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John M. Whalen is the author of Vampire Siege at Rio Muertoa horror western novel published by Flying W Press. His science fiction, sword and sorcery and horror short stories have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies.

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The Twilight of the Gods

What does the future portend for a world inhabited by the franchise generation?

Will the Real Tarzan Please Stand Up?

Tarzan, ERB's most popular character, has gotten the film treatment since 1918; a handful of portrayals have stood out as true to the character. Will Skarsgard's live up to the legacy?

Flash, Randy, and Sam on Route 66

Here's what happens when Flash Gordon, Randolph Scott and Sam Peckinpah meet out on Route 66.

The Long and Winding Road

A tribute to Martin Milner of Route 66 (and Adam 12) fame.

The Joys of Self-Publishing

Monster Hunting is Mordecai's business. Getting sales is John's.


This is one of my favorite movies because it is totally insane and it doesn't care if it doesn't make any sense. Much better than JAWS...

Kindle Unlimited and the 10 Percent Rule

A few notes on the new KindleUnlimited program from an indie author.


Michael Jackson performs as a hologram. Who's next? Bogie?

The Neo-Pulp Electronic Revolution

There’s been something going on in the publishing business the last several years, and it’s nothing less than what I’ve been calling a Neo-Pulp Electronic Revolution.


John M. Whalen shares his personal experience of the 9/11 attacks

Meditation on Cassini

Just stop for a moment and look at the picture above. It's a picture of Earth as seen from the planet Saturn. The photo...

The Loneliest Ranger

The Lone Ranger, Gore Verbinsky's revisionist telling of the legend of the masked man of the plains, will no doubt go down in history as the...

Slammin’ Pulp Hero Stories

There's a new book out I'd like to recommend to anyone who's a fan of pulp fiction-- or anyone who just appreciates good writing....

What Dreams May Come: Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson passed away Sunday June 23 at age 87. He is probably the last of the giants who once walked the land. Rod...

Shaun of the Dead

Brad Pitt's $200 million dollar zombie extravaganza World War Z just opened, and despite the reported problems  producer Pitt had getting the film made, including extensive...

Flash Gordon Trilogy on DVD

Howdy friends and neighbors. How's it going? Been kinda wrapped up with writing projects to post much here. But also since this is a...


Many reviewers have already pointed out the fact that director Joseph Koskinski's Oblivion borrows quite a bit from a number of earlier science fiction...

Mars Babylon: A Review of John Carter and the Gods of...

Reading Michael D. Sellers’ fascinating book, John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, we learn all the reasons why John Carter, Disney’s film version of...

Resident Evil

There are some people who think that a movie based on a video game should automatically be considered mindless trash. Good science fiction movies,...

Ready When You Are, JJ

They’ve really done it now. It’s over. First George Lucas sold Luke, Obi Wan, Princess Leia, Han and all the others into eternal indentured...

Tarzan, Celebrating the Centennial: A Review

Christmas 2012 was very good. And one of the reasons it was so good was that among the presents that Santa (in this case...

The Monster Men

“I wish somebody’d tell me, Tell me if you can I want somebody to tell me What is the soul of a man.”          ...