Science Fiction Bikini

Science fiction bikini seems like a simple juxtaposition of words, but examining the phrase reveals much of the cultural and social baggage packed inside.

The Artful Collector: Your Guide to ArtSpeak – Part I

The language of art collecting can be strange, wonderful and at times totally mystifying to outsiders.  It’s a vocabulary rife with very specific descriptors (“etching, serigraph, remarque”) as well as a baffling assortment of slang, jargon and doubletalk.  As peculiar to the ears as the language of techies or circus carnies, it also can be […]

Fantastika 2013

Como prometido, he aquí el recuento de Fantastika 2013, que se llevara a cabo del 18 al 20 de octubre. El evento se realizó en Dieselverkstaden (Literalmente el taller diesel), un centro cultural a las afueras de Estocolmo. El lugar era fantástico, cerca se encontraba un centro comercial e inclusive el hotel en donde la […]

Having a Sexual Harassment Policy is not Enough

The topic of sexual harassment, in general and specifically at science fiction (SF) conventions (cons), has been discussed online at length lately, due in part to the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) controversy (for a timeline of events, go here: In response, John Scalzi, former SFWA president, has developed his own convention harassment […]

Clemente Palma, el Hugo Gernsback peruano

Si hay un autor injustamente maltratado en el Perú es Clemente Palma (1872-1946). Dos hechos de su prolífica carrera intelectual fueron escogidos por sus enemigos para desacreditarlo ante las generaciones posteriores. Uno de ellos, un juicio negativo en torno al poeta César Vallejo. Otro, el haber sido autor de una tesis titulada “El destino de […]

Voice Net

This man foresaw the NSA scandal before cell phones were even invented. So why have you never heard of him? Blame the Japanese publishing industry–which makes Westeros look like the Oneida Community.

The Meteor That Never Fell

Just kidding! Putin didn’t really ride that meteor! But it was an uneasy thing to watch, and it prompted uneasier thoughts about other things that fall, and why I crave stories with endings.


Talk Somewhere around the mid-1980s, science fiction novels (less so short fiction) became filled with talk. I think this has to do with the appearance of word processing, but it also has something to do with the perceived desire of the reading public by publishers for longer, thicker novels–more for your money and all that. […]

Inoculate Against the Lurids: Language Is A Virus

I’m pleased to be participating at Amazing Stories by writing about pulps. But before jumping feet first into that discussion, it’s best to issue a warning: It’s always important for all participants in a conversation to make sure they understand the lingo. That’s an obvious statement when the participants are from different cultures, or if […]