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In February readers returned day after day to follow developments in science fiction’s culture war. And what did I do in the war? Announced Brad Torgersen’s release of the Sad Puppies 3 Hugo recommendations. Reported that the author of a … Continue reading →

Nimoy Tribute on Syfy Sunday Morning
Syfy has announced it will honor the passing of Leonard Nimoy with a special five-hour block of programming on Sunday morning, March 1 beginning 9 a.m./8c. 9:00 a.m. The Twilight Zone S3.E15 “Quality of Mercy” – A lieutenant (Dean Stockwell) preparing … Continue reading →

Smiling Through The Tears
Reversing the lyrics of a theatrical standard, tragedy yesterday, but comedy tonight. Leonard Nimoy’s death left many fans with a deep sense of loss. A few small jokes may help the healing process. Taral Wayne added his own caption to a Star Trek still – Newsthump … Continue reading →

Worden Steps Down as Ames Research Center Director
Simon “Pete” Worden, director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, has announced he is retiring. Worden funded Gregory and Jim Benfords’ Starship Century book and conference, together with UCSD. He spent the last nine years at Ames and during that time, … Continue reading →

2014 Aurealis Award Finalists
The 2014 Aurealis Awards shortlist has been announced. Judging coordinator Tehani Wessely said there were over 750 entries, slightly down from last year’s record of over 800 entries across the twelve categories. The winners as well as the recipient of the Convenors’ … Continue reading →

Nominations Sought for Pulp Interest and Service Awards
The 2015 Munsey Award nominations are open through May 31. The annual award, named for the publisher of the first pulp magazine, Frank A. Munsey, recognizes an individual who has contributed to the betterment of the pulp community through disseminating knowledge … Continue reading →

Video of Shatner and Nimoy At Dragon*Con 2009
By James H. Burns: Here’s an entire record of a Shatner-Nimoy panel from Dragon*Con 2009, available at You Tube.

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning at the age of 83 after being hospitalized earlier in the week for the long-term effects of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). He did a great deal of TV work before being cast as Star … Continue reading →

Preflighting Thunderbirds
New Thunderbirds Are Go imagery was released yesterday featuring Brains, Lady Penelope, her dog, her car, and Parker. An entire Thunderbirds Are Go center was unveiled on YouTube this month. Material available there includes a video tour of the miniature Tracy … Continue reading →

Bacigalupi On NPR’s Marketplace
Author Paolo Bacigalupi appeared in the February 26 segment of an NPR Marketplace feature “Water: The High Price of Cheap” commenting about how taking water for granted gets us in trouble. For example, the family farm where he grew up … Continue reading →

Uncanny Issue 3 Arrives Next Week
Number 3 on 3/3. Think you can remember that? Uncanny Magazine #3 will be released on March 3. What’s more, Publishers/Editors-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas (Chicks Dig Time Lords, Apex Magazine) and Michael Damian Thomas (Queers Dig Time Lords) are offering … Continue reading →

Dublin in 2019 Will Adjust Presupporter Rates On 3/31
The Dublin in 2019 Worldcon bid, which broke through the 500 supporter level this month at Boskone, has announced it will adjust the cost of its various types of presupports on March 31 in response to fluctuating international exchange rates. … Continue reading →

Benford Recalls Sidney Coleman
Gregory Benford has posted a compelling and entertaining profile of the late Sidney Coleman, physicist, fan and wit. A reputed Einstein-look-alike, Coleman’s accomplishments included co-founding Advent:Publishers, and devising “wormhole calculus.” As for his wit — here are two examples: When his physics … Continue reading →

For Two-Fisted Drinking Captains
Fans locked in winter’s glacial grip feel their next pool party is lightyears away, but before you know it the season will turn and it’ll be time to order these accessories from Big Mouth. Take a commanding view of the … Continue reading →

Another Day at the Kerfuffle Factory
K. Tempest Bradford thought it was so great that Sunli Govinnage spent a year reading only non-white authors, as reported in The Guardian, that Bradford told readers at XOJANE “I Challenge You To Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors For … Continue reading →

Worlds of Wonder Crowdfunding Appeal
One week remains in Regis Murphy’s Kickstarter appeal to fund Worlds of Wonder science fiction bookstore and tavern in Charlotte, North Carolina. The goal is to raise $45,000 “to meet the basic costs required to open in at least some … Continue reading →

Room With A Kaiju View
The alarm goes off. Thinking of rolling over and going back to sleep? Not an option if you’ve booked the Godzilla Room at the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku (opening in Tokyo April 24). There you’ll wake up to see Godzilla’s giant … Continue reading →

A Far Far Verse Thing
By John Hertz: Somehow I’m prompted to offer you this reprint from Vanamonde 1063. The only time fanhistory records my venturing to sing was at ConFrancisco, the 51st Worldcon. Filksinging, the home-made music of the s-f community, had continued past … Continue reading →

Free Read: Dead Media Ebook
All the posts from Bruce Sterling’s Dead Media project of 20 years ago have been collected and released as a free 921-page ebook. Back in 1995 Sterling offered a “crisp fifty-dollar bill” to the first person to write and publish … Continue reading →

Helsinki Translates Worldcon Voting Directions Into Many Languages
Helsinki in 2017 has people representing 26 different countries participating in their Worldcon bid. Symbolic of that international involvement is a project to translate the site selection voting information into other languages. Crystal Huff says, “All of us also speak English, … Continue reading →

2014 Bram Stoker Award Finalists
The Horror Writers Association has issued the Final Ballot for Bram Stoker Awards® containing the 2014 nominees for the award. The winners will be named at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta on May 9 and the ceremony will be … Continue reading →

Supanova Boycott Controversy
Adam Baldwin’s scheduled appearance at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney this June has prompted a call for fans to boycott the event. Conrunner Daniel Zachariou, who announced he is keeping Baldwin as guest, is trying to navigate through the protests. Baldwin, … Continue reading →

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Added Arthur D. Hlavaty’s Nice Distinctions #26
Added Opuntia #300 edited by Dale Speirs, plus archive issues 67.5, 69.1D, 71.1B
Added Ryan Speer’s Half Life #4

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Added Broken Toys (#35) Jan/Feb 2015 & (#36) Feb 2015 — edited by Taral Wayne, under Zines, Zines You Can Read, Ontario Zines, Taral Wayne Zines.

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