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Novedades de Octubre en Hispanoamérica

October en espanol!

Battle Fever J! This Is Why I Love Japan (and You...

Battle Fever J was a forerunner of the Power Rangers: four guys and a girl in superhero suits, saving the world from "the mysterious deity Satan Egos."

Back from the Atom: The X-Men Post Battle of the Atom

Unlike most event comics, which trade in boredom, the first nine issues of Battle of the Atom actually worked as a story.

Dubbing Gone Wrong: Americanization, Racism, and Willful Ignorance

It is extremely difficult, as a creator of any sort, to escape your culture.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

Ooky Spooky Animanga Part VI (and Final): The Scariest Characters Make...

The final installment of this year's Ooky Spooky Animanga series focuses on the best scary animanga character costumes, and how to put them together.

Ooky Spooky Animanga Part V: The Japanese Fascination with Spirits

Every culture has its ghost stories. Here in the West, ours tend toward narratives depicting souls who died violent deaths and have returned to take revenge. Or perhaps we tell tales of those who have died too soon and only wish for eternal playmates. As I briefly mentioned in my post last week, the Japanese have a very rich and far-reaching pantheon of spooks. The majority of these ghosts and their stories grew out of the Edo period (1603-1867; thus why a show like Mononoke asserts itself as particularly Japanese horror), and ghost stories with a certain antiquated style to them, or an air of the past, are usually referred to as kaiden (mysterious or strange recited narrative), whereas more modern horror stories would simply be called hora (a Japanization of "horror").

Sequential Wednesdays #23.3 – NYCC ’13 Interview With Colleen AF Venable

My third interview at New York Comic-Con was with the book designer Colleen AF Venable, who has been designing the books published by First Second. Over her 4 year tenure, she has designed many award-winning graphic novels (some awarded for their design) and writes a children's comic series.

Article populaire : septembre 2013

Un résumé des articles populaires de Amazing Stories du mois de Septembre.

HORACIO LALIA – Historietista por M. C. CARPER

M. C. Carper interviews Horacio Lalia

Ooky Spooky Animanga Part III: The Titilating Terror of Junji Ito

Do you like your comics with heavy inking? With a bit of body horror? With gruesome forays into the darkest parts of the human...

Alejandro Aguado — Editorial Duendes por M.C.Carper

Alejandro Aguado  - Dibujante de Historietas – Editor de Duendes Historieta Patagónica                             M. C. Carper para Amazing Stories Magazine: Hola ¿Quién eres? Preséntate...

Ooky Spooky Animanga Part I: Vampires

Autumn in New England serves to transport me immediately into a Halloween world - where one finds Vampires. In Anime!


A bi-lingual interview experiment with Alan Grant, comics author

What Mecha Did For Me; Or, I’m An Anime Writer Because...

I was deep into Gundam Wing starting in middle school, and it was the catalyst for me to start taking drawing and writing very seriously.

Interview with Pat Mills, Founder of 2000AD

Over four decades Pat Mills has been a major force in keeping the British comics industry alive. I caught up with him to chat about the reappearance of one of his most enduringly popular characters, the Celtic barbarian, Sláine.

Animanga: Surprisingly Not A Man’s World

I am glad that I've never had to defend myself and what I love because of something so trivial as my gender expression. I can only hope that the entirety of fandom can grow to this point and further as dialogues surrounding hobbies and sexism continue to spring forth.

Drawing Classes with DC Pro Jack Purcell

I would be lying outright if I said that I didn't have a lot of respect for the profound effect of Western comics and their history on society

Comic Review: Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation²

In Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared, we are treated with probably the most accurate comic representations of both TNG and Matt Smith era Doctor Who.

Nobody Goes It Alone: Best Friends Make Anime Better

This is the story of two little girls. They live down the street from each other, take the bus to school together, and are often mistaken for sisters.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

PERÚ Del 24 de julio hasta el 4 de agosto, se viene realizando el Lima la Feria Internacional del Libro, por lo que se aprovechan...

Doujinshi: Distinctly Japanese

There are many expressions of fandom that cross genres and cultures - fan fiction, fan art, even cosplay.  But there is one form in...

The Art of Au Contraire! 2013

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure to attend Au Contraire!, the New Zealand national Science Fiction, Fantasy and Geekery convention here...

Wonder Woman’s Foreign Successors

I’ve been reading Mike Madrid’s The Supergirls, a really fantastic look at  the history of superheroines in mainstream American comics. I just reached the 1970s,...

Who Got Cultural Studies In My Fandom?

Bendições from Brazil!  By the time this post goes live, I will have been in this lovely country for two whole weeks, and will...

The Case for Fashion in Comics

I love comics. Frequently, it doesn't feel like they love me back--but I, like most fans, can take it. I can weather the bloated...

Characters: Jet Black frmo Cowboy BeBop

Rounding out the characters from Cowboy Bebop, we end with Jet Black, the Black Dog. Yes, there's still Ed, but what else can be...

One Thousand Posts

Today Amazing Stories achieves a milestone in publishing its 1,000th post (and then some!) When this project first began - the resurrection of the world's...

Pixels and Panels #2: Online Comics

Here are two web comics that feature world-building on a grand scale.

Hidden Treasures: Review of a Manga Reference Book

Used bookstores are veritable treasure troves, as I'm sure many Amazing Stories readers will agree.  Digging through the shelves and piles of every type...