AMAZING NEWS: 7/30/2017

SPECIAL NOTE:  ECLIPSE 2017:  How To Watch Without Going Blind: Make Sure Your Viewing Device is Safe

SPECIAL DECLINE & FALL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION SECTION (an all too occasional series):  Congressman Asks NASA About Lost Martian Civilization*

SPECIAL DECLINE & FALL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION SECTION – Scalzi Department:  CokeZero’s Demise Not Popular


Is Your Water Safe?  Find Out By Zipcode (you might be unpleasantly surprised)

Teacher, Kids Detained at Border Patrol Checkpoint for Refusing to State Citizenship

What Do You Call the Ceiling Female Astronauts Have to Break Through?

New Trek Romance Will Be Gay

Bannon Look-a-like Leads Anti Trump Cheer at ComicCon

Women Not the Only Ones Having Periods

Women Achieving Parity in Sports…for Concussion

“NO” to Slavery FanFic


Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer 

Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer (8 years and still no one has tried to seize control of all of the water…?)

It’s All About the Womenz:  Justice League Trailer Features Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Makes Little Girl Cry

If We Never Landed on the Moon, How’d This City Get There?

Harriman Makes it to the Moon!  and just down the street

Moon Dust SOLD!

Lady Vivamus for Sale via Brian Ritchie

New Animated Fantasy Series from Groening

Special Robert Eggleton News Department:  Mothra Revealed in Skull Island

AHS New Season:  Cult

Defender’s Review

More SDCC Cosplay

Now This is a Fish of a Different Color

The Orville Will Out Trek Trek, Then Go Bye-Bye and More

First Marvel’s Defenders Episode Goes Over Big


Blood Drive at ComicCon Biggest Ever via Robert Christenson

Crowdfunding: Polar Borealis Magazine

New Release:  Pro Se Publishes Darkness & Light by Kayla Larson

Eric Flint Gets Good News

How to Turn OFF Your Push Notifications

NYRSF Readings: Cooney & Hernandez

An Unreprinted Clarke w/Bonestell Illo!?  Via Paul Di Filippo

What?  You Didn’t Know There Was Lithuanian SF?

The Voice of Rocket J. Squirrel is Gone

Lots of Collectible Trek for Sale


Robot Reaches the Core (of Fukushima) (Souvenier Nite Lites Not Planned)

I Can Totally Believe That Throwing Rocks at Trees Is How Religion Got Its Start

Gore Still Optimistic (never sounds that way….)

Commerically-Based Crew Vehicles Still on Schedule (shades of Happy Dan, the Spaceship Man)

Three Thumbs Up For 3-D Printed Robotic Device

The NanoSatellites are Coming! (Gray Goo in Spaaaaaace!) Via Lawrence Klaes


*We should probably be including links to the Suicide Hotline here….

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