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The Last Jedi backlash: Some of the fan reaction is truly...

Does everything have to be political? Apparently, yes. Even Star Wars reviews.

Worldcon 75, Algunas Reflexiones /Worldcon 75, Some Thoughts (Bilingual Post)

An overview of some of the problems at this year's WorldCon in Helsinki.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

News about the release of new books, comics and analyses of interest to Spanish speaking fans of speculative fiction, as well as events, including a workshop on robots.

Doctor Who: How the debate about the first female Time Lord...

The debate on the casting of a female Doctor on the show Doctor Who has been highly unfair to fans.

Dr… Who? Or the Revenge of the Feminazi

So, a female Doctor is coming. Is the casting really a sign of the apocalypse, as some fanboys would have us believe?

DR… WHO? O la Feminazi vuelve a atacar

There has been a strong reaction to the announcement that the next Dr. will be played by a woman. This article gives the reaction of some Spanish speculative fiction professionals.

De Razas y Sexos Pasando por Gente que Parece no Tener...

Tanya Tynjala takes on sexism in Spanish fandom.

Asni’s Art Blog: Star Wars Popularity Contest: Rey

if I had been privileged to see this movie as an impressionable teenager, I would have been profoundly in love with Rey.

Scide Splitters: The Masculinist Revolt by William Tenn

Warning: The story recommended in this review contains satire that may cause indigestion in some readers, particularly those who are currently afflicted with Puppy Mania.

The Artist as Criminal: The Frank Cho Spider-Gwen Controversy

Mr. Jackson on the latest internet blowup. And freedom of expression.

Manly Art for Manly Men

You don't have to be "manly" to paint "manly".


Censorship of images has been much on people's minds this last week. I thought I'd write a post about the depiction of nudity.

Science Fiction Bikini

Science fiction bikini seems like a simple juxtaposition of words, but examining the phrase reveals much of the cultural and social baggage packed inside.

¿Qué está pasando? Yo así no juego: En Apoyo a Brianna...

Tanya offers some thoughts on Gamergate

Beauty, the Eye of the Beholder and Miss Universe

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is to say that beauty is subjective and, despite the human condition that every one...

VONDA McINTYRE, o el arte de tejer universos

Laura Ponce profiles Vonda McIntyre

ANGÉLICA GORODISCHER, o la capacidad de reinventarse

A profile of Argentianian author Angelica Gorodischer.

An Homage To Feminine Male Characters (And The Women Who Voice...

It has long been a fascination that the shonen manga industry has allowed male characters who are not typically masculine to be interesting, complex, and relatable characters, as well as allowing women to take on the roles of young men.

Asni’s Art Blog: His Hotness the Doctor

The Doctor is hot. No doubt about that: He may have started out as a cranky old man, a mad scientist, traveling the universe...

The Artful Collector: Love the Art, Hate the Artist?

How does one reconcile the moral dilemma of liking art from an artist one dislikes on moral grounds?

Joanna Russ, o cómo resaltar la escritura de la mujer

A profile of one of SF's leading advocates for women and feminism - and a hell of a writer and critic - Joanna Russ

Witches Aint Sh@*t

The ever-evolving role of witches in literature and entertainment is examined.

What Were You Expecting, Baby?

A look at criticism of Space Dandy and some thoughts with relation to Cowboy Bebop.

A Review of Dangerous Women, an Anthology Edited by Gardner Dozois...

I was absolutely delighted when I received a review copy of the highly anticipated Dangerous Women. Dozois and Martin have produced a blockbuster anthology with an all-star lineup of authors.

What’s the Trouble With Selfies? Speculative Fiction and the Mirror Effect

Are speculative fiction's attempts at promoting diversity working? Take a selfie to find out...

Fantastika 2013

Como prometido, he aquí el recuento de Fantastika 2013, que se llevara a cabo del 18 al 20 de octubre. El evento se realizó en...

Lisbeth Salander

We've been having some pretty wild weather here in the Wairarapa lately, which meant that I've been sitting without power for over 24 hours earlier this week. While sitting around waiting for the contractors from the power company to turn up and put me back on the grid, I've managed to read myself through a substantial chunk of Stieg Larsson's "Millenium" trilogy*: finally! I should say!

Octavia Butler, o el peso de la diferencia

Octavia Butler era una chica negra, pobre, inusualmente alta, tímida, tartamuda, disléxica y lesbiana. Desde muy joven tuvo una idea bastante clara de lo que era la discriminación en sus muchas formas y utilizó la ciencia ficción para explorar temas sociales antiguos y modernos.

Witch: The Young Woman

In my last blog, I have been looking at representations of Witches, which are depicted as old women: and I have remarked on the...

Witch: The Old Woman

Not all witches are always out to suck a child's soul - or fatten them up and eat them