A lot of old (’50s and early ’60s) SF was written by women under masculine or masculine-sounding names. One of the best was Andre Norton. Join Steve in a look at this terrific action/adventure SF like they “just don’t write anymore!”

AMAZING News 4-13-14

Amazing News: Unfairly Biased Towards Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Unbalanced towards the same and totally and completely unafraid of admitting it!

AMAZING News 3-30-29

STOP THE PRESSES! AMAZING STORIES will begin publication of a special 88th anniversary edition of the magazine on April 1st, 2014. April 1st may be April Fools Day, but this is no joke.  Beginning Tuesday, April 1st, the contents of Amazing Stories’ 88th Anniversary issue (April 2014, Volume 75, Number 1, Whole Number 610) will […]

Review: Ink Mage by Victor Gischler

Ink Mage is not your typical fantasy adventure story. In fact, author Victor Gischler is not your typical fantasy adventure writer. But rest assured, the two have come together into an impressive display of epic storytelling.