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Top post del 2018

Tanya reviews us - Amazing Stories - from blog to magazine to future plans.

Rewind: Interview with Science Fiction Legend Ben Bova

Ben Bova, editor of Analog & Omni, author of many fine SF works, always deserves a second look.

Rewind: Interview with SFWA Grand Master James Gunn

Revisiting an excellent interview with Grand Master James Gunn

The 72nd Worldcon Voters will Forge History

The Hugos are upon us. RK gives you even more (and better reasons) to join up and vote!

AMAZING THINGS: Tom Purdom Named Geek of the Week

Fantastic Books releases the ebook edition of Tom Purdom's collection to celebrate his elevation to Geek of the Week status

AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: John W. Campbell Award Nominees

The nominees for the JWC Best Novel Award are announced and the Campbell Conference is described.

BOOK REVIEW: The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol....

Does Macy's tell Gimbels? This week a review of the upcoming "Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol. 2"

ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S JUVENILES: Are they still good? (Part One)

I seem to be unable to do single columns about stuff I’m passionate about. Heinlein is no exception. Robert A. Heinlein, who was characterized...

Want to Become a BNF? (Big Name Fan?) Here’s One Long...

R. Graeme Cameron instructs us in the fine art of becoming a BNF - or nearly so. (It might be advisable to strive for Filthy Pro status instead....)

The Club House 2/7/14

On Snowden, whistleblowers, heroes, traitors, bad editors, bad fans and fanzine reviews.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Retro Read (Part 1)

Steve begins a new series of reviews devoted to examining the contents of what is arguably the single greatest anthology of science fiction's first half-century - The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame, edited by Robert Silverberg and selected by the members of SFWA. Individual stories will be examined in order, with particular attention being paid to their suitability for today's readers, as well as their place in SF literary history.

The Club House

Our weekly roundup of fanzine reviews mixed with just a tad of political commentary

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

Cool Stuff That Might Happen (or Not): Awards, Best of Anthologies, Movies Welcome back! This week I’ll be looking at some of the cool things...