Balticon, Baltimore’s long-running SF convention, commemorates its 50th anniversary next year; Balticon 50, scheduled for May 27-30, 2016. For this reason, the convention has undertaken an ambitious (and perhaps mad) project: invite back as many of its former Guests of Honor as they can.

So in addition to its main Guest of Honor, George R. R. Martin (author of THE ARMAGEDDON RAG and other notable novels), they’re also aiming to bring in (among others) John Varley, Harry Turtledove, Gene Wolfe, Larry Niven, Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, Tannarive Due, Ben Bova, Steve Barnes, Charles Stross, Joe Haldeman and Allen Steele.

Balticon has launched the Making It Happen campaign and they’re asking prospective attendees to chip in to pay help for some of the expenses. And you can even target a favorite author to help pay his or her way.

With certain notable exceptions — yeah, George, I’m looking at you — most SF writers don’t make a lot of money from what they do. Which is why a campaign like this is important. If you think you may be interested in attending Balticon 50, and can find a few extra bucks to help out, the convention (and its returning Guests of Honor) would greatly appreciate it..

Here’s the link for more info and contributions:

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