion for the Eldritch Horror game line, which brings both some new rules and a new theme.
  • “Mansions Of Madness (Second Edition),” the reimagining of the internationally acclaimed collaborative horror board game, which improves on both the production and rules of the original.
  • “T.I.M.E Stories,” the hybrid boardgame/RPG/PC adventure made for tabletop gaming that created a new gaming niche, but may not be for everyone.
  • “The Colonists,” a resource management, city building and worker movement game that is deep, engaging, and epic in both scope and time commitment.
  • “Mission To Mars 2049,” a nicely produced family game built upon a modern theme but with mechanics that show their age.
  • “Incorporated,” a bidding and worker placement boardgame that simulates economic warfare that is brilliantly themed, with mechanics that fit and a cutthroat feeling that only those shorting in the stock exchange have felt in such tension.
  • “Hold The Line: The American Revolution,” an introductory plastic miniatures wargame that is is easy, fast, entertaining and visually pleasing.
  • And, an expansion to it: “Hold The Line: The French & Indian War,” which will provide dozens of hours of entertainment to aficionados of Hold The Line, even though at the listed price the payment to entertainment ratio is nowhere near favourable.

Antonios S then rounded things off with reviews of a couple of RPG products.  First was “Heroes Of Magnamund: Expanded Character Handbook,” the Lone Wolf Adventure Game’s first confident step towards becoming a fully-fledged RPG.

He also examined the “Adventures In Middle-Earth: Player’s Guide,” a fantastic merger of the Middle Earth setting and Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Threads You Might Have Missed

2016 was widely considered to be a sub-optimal year.  But now “It’s 2017! What’s coming out that you’re excited about?”

Keeping the positivity going, let’s have some “RPG news in the style of The Onion

Having problems with your PCs’ Plan A being the immediate murder of any NPC obstacle?  Check out some tips on “Conflict design that doesn’t end in full murdering.”

Sign Off

Have a good week, everyone.

  • Iustum
    Newsletter Editor


Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all.


To brighten up the long dark days of Winter, may we suggest some Fannish cheer?  On offer: videos, audios, and newly scanned vintage fanzines.   The Fan History Project has been moving right along.


FANAC FanHistory Youtube Channel: The big news thish is in video & audio.  We’re starting to get some notice.  Cory Doctorow picked up on our posting of the mid-80s fannish mystery “FAANS” to the FANAC Youtube channel, and wrote about it for  The MAC Video Archeology Project contributed some choice pieces of 1976 video, including a truly entertaining interview with Alfred Bester. The interview has had more than 700 views and FAANs is up over 400.


Older convention material is usually audio.  Another really interesting Youtube entrant is the audio recording (with photos attached) of a panel from the 1968 Worldcon, Baycon,  on which panelists tell personal anecdotes about HP Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard.  Today we tell stories about those panelists – Robert Bloch, Ed Hamilton, Fritz Leiber and more.  Ever wondered how the old timers like Jack Williamson got started in SF?  He tells us the story in his SunCon Guest of Honor speech, now on the channel. Let us know what you think about these pieces, and what you’d like to see. We’re just 18 subscribers short of the number needed to get a vanity URL from Youtube.  Till then, you can find more than 40 audio and video recordings, from 1968 to 2004, at our channel:   Check it out.  I’ll put some more links on the bottom of this note.  Subscribe to the channel!  Then you’ll get a notification when we put up new pieces.


FANAC.ORG website: Our Newszine History Project is still going strong. Since our last update, we have added 200 new issues. We still have 100s more to do and could certainly use some help with  missing issues. We’re not ignoring the rest of the fan publishing world though – we’re adding some choice fanzine titles, like Greg Benford and Ted White’s 1950s VOID and Dave Kyle’s 1930s Fantasy World (credited with being one of the first comics fanzines).


FANCYCLOPEDIA 3: The project (Fancy 3) continues to document our fannish history.  Since the end of September, Fancy 3 has added about 1,900 new pages, covering mostly filk, conventions and fanzines. Several new editors have been added, and more are always welcome.  Right now, we’d especially like to get more information on clubs past and present.  If you were a member of an SF club and it’s not listed in Fancy 3 (or the listing is meager) you can help us expand it.   Remember, we don’t need polished text — even one additional fact will help.  Contact us at to become an editor or to supply information.


Travelling Fan History: As you know, we were at Worldcon. If you were at Philcon, you may have seen us there, manning a table and being part of the Dave Kyle memorial events.  We’re planning to be at more regionals in the coming year, starting with Boskone.  Our goal is twofold: first, to let people know about the Fan History resources we’ve assembled, and second, to solicit materials and volunteers.  This is a group effort, guys.  The Baycon materials were brought to us by Tom Whitmore,  the SunCon speeches are from Anne Davenport, FAANs came courtesy of Stephen Silver and Joel Zakem, and the Video Archeology effort has heavy lifting by David Dyer-Bennet and Geri Sullivan.  We’ll put a list of contributors on the web page. Join us — what materials do YOU have?


There’s more.  We’ve added photos and fanzines and convention publications. In the next few months, we’ll be providing you with material from Baycon, Heicon,  Loncon II, Aussiecon and also from many local conventions. But the real success for us has been that people have offered all kinds of new material to us and especially to help us find and preserve more to be able to acquire new material to archive and bring to you  including –audio, video, fanzines and convention publications.


Thanks for your interest in fan history.  Those who don’t know fan history may not be condemned to repeat it, but those that do are surely enriched by the knowing.


Regards…Joe Siclari



Selected Links: –

Fancyclopedia 3 –


Fanac Youtube channel


Bester Interview

Baycon Lovecraft panel

Cory Doctorow article

SunCon Guest of Honor speeches



Newszine list (chronological)


Fantasy World



You are receiving this because you expressed interest or contributed.  To contribute or even unsubscribe write to  .


I’m advertising eligibility for the Nebula Award, as I’ve got a hard SF story that’s on the recommended reading list this year. It’s “Only a Signal Shown” published in Perihelion. It’s a little different. If  you’d like to have a look, here’s the link:

Perihelion Science Fiction

Science fiction online magazine with stories, articles, and artwork.


Wow, new Years must have hit harder than I thought.  The January issue of Quantum Muse has been up since the first, but we’re just getting around to announcing it now at


Our featured artist is Amir Zand and we have an interview with Kim Harrison.


Also, starting this week we will be presenting specail offers from Quantum Muse Books.  Stay tuned.


January is our Best of 2016, so please enjoy this really good batchof stories.


Technical Singularity by Richard  Tornello Julie 5 by Michele Dutcher Katya And The Crow by Harris Tobias The Hedged Bet by Michael Bishop The Raven by Iain Henson Samantha Berg and the Averted Adventure by James Turnbull


Quantum Muse


Hello all.  Quantum Muse has created a small press named Quantum Muse Books.  We are attempting to have weekly specials.  Read below for this week’s offer.


On Quantum Muse this week, we have a discussion going on about, Best hidden and alternative realities?


The weekly flash fiction is Joy by Harris Tobias.


The offer from Quantum Muse Books (QMB) is for a free ebook, Digital Voodoo by Timothy O. Goyette.  Go to Amazon to get your copy.


Best wishes from your friends at Quantum Muse.


Peter Dennis Pautz, President

World Fantasy Awards Association

8050 Mukilteo Speedway, # 43; Mukilteo, WA 98275-0043; USA

2017 World Fantasy Awards Judges

*Elizabeth Engstrom 298 Hambletonian Drive, Eugene, OR 97401; USA;

§ **Daryl Gregory 3124 Sylvan Avenue; Oakland, CA 94602-3956; USA;

*Nalo Hopkinson 1447 7th Street #1; Riverside, CA 92507-4510; USA;

§ *Juliet Marillier PO Box 189; Guildford WA 6935; Australia;

*Betsy Mitchell 884 Lincoln Pl., Brooklyn NY 11213: USA;

(Judge Mitchell greatly prefers PDF submissions)

(Judging is often easier with hard copies, but those judges marked with an * can accept pdfs; ** can accept mobi; *** both; § can accept ePub)

Co-Chairs: Renee Babcock and Jonathan Miles;

World Fantasy Convention 2017; PO Box 29976; Austin, TX 78755

Dear Colleague:

The judges for the 2017 World Fantasy Awards, for work published in 2016, have now been empanelled. The judges read and consider eligible materials between the date of this letter and June 1, 2017, so it is desirable for them to receive materials between now and June 1, the earlier the better. If, for instance, something is received on May 31 the judges may well have only one day to read it before their deliberations conclude. Anything received after June 1 will receive little or no consideration.

The awards will be presented at the convention, to be held Thursday, November 2 through Sunday, November 5, 2017, at the Wyndham Riverwalk, 111 East Pecan Street; San Antonio, TX 78205; USA; 210-354-2800.

An attending membership costs $225, which does not include the Awards Banquet, tickets for which must be purchased separately. Banquet tickets will be available in July. Information and forms can be found on the convention website at

If you have any materials that you wish to be considered by the panel, please send them directly to the addresses above, and very importantly, please mark all packages as PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – NOT FOR SALE OR RESALE – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE — WORLD FANTASY AWARDS MATERIALS. Also, please make sure to send a file copy of all materials to my office at the address above so a comprehensive submission list may be kept. This is the how we ensure the judges have received eligible items, and you can be sure that your work has been given fair attention.

Qualifications: All books must have been published in 2016; magazines must have a 2016 cover date; only living authors and editors are eligible.

Fantasy Types: All forms of fantasy are eligible, e.g. high, epic, dark, contemporary, literary.

Categories: Life Achievement; Best Novel; Best Novella (10,001 to 40,000 words); Best Short Story; Best Anthology; Best Collection; Best Artist; Special Award  Professional; Special Award  Non Professional.

Please note that the nominees in the Life Achievement category will not be released, though the winners will be announced well before the awards banquet.

All questions pertaining to the convention should be directed to the Convention Chair.

Questions concerning eligibility, the judges, and the awards administration may be sent to my attention.

Once again, the World Fantasy Awards Administration and the convention are most pleased to be working with you. With your continued good will and support, we shall successfully uphold the already prestigious reputation of the World Fantasy Awards.

As always, thank you very much for your time, and for your assistance.


Pete Pautz


The Washington (DC) Science Fiction Association (WSFA) is pleased to announce that the submission period for the 2017 WSFA Small Press Award is now open and will close on April 2, 2017.

The WSFA Small Press Award honors the efforts of small press publishers in providing a critical venue for short fiction in the area of speculative fiction. The award showcases the best original short fiction published by small presses in the previous year (2016). An unusual feature of the selection process is that all voting is done with the identity of the author (and publisher) hidden so that the final choice is based solely on the quality of the story.

The winner is chosen by the members of the Washington Science Fiction Association and presented at their annual convention, Capclave, held this year on October 6-8 in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Submissions should be sent to

See our webpage for details.

Cathy Green
for WSFA Small Press Award Committee
Award Sponsored by Washington Science Fiction Association and
Capclave — Where Reading is not Extinct


RPGnet Newsletter #83
January 10, 2017

Quick Kickstarter Spotlight

Andrew Ragland, Line Developer for FASA’s pulpy Victorian RPG 1879, dropped us a line to let us know that the Kickstarter campaign for the 1879 Gamemaster’s Guide Art & Print is nearing its closing date (January 15, 2017).

This campaign is interesting in that it isn’t designed to fund the creation of an RPG or even a particularly RPG book – the Gamemaster’s Guide is already written, and the only thing that it needs to become a finished product is art and the related printing costs.

If you’re interested in 1879 – and it’s worth a look if you’re into fantasy historical RPGs – take a look at the 1879 Gamemaster’s Guide Art & Print while there’s still time.

New Columns

Let’s start things off with a look back: Shannon Appelcline of Advanced Designers & Dragons brought us “2016: The Year in Review.”

Christopher Cecil also dropped a new Fuzzy Thinking: “Rongar the Mighty!”

And, last but not least, Christopher Herde continued Our Story by “Throwing the Gauntlet” with a discussion of dueling and how you can integrate it into your RPG campaign.

New Reviews

Matthew McFarland kicked the week off with a look at “Stoytime Chimera,” a fantasy RPG for children that isn’t as simple or focused as it wants to be.

Antonios S kept things going with a look at two game accessories: the “Galactic Star Battle Organizer,” an organizer for the Battlestar Galactica board game, and the “Cosmic Organizer,” a similar organizer for Cosmic Encounter. Both are solid, though not perfect, game aids for their respective games.

Antonios S also reviewed “Chromosome,” an asymmetrical tactical boardgame that is cleverly-themed, though without much in the way of mechanical innovation.

Antonios S continued with a look at “Adrenaline,” a one-hour tabletop resource management game in the guise of a shoot ’em up that is simple, easy, and light-hearted but no joke.

IdiotSavant reviewed “On Display,” a short, lightweight LARP which is an excellent introduction for new players.

Arquette reviewed “Dungeon of the Endless,” a hybrid rogue and tower defense computer game that makes something greater than the two genres alone.

Then, Antonios S was back with a review of the World War Cthulhu supplement “World War Cthulhu London,” which increases the line’s capacity multifold, allowing it to channel non-military campaigns in the home front.

Finally, Antonios S looked at “Shadows Over Scotland,” a supplement for Cthulhu Britannica that is one of the strongest products of the Cthulhu Britannica line.

Threads You Might Have Missed

Rather than select particular threads, this week Yr. Humble Editor is going to plug his favorite part of RPGnet: the Play-by-Post sub-fora. Having trouble finding an in-person group? Want to run a certain campaign or system but can’t get your normal table to bite? Have a hankering to try out a system? Stop by the Roleplay-By-Post Meta Forum – there are always games recruiting players, players recruiting GMs, and everything in between.

And, if you’re interested in what a PbP game looks like, or you’d like some information on some of the PbP’s more prolific GMs, check out the Index of Games Past on the RPGnet wiki. Many PbP GMs have provided links to their prior (or, in some cases, current) games. This is probably the most efficient way to get a flavor for what RPGnet PbP looks like in practice.

If you want to get some more roleplaying in, and have a few minutes a day at a computer to post, RPGnet’s PbP subforums are for you.

Sign Off

Have a good week, everyone.

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I’m getting in touch as we thought you might like our latest film, Sulphur.


It merges documentary and horror, diving head first into the ceremonial weirdness of bonfire night in Lewes, Sussex. An annual event of ritual, anti-catholicism, errant fireworks and some healthy hostility between locals and outsiders.


You can see it here:


The shoot involved sending two crews and two actors into the furnace to explore the peccadilloes and darker dimensions of our odd, English folk traditions.


Sulphur was directed by Christopher Ian Smith, whose short films have played at festivals across the world. His feature documentary New Town Utopia ( is Exec Produced by Margaret Matheson (Scum, Sid and Nancy, Sleep Furiously) and due for completion in Feb 2017.


It was edited by audiovisual master Xavier Perkins (Exceeda), with a music score by analogue hauntologist Concretism (


If you would like to chat with the director Chris I’m sure he’d be happy to tell you more.




Nelly Crane

Please take a moment to support Amazing Stories with a one-time or recurring donation via Patreon. We rely on donations to keep the site going, and we need your financial support to continue quality coverage of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres as well as supply free stories weekly for your reading pleasure.

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