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A website all about NUCLEAR SECRECY!

nuclear secrecyI don’t think any baby-boomer – especially those who ended up as fans – can forget the Cold War; fallout, Duck & Cover, special warning sirens, hiding under your desk, burnpit screamers (thanks Harlan, Vic & Blood), mutants, or the ever-present knowledge that the world could end in fire at any moment.

If you’re like I am and like to worry those memories like a loose tooth, you’ll find plenty to reminisce and shudder over on the Restricted Data:  The Nuclear Secrecy Blog.

This isn’t just a collection of mushroom clouds or a picture tour of Heinlein’s bomb shelter; The Nuclear Secrecy Blog dives deep into the history, the people, the technology and drops you right into this historical period with maps, newspaper clippings and historic photos.

One really cool feature is the site doesn’t shy away from covering Science Fiction’s involvement – particularly Astounding Stories’ involvement:  at least two posts cover the magazine, Campbell and several authors who knew more than they should have.

Give the site a read, it’s a nuclear blast!

Restricted Data:  The Nuclear Secrecy Blog

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Steve. Years ago this would just fed my paranoia but since Snowden its (shrug). Damn nifty reading, thou.

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