Witch: The Young Woman

Witch, by Marianna Orlova – mariannainsomnia on DeviantArt

In my last blog, I have been looking at representations of Witches, which are depicted as old women: and I have remarked on the fact that I’ve been hard put to find sufficient images to even fill half a blog post!

This week, I will look at young witches – a much bigger pool to fish from. After filtering out the teenage wet dreams and the outright porn, I am left with a spectrum ranging from the self-assured seductress, the young woman obsessed with her looks, and (presumably) their effect on the target male, to the rebellious girl child.

The Wood Witch, by Krista Holewinske – Adiene on DeviantArt
Witch, by solitarysmagick on DeviantArt

These two come-hither witches are more modestly dressed than much of what can be found under that keyword search. They are, one might point out, both works by female artists: digital 3D models such as one might use as an avatar on Second Life, perhaps they represent how the artists in question would like to look and act: self-assured, and perhaps just a tad aggressive in their sexuality.

Umbrella Witch, by Daria Widermanska-Spala – anako-art on DeviantArt

Take the same attitude, and put on a 19th century outfit, and you get “coquettish”, rather than “punk rock queen”. There is more of a hint of mischievous playfulness here, too. One wonders what she is up to, with that umbrella!

Black Orchid, by Daniela Giubellini – Rivan145th on DeviantArt
White Witch, by Riikka Auvinen – tir-ri on DeviantArt

These two young girls, even though they have fewer clothes on, seem more introverted: comfortable in their bodies, rather than aggressively seductive.

Witch’s dance, by Ana Lesac – Ana-Lesac on DeviantArt

They are also – just like the older witches – self-sufficient. This witch seems perfectly happy to dance the night away all on her own.

Witch. Looking for you, by Blad Moran – BladMoran on DeviantArt

Never forget that witches are dangerous: When she comes looking for you, you better be on your guard! The image above is one of the few illustrations I have found, which really makes a point of putting the fear of the witch in the beholder. Whereas the witch below seems rather sad about that pile of skulls she has assembled. It is a lonely life, to be a witch!

Witch, by Beatriz Martin Vidal – BeatrizMartinVidal on DeviantArt

Then there is also the “cute witch”: the witch below may have human skulls lining her skirt, but honestly: who could be scared of such an adorable manga witch?

Candle Witch, by ririkuto on DeviantArt
Halloween Witch, by Magdalena Babinska – masebi2 on DeviantArt

This one looks like a sulking teenager, rather than someone who has the potential to slit throats and collect human skulls. And in the image below, the witch has gone cyborg: but she still manages to look rather like something you might cuddle, even with that eyeface head.

Witch, by Andrey Bobir – AndreyBobir on DeviantArt

Lastly, there is the rebellious young girl: the one who is going to be a witch when she is grown up. Signs of this: girls who refuse to smile, wear pink, and play along with the expectation that girls should be cute and sweet-tempered.

Wanna be a witch 9, by asahinoboru on DeviantArt
Young Witch, by Caroline Hirbec – Grimhel on DeviantArt

Even when confronted with boring household tasks – such as stirring a kettle – this young witch is far more absorbed with her book of spells, than with what is cooking!

Witch, by burari on DeviantArt

All images are copyright the respective artist, and may not be reproduced without their permission.

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