Introducing Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association

There are a considerable number of science fiction clubs and associations sprouting in China during the recent years. On May 28, 2019, yet another one came into existence in Pudong district, Shanghai. The newly established science fiction association is the first one among its peers that has been registered as non-profit organization with Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C.

The full name of the organization is Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association (SHPD-SFA). A committee of ten was created in order to put everything in motion.

  • Kong Huawei: Committee member of Association for Science and Technology of Pudong District, chief director of Shanghai Zhong Ke Computing Technology Research Center, chief secretary of Pudong Association of Mobile Communication, mentor of Shanghai technology incubation, director of Shanghai Computer Industry Association.
  • Chen Qiufan: Science fiction writer, chair of Chinese Nebula (Xing Yun) Award Committee.
  • Pan Haitian: Science fiction writer, winner of Galaxy Award, co-founder of Zhucan Culture, Architect, Graduated from Thinghua University.
  • Gu Bei: Science fiction writer and translator, member of Chinese Nebula (Xing Yun) Award Committee.
  • Jiang Bo: Science fiction writer, deputy chair of Chinese Nebula (Xing Yun) Award Committee, director of Shanghai Popular Science Volunteer Association.
  • Wu Shuang: Science fiction writer, chief director for literature in Shanghai Yoozoo Pictures.
  • Wei Dongxiao: Associate Prof. of Shanghai Theatre Academy, vice dean of Faculty of Movie and Television of Shanghai Theatre Academy, director of Shanghai Popular Science Writer Association.
  • Da Shixin: Program producer, science fiction writer, military fiction writer, senior editor of Shanghai Media Group.
  • Ding Zicheng: founder of Applecore (shanghai-based science fiction fandom), director Shanghai Popular Science Writer Association, science fiction translator and critic (under the pen-name Ding Ding Chong).
  • Wei Qun: President of Shanghai Exhibition and Convention Services Corporate.

As the members of the committee are writers and translators of science fiction, or practioners in areas closely related to science fiction, the association is going to organize activities for the purpose of

  • Creating a collaboration platform for science fiction related industries;
  • Promoting cultural and academic exchange between entities that have interests in science fiction;
  • Providing consultant service on science fiction related topics.

The association also invited Dong Renwei, Yao Haijun, Wu Yan as honorary chairmen and Liu Cixin, Wang Jinkang, He Xi, Wang Limin, Ye Lihua as honorary consultants.

Although the association is just newly born, it has visions for the development of a business ecosystem that forms around science fiction concepts. Shortly after the announcement for the founding of the association, the committee revealed their next activity. During the period of Shanghai International Film Festival (Jun 23 – June 26), the association will hold a ceremony for its own establishment and organize forums, panels and interviews. The plan is to call up writers, members of science fiction clubs and staffs from publishing houses, to discuss the possibility of multi-national collaborations in the future.

Invitation to SHPD-SFA for Shanghai Film & TV Literature Venture Capital Summit 2019
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