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Anime roundup 8/30/2018: Double Time

In this week's viewing: Back from Worldcon, it's two weeks for the price of one!

Anime roundup 8/16/2018: A Level in Badass

In this week's viewing: The quiet ones in Steins;Gate and Attack on Titan have finally had it, and more!

Anime roundup 8/9/2018: A Glitch in the Matrix

In this week's viewing: The last of the July premieres is happening in August somehow, and finally the full lineup all at once!

Anime roundup 8/2/2018: Missing Man Formation

In this week's viewing: Steins;Gate and Attack on Titan leave their protagonists behind, one show has mysteriously disappeared, and more!

Anime roundup 7/26/2018: The End of the Tunnel

In this week's viewing: Two more premieres, returning candidates, and time to set the lineup.

Anime roundup 7/19/2018: The Darkest Timeline

In this week's viewing: Most of the good shows are in hiding, but a surprise contender has emerged...

Summer 2018 SF Anime Preview

It's that time again, and there's something for fans of every stripe to look forward to.

Anime roundup 6/14/2018: Vanishing Point

In this week's viewing: Hakyu Hoshin Engi finally makes good on its promise of massive destruction, Steins;Gate 0 and Megalobox look for witness protection, and more!

Anime roundup 4/12/2018: The Knockout Punch

In this week's viewing: Megalo Box sets the standard as the spring premieres continue.

Anime roundup 4/5/2018: The Monster Mash

In this week's viewing: It's the end of the season, it's the beginning of the season, it's full of crazy spooky things either way!

Anime roundup 3/29/2018: Right as Rain

In this week's viewing: Hakumei and Mikochi learn what fishing is really about, Hakyu Hoshin Engi turns into character drama, and more!

Spring 2018 SF Anime Preview

Did the past season seem lackluster? Well, get ready to be snowed under by more sf options than ever!

Anime Roundup 3/22/2018: Is This the Real Life?

In this week's viewing: Hakyu Hoshin Engi tackles advanced physics again, Beatless pretty much lays out what's really going on, and more!

Anime roundup 3/15/2018: The Pathos of Things

In this week's viewing: Beatless considers the humanity of tools, Hakumei and Mikochi does it better, and more!

Anime roundup 3/8/2018: Totally Cosmic

In this week's viewing: Hakyu Hoshin Engi is a science-fantasy juggernaut, Kokkoku takes the really long view, and more!

Anime roundup 3/1/2018: Tripping Up

In this week's viewing: Beatless is too weird for Amazon to handle, another show has gone mysteriously silent, and more!

Anime roundup 2/22/2018: After a Fashion

In this week's viewing: Hakumei and Mikochi and Kokkoku stop to change clothes, also some dramatic stuff happens, and more!

Anime roundup 2/15/2018: Amping Up

In this week's viewing: Beatless adds another antagonist, Hakyu Hoshin Engi operates at ludicrous power levels, and more!

Anime roundup 2/8/2018: Now You’re Cooking

In this week's viewing: Hakumei and Mikochi celebrates home crafts, Hakyu Hoshin Engi whips up an unusual recipe, and more!

Anime roundup 2/1/2018: Livin’ in the Fridge

In this week's viewing: Hakyu Hoshin Engi pulls off a double fridging, Beatless menaces its heroine for cheap plot points, Kokkoku's heroine is done being menaced, and luckily the other show aboslutely does not fit this theme.

Anime Roundup 1/25/2018: Head of the Class

In this week's viewing: Which shows look like they have what it takes to stay in the commentary lineup for the rest of the season?

Anime roundup 1/11/2018: Interesting Times

In this week's viewing: A slow start to premiere week, but big news for the simulcast landscape!

Anime roundup 1/4/2018: Best of 2017

In this week's viewing: Hozuki wraps up (for now), and a look back at the best and most memorable shows of 2017.

Winter 2018 SF Anime Preview

As the year turns, so does the anime season. See what's coming up soon!

Fall 2017 SF Anime Preview

The leaves will soon be falling, and so will a new batch of shows!

REVIEW: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (July/August 2017)

The July/August edition of F&SF features many stories of dark fantasy and an unofficial theme of the arts.

Review: The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

From audiobook to hardcover print, The Dispatcher is a quick, entertaining read by John Scalzi that will have you anxiously flipping the pages till the end.

Anime roundup 7/13/2017: Mystery Box

In this week's viewing: Another week of premieres has a bit of everything, from the good to the bad to the what the heck just happened there...

Anime roundup 7/6/2017: A Journey of a Thousand Shows Starts With...

In this week's viewing: Kado and Rage of Bahamut finish up spring, and the first wave of summer premieres.

Summer 2017 SF Anime Preview

Summer is here and so is the next gargantuan shipment of shows from Japan. Take a look at what's showing up a few days from now.