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Comic Con London – Photos Galore

A plethora of awesome photos from MCM Comic Con, London.


A Book Review and a Magazine Review and a TV Review and an Exhibition Notice! Whoa! Lots going on in this week's column by Steve! (And what's with all the caps?)


Before there was a Marvel version, there were The Avengers! Join Steve in a look back at some less-than-super heroes, but maybe a lot more fun ones! (And no CGI!)

Why was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? (Part 1)

Why was early comic book art so crude? It wasn't all the artist's fault....

Comic Review: Seekers of the Weird

What better way for Marvel and Disney to work together than making comics based around Disney Park attractions?

EBOOKS & MOVIES! A New Storybundle plus 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE and...

Chocolate and bacon, the only things better than cheap eBooks and SF movies! (Okay, there's sex and alcohol too.) Steve offers you both! (No, not sex and alcohol—ebooks & movies!)

…and it was all Yellow

Embrace the Yellow!

DC Comics at the Movies: Why So Dark?

These are the Four Color Heroes. They are meant to be bright primary colors - why are they do dark?

Ant-Man: a small step in the right direction for Marvel

Getting tired of superhero films? Don't go to sleep before you see Ant-Man

Crossplay and Gender-bending Cosplay

Crossplay: who says Captain America has to be a guy? Who says that only girls can dress up as Black Widow?

There is Something Brewing in the DC Kitchen…

Could DC be making a run at Marvel?

Avengers 2 Heralds the End of an Empire

Can you take a pill for superhero movie fatigue?

MOORCOCK vs. ULTRON: Two Reviews

Two new reviews by Steve: the new Michael Moorcock book and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Are they worth it? You bet they are!


Steve looks at two "new" releases--classic SF by the late William Rotsler, multitalented fan, writer and artist.

TV Review: Agent Carter

Agent Carter is taking TV by storm

What to Watch in 2015

Here's where to start your 2015 viewing

2014: A Year in Review

SF & Fantasy in media from 2014

DVD Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy DVD hits the stores!

Marvel’s Biggest Gamble

With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY becoming the first film of 2014 to cross the $300 million barrier and with it claiming the domestic box...

Arrow, Flash, DC Fall Season…Where to Start?!

The Flash & Arrow openers sew confusion and gosh-wow!

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Premiere

Now Agent Coulson is now Director Coulson, there are a bunch of new people, who aren't agents, but have been recruited (much like Skye), Ward is locked up and went a bit crazy....

TV Review: Gotham

Gotham Begins. (Doesn't sound quite as impressive as "Batman Begins" now, does it?

Gotham Preview

Before Batman, there was Gotham. Before Gotham, there was the Gotham Preview.

MOVIE REVIEW: Would Scarlett Johansson get UNDER your SKIN?

Even Scarlett Johansson parading naked across the screen can not save Under the Skin.

Review: New Life and New Civilizations (ed.) Joseph F. Berenato

The history of Star Trek comics. (We've got one coming that's not in the book!)

Deadpool Screening Test Revealed

Deadpool continues to crawl its way towards the big screen.

Time Out’s ‘100 Best Sci-Fi Films’

This week the UK London listings and entertainment guide Time Out published part of an on-going series of genre by genre features on the 100 Best Films. The current one is ‘The 100 best sci-fi movies’. Gary Dalkin takes a look...

LEGO MOVIE vs. WRECK-IT RALPH: “You Gotta Have Heart!”

The Lego Movie is out on DVD--does it lack heart? Steve tells all.

Why Do We Love Super Hero Movies?

There are no super heroes in real life - that's why we go to the movies!

The Flash, Arrow Spin Off – Are You Excited?

More superheroes are coming to the little screen!