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Amazing April 2014 coverAMAZING STORIES will begin publication of a special 88th anniversary edition of the magazine on April 1st, 2014.

April 1st may be April Fools Day, but this is no joke.  Beginning Tuesday, April 1st, the contents of Amazing Stories’ 88th Anniversary issue (April 2014, Volume 75, Number 1, Whole Number 610) will be rolled out on the website under the MAGAZINE tab.

Approximately every three days thereafter, a new story or non-fiction article will be published.  At the end of the month, the whole issue will be assembled and formatted into several different ebook formats.  If response to this effort is a good one, we contemplate issuing a print edition!

Amazing Stories, April 2014 issue will feature a Classic Reprint edited and prefaced by FuturesPast Editions ebooks.  The first of many Classic Reprints will be The Voyage That Lasted 600 Years by Don Wilcox – SF’s first generation starship tale.

That story will be accompanied by thirteen additional stories, both new and reprinted.  Stories are accompanied by new artwork.  This issue will also include a science feature article and a review and interview with the author of The Martian, Andy Weir.

PRESS RELEASES (see below for full text)

Fantastic Fiction at KGB: Douglas Clegg and John Langan
Faber Announces New Editions of Robert Aikman For His Centenary Year
DORSAI On Sale From Night Shade Books
New Fiction & More On


Female Firsts In Space
One Artist’s Take On Wonder Woman
10,883 To 2:  Climate Scientists For Da Win!
Personal Experiences Of Convention Harrassment 
Indie Author Street Teams Gone Bad
Is Kickstarter Just A Tool For Venture Capitalists?
Jabba the Hut Racist?
Brazilian Women’s Anti-Rape Protest


The difference between Science Fiction and Futurism
Coplayers of London Super Comic Con (video)
The Age Of Radiance:  History of the Atomic Age
SciFiMax Issue 0 Debut
NYRSF Readings – A Tribute To Robert Sheckley
Trailer:  X-Men Days Of Futures Past (video)
Prometheus 2 Update
First Image From TMNT
American Horror Story Is A Freak Show…wait…American Horror Story is Going To Be A Freak Show
Avengers: Age Of Ultron Photos
Who Says Magic Ain’t Real?
Geeky Ts For Sale!
SciFi Postcards (Cause SF Don’t Need No Stinkin Postcards!)
Give Sheldon A Squeeze To Relieve Your Stress
Edge Of Tomorrow New Trailer (shoulda stuck with the original title) (video)
Vandermeer on Dick
Humble E-Book Bundle
New  T O Y S!
Real History Of Science Fiction Trailer (video)
The History of Gnome Press
Bane Cat (video)
warnog FANDOM

Frederik Pohl Memorial Date Set
Are Conventions Really Important?
 Prelude To Axanar Hits Warp Speed On Kickstarter
Shatner & Nimoy Set For Florida Con
A Negative Worldcon Bid Page?
Gallifrey 2015 Already Booked
Creature Features in New Home & Outer LImits Display
Excelsior!  Stan Lee & Free Comics Day
“Old” = “Hegemonnic”
Boskone 51 Releases Seanan McGuire GoH Book
World Premiere Of Anubis Gates Play At Loncon 3
A Report on Fansporto INternational Film Festival Art Featured At Spectrum 21
Khlingon Bheer!
BSFS Roundtable:  The State of Short Fiction
Jupiter Ascending Trailer (video)
1964 Hugo Awards Voting Info Unearthed
A Great Bit Of History About Astounding and the Atomic Bomb
Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival


The Case For Hugo Award Re-Ratification
1939 Retro Hugo Recommendations
Robert J. Swayer LongListed For Libris LIfetime Achievement Award
Keene Named 2014 World Horror Grand Master
Hugo Nominations Close March 31st!


Norilana Seeking Kickstarter Funds
LOCUS Profiles SFSignal
Poets Should Not Get Literary Agents
Amazon Issuing Price-Fixing Credits
Gardner Dozois Is Getting Rid Of Stuff
Baen Books Catalog Now Available For Kobo
PW’s Fast Growing Indie Publishers
Charts Illustrate Publishing Changes
Tolkien’s Beowulf On Sale Now
Prediction Or Crappola?:  DeNardo’s Part 2
New P. J. Farmer!
Phoenix Pick Changes Coming
An Analysis of Fandom’s ‘Gift’ Economy
New Fantasy and SF Magazine For Teens – Inscription


Space.Com – Space Photos of the Week
Space.Com Night Sky of the Week
Zeroing In On An Asteroid To Capture
Bending the Laws of Physics
Giant Space Parasol
…Like You’ve Never Had Sex With A Robot (Not if they’re going to be THIS creepy!) video
Revising the Drake Equation
Soyuz Misses Docking Burn (Made me realize how ineffective sanctions over Ukraine might be….)
Crowd-Sourced Spacesuit?
XS-1 Spaceplane
Space Taxis!  Calling Corben Dallas!


FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts

 Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel


Douglas Clegg is the award-winning author of more than 25 books and 50 short stories, including Neverland and The Machinery of Night.

For the past five years, he’s worked on a new novel and several novellas and stories. He will read from one of these as-yet secret fictions.

Clegg lives on the coast of Connecticut with his husband, Raul, in a house called Villa Diodati.


John Langan’s latest collection, The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies  was called “a must-read”  by Publishers Weekly,  He is the author of a previous collection, Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters, and a novel, House of Windows  His recent stories have appeared in Ellen Datlow’s Lovecraft’s Monsters  and Joseph Pulver’s The Grimscribe’s Puppets

He lives in upstate New York with his wife, younger son, dogs, cats, rats, fish, hermit crabs, and a honey badger–really, it’s a zoo.

Wednesday April  16th

KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.)

New York, NY

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Faber & Faber is delighted to announce the publication of four new editions in B format of the ‘strange stories’ of Robert Aickman – widely regarded as the twentieth century’s greatest English writer of supernatural stories – to mark the centenary of his birth in June 2014. Faber Finds will also re-issue Aickman’s extremely rare novels The Late Breakfasters and The Model, both of which have been out of print for decades.

Faber has World English P&E rights in the four collections of stories and The Model, and UK & Commonwealth in Late Breakfasters.







For many years Aickman has been a ‘cult’ author somewhat unsung by the mainstream, but among the cognoscenti he is rated as an absolute master of the horror genre. His conspicuous fans include Neil Gaiman and the former League of Gentleman collaborators Mark Gatiss (SherlockDoctor Who), Jeremy Dyson (Ghost Stories) and Reece Shearsmith (Psychoville, Inside No. 9). The new Faber editions will feature illuminating new introductions from Reece Shearsmith and Richard T. Kelly (author of gothic horror novel The Possessions of Doctor Forrest), and afterwords by close friends of Aickman’s, including Ramsey Campbell, Britain’s most respected living horror novelist, and Leslie Gardner, Aickman’s literary agent. All four new editions have elegantly chilling new cover art designed by Tim McDonagh. (

Aickman is the centennial honouree at this year’s World Fantasy Convention to be held in Arlington, Virginia, from November 6-9 2014. (In 1975 Aickman won the Convention’s World Fantasy Award for Short Fiction for his story ‘Pages From a Young Girl’s Journal’, later collected in Cold Hand in Mine.)

Hannah Griffiths, Associate Publisher, Fiction, Faber & Faber:

‘Many of us at Faber have come to Aickman’s ‘strange stories’ since they appeared on the Faber Finds list. What a discovery! We hope our exquisite new editions appeal to the existing fans and introduce his unique vision to the new wave of literary horror readers out there.’

‘Reading Robert Aickman is like watching a magician work, and very often I’m not even sure what the trick was. All I know is that he did it beautifully.’ Neil Gaiman

‘Of all the authors of uncanny tales, Aickman is the best ever . . . His tales literally haunt me; his plots and his turns of phrase run through my head at the most unlikely moments.’ Russell Kirk‘Every story you read by Aickman has something lurking within it that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.’ Reece Shearsmith

‘The cumulative effect of [Aickman’s] stories is remarkable, and their hostile suggestiveness stays with the reader long after the book is closed.’ Tim Martin, Daily Telegraph

‘Robert Aickman was the best, the subtlest and the creepiest author of ghost stories of his time … still enormously re-readable, offering mysteries which get deeper and scarier with each return.’ Kim Newman


Robert Fordyce Aickman was born in London in 1914. His maternal grandfather was bestselling Victorian novelist Richard Marsh, author of the supernatural thriller The Beetle (1897). He attended Highgate school and assisted his father’s architectural practice prior to his co-founding, in 1944, of the Inland Waterways Association, an organisation dedicated to the preservation and restoration of England’s system of inland canals. In 1951 he co-published a book of stories with Elizabeth Jane Howard (his secretary at the IWA), entitled We Are for the Dark, to which they contributed three tales apiece.

In 1964 Aickman published his first solo collection, Dark Entries, and in his lifetime he would go on to publish a further five volumes of what he called ‘strange stories’. In 1975 he received the World Fantasy Award for Short Fiction for his story ‘Pages from a Young Girl’s Journal’, subsequently reprinted in his collection Cold Hand in Mine. He also published a novel,The Late Breakfasters (1964) and a memoir, The Attempted Rescue (1966), and between 1964 and 1972 he edited the first eight volumes of the Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories. Aickman died of cancer on 26 February 1981 having refused conventional treatment. A number of his writings were then published posthumously: a final story collection, Night Voices(1985), a second volume of memoirs, The River Runs Uphill (1986), a novella, The Model (1987), and two noteworthy compilations of his finest ‘strange stories’, The Wine-Dark Sea (1988) and The Unsettled Dust (1990)




25th of March 2014






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Rocket Talk Like a Viking Horde, But With Better Dance Parties: Welcome to the Podcast! is thrilled to introduce our new podcast, Rocket Talk! Each week, we’ll blend discussions of the latest (or just most interesting) topics in SFF with readings from some of our award-winning short fiction. The podcast will take the vast landscape of and beam it straight into your ear holes! In the first episode, Emily Asher-Perrin and Brad Beaulieu join host Justin Landon to talk about what makes The LEGO Movie so awesome. And don’t forget to hit us with your best captions to accompany the podcast’s delightful banner art (created by illustrator Tim Paul)!

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Game of Thrones
Ten Days Until Game of Thrones: Everything You Need to Know, Plus Exclusive Highlights from the Season Four Premiere!

It’s been too long since we last saw Westeros, so before the new season starts, get completely caught up on where all the characters stood at the end of Season 3 with this handy refresher! We also weigh the options and ask, who actually deserves to win the titular game of thrones, out of everybody left standing after the Red Wedding? And was able to attend a special sneak preview of the Season 4 premiere episode, “Two Swords,” last week-we’ve got highlights from the star-studded premiere itself, and an in-depth, spoiler-filled review of the first episode. And since there’s still some time to kill before the episode airs on HBO, you can use it to build your own Iron Throne with help from this handy infographic!

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Winds of Winter GRRM Releases New Chapters from The Winds of Winter featuring Tyrion and a surprise character…

There’s even more news coming from George R.R. Martin’s corner of the SFF world: he’s released two chapters from The Winds of Winter in the last week! First, join Tyrion Lannister as things come to a head in the Battle of Meereen! And then, check out the newest chapter, titled “Mercy,” which follows a character that you may not recognize at first, but will be very glad to see… Given all of these recent excerpt releases, we thought it was high time to take a look at every chapter Martin’s released or read to audiences so far, what events and conflicts are being chronicled in the book, what new and recurring characters are given POVs, and what else we can expect to find out when the novel is finally published!

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The Borgias
TV News: We Can Handle Popes, Cannibals, and Zombies…but not BEES!

Ada Palmer takes a look at two competing series centered on the infamous Borgia family, and examines different ways history can be used in fiction (even when it’s not entirely accurate…) Alex Brown catches us up on Season 2 of Hannibal, which has grown into an excellent tutorial on beekeeping and hive construction. She also covers the latest episode of The Walking Dead and reviews the premiere episode of The 100! Gotham reveals its new teen Catwoman, and Steven Padnick reviews Caper, Geek & Sundry’s light, funny take on a group of superheroes who plan a heist to help pay their rent. Finally, is it possible that we’re about to experience the miraculous return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, or is this just too good to be true?

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Divergent At the Movies: Tom Cruise Needs to Reset, Charles Xavier Needs to Inspire Himself, Divergent Conquers, Muppets Get Weird, and Jem is Outrageous…

This week turned into a trailer-palooza! In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are trapped in a never-ending game of Halo. Dwayne Johnson is Hercules, which translates, of course, into wrestling wild animals! And in X-Men: Days of Future Past, two Charles Xaviers face off! Steph Sinclair reviews Divergent-can it live up to the hype, and step out of Katniss’ mighty shadow? Meanwhile, Chris Lough has a Muppetational time reviewing Muppets Most Wanted. We hope you’re all ready to grab your star earrings and tell Synergy it’s showtime, because we’re getting a Jem movie, and you can help cast it! Rumor has it that Prometheus 2 is slated for next spring, so Ryan Britt gazes into Michael Fassbender’s eyes and tries to figure out how the Prometheus sequel could actually work. Finally, Chris Lough has a Galactus-sized suggestion for the mysterious, unnamed Marvel movie coming in July, 2018.

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Stormlight Archive The Way of Kings Has Been Immortalized in LEGO: Everything Is Awesome.

Stormlight Archive fan Rick Martin asked a serious question: can Lego properly capture the intensity of a Shardbearers’ duel? Gaze upon his epic reenactment of the climactic battle from The Way of Kings and see for yourself! Now that Words of Radiance is out, (and settled into its new loving home on The New York Times Best Seller list!) we’re excited to resume our Way of Kings Reread, which is bright and full of many wonders…

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Leaping Laelops Science Facts: Cosmos and Dinosaurs Bring Joy to Our Inner 12-Year-Old!

Chris Lough continues exploring the science behind each new episode of Cosmos! In this week’s edition, he tackles pattern-recognition, and manages to weave both Robert Jordan and Tolkien into the mix! Plus, resident expert Brian Switek wants to add to your dino knowledge banks with a list of some of the coolest Tyrannosaurs to roam the earth, including a pygmy T. Rex that is sooo cute. And, y’know, deadly. But cuuuuute.

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Anyway: Angie
Noma Girl
Original Fiction

We have two new pieces of original fiction for you this week! Daniel José Older introduces us to the world of his upcoming Bone Street Rumba series, and Elizabeth Fama reveals an alternate history rooted in the flu epidemic of 1918.

“Anyway: Angie” by Daniel José Older

Reza’s job has put her in the face of every kind of death. Thanks to her guns, her car, and her dapper style, she came through The Bad Years alive, but since losing Angie things haven’t been right. Tonight’s job threatens to bring the worst terrors of that time skittering back to life.

“Noma Girl” by Elizabeth Fama

The Spanish flu of 1918 changed everything. After the pandemic finally ended, humans had been divided into two groups: Smudges live and work during the hours of darkness, and those known as Rays, who populate the day. Then, there are the Noma, who choose to live on the fringes of society in loose tribes, preying on Smudges and Rays alike. Gigi is a ruthless Noma, but in this prequel to Plus One , she is ordered to abduct a cell phone hacker named Ciel Le Coeur and reveals a surprisingly tender heart.

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