Finalist for Chinese Nebula Awards 2015

On July 31, the Committee of Global Chinese Nebula (Xingyun) Awards announced the finalist for the prizes of year 2015. By July 10, fifty thousand votes, from both the public and the members of the World Chinese Science Fiction Association, had been collected by the committee. Based on those votes and the careful consideration of the committee members, the nominees for the ten categories of awards had been determined. The final results will be announced in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, during the Chinese Nebula Awards Ceremony from Oct 17 to 18 this year.

  • The Best Novel
    • The Diffraction Grating: a Murder Case, by Tan Jian(谭剑)
    • Ultimate is Out of Control, by Xiao Xinghan(萧星寒)
    • 3.5: Forced Upgrade, by Li Wuxun(李伍熏)
    • 2075, the Simulation: Reconstitution of Conscious, by Chi Hui(迟卉)
    • The Humanoid Weapon, by Zheng Jun(郑军)


            Honorable Mention for Popularity: The Age of Virus, by Yin He Xing Xing(银河行星)

Guang Shan zhong ji shi kong qiang po sheng ji wei ren ren xing wu qi bing du ji yuan

  • The Best Novella/Novelette
    • The Ravenous, by Zhang Ran(张冉)
    • The Tao of Machines, by Jiang Bo(江波)
    • Everyone Loves Charles, by Bao Shu(宝树)
    • Leaving Babel, by Suo Hefu(索何夫)
    • The Man Who Escaped the Island, by Tang Chengwei(唐澄暐)


  • The Best Short Story
    • The Twelve Districts in Jinling, by Gui Gongzi(桂公梓)
    • A Dream in Utopia, by Jiang Bo(江波)
    • Coming of the Light, by Chen Qiufan(陈楸帆)
    • Encyclopedia of China (2): The Dark Room, by Xia Jia(夏笳)
    • Tales of My Grandpa, by A Que(阿缺)


  • The Best Children’s Book
    • Magical Nano Troops, by Huang Hai(黄海)
    • The Last Three Nuke Bombs, by Zuo Wei(左炜)
    • The Hall of Red Sailer: Curious Adventures in the Pre-historical Ocean, by Chao Xia(超侠)
    • Salvaging the Future, by Tang Zhe(唐哲)
    • Fallen Star: The Cross in the Jungle, by Zhou Jingzhi(周敬之)

na mi mo huan zui hou san ke he dan shi qian hai yang wei lai zheng jiu xing yun cong lin

  • The Best New Writer
    • Zhang Ran(张冉)
    • A Que(阿缺)
    • Regina Kanyu Wang(王侃瑜)
    • Suo Hefu(索何夫)
    • Ping Zongqi(平宗奇)


  • The Best Book of Original Works (for Publisher)
    • Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House: The Physics in “The Three-Body Problem”
    • Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House: The Piper and the Ripper
    • Changjiang Children’s Publishing House: Under the Arc de Triomphe – The History of Science (The Science in Science Fiction Series)
    • Beijing Empyrean Media/Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House: The Time-Immigrants
    • Tsinhua University Press: The Age of Stars

san ti zhong de wu li xue chui di zhe shi jian yi min xing ji yuan

  • The Best Imported Book (for Publisher)
    • Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House: In the Loop
    • Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House: How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy
    • Jilin Publishing Group: Hyperion Cantos
    • Tsinhua University Press: The Shape of Thought
    • New Star Press: The Book of the New Sun

in the loop ru he chuang zuo hyperion the shape of thought the book of the new sun

  • The Best Criticizing Work
    • Science Fiction in the Late Qing Dynasty: the Wild Creations, by Liang Qingsan(梁清散)
    • A Summary of the Chinese Science Fiction Fanzines in the 1990’s, by Liu Jian(刘健)
    • Criticizes on Science Fiction Movies in 2015, by Mo Xiong(墨熊)
    • Chinese Science Fiction after “The Three-Body Problem”, by Xia Jia(夏笳)
    • Escaping the Mother Universe: A Grand Symbol for the History of Human Civilizations, by Zhang Yihong(张懿红), Wang Weiying(王卫英)


  • The Best Editor
    • Lin Yian(林苡安)
    • Wang Weijian(王维剑)
    • Li Keqin(李克勤)
    • Chao Xia(超侠)
    • Tang Tang(糖糖)


  • The Best Science Fiction Fan
    • Regina Kanyu Wang(王侃瑜)
    • Sun Yue(孙悦)
    • Hua Wen(Wang Wen, 王文)
    • Production crew for “My Three-Body Problem” (Minecraft Animation)
    • Xue Hui(薛辉)


  • The Best Short Film
    • Lost in London, by Huayi Brother Media Group
    • The Microsecond before He Leaves, by Wang Yuhao(王宇豪)
    • Sub Wars, by Song Shang(宋尚)


  • The Best Creative Work for Science Fiction Movies
    • Of Cloud and Mist (script outline), by Wu Shuang(Anna Wu, 吴霜) and Regina Kanyu Wang(王侃瑜), original novella by Regina Kanyu Wang(王侃瑜)
    • We Are Never Alone: The Whispers in the Sky, by Xiong Wei(熊伟)
    • The Dance of Shiva, by Jiang Bo(江波)
    • A Myth in the Age of Enlightenment, by Bei Xing(Zhao Ruhan, 北星)
    • A Long Way toward Death, by Fei Dao(飞氘)
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