Reseña de libro 1818 Orígenes, Antología de Ciencia Ficción Hispano-Mexicana

1818 Orígenes, antología de ciencia ficción hispano-mexicana Createspace Independent Pub Paperback, 112 páginas ISBN-10 : 1543204872 ISBN-13 : 978-1543204872 Para comprarlo en Amazon. Este libro es una antología de ciencia ficción hispano-mexicana, que ya hace tiempo tengo ganas de comentar. Cuenta con una participación de lujo. Por España: Toni Jim, Lola Robles, María Concepción Regueiro, […]

Top post de Septiembre

A review of some of the articles that appeared in Amazing Stories that appeared in September that may be of interest to Spanish speaking readers.

Visions of Frankenstein

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is currently playing in theaters, although by the time you read this it may very well not be, having slunk away in disgrace after failing to pull the box office mojo. It stars James McAvoy as Doctor Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe as Igor. It is yet another retelling of the Mary Shelley classic […]

The Greatest Science Ficition Novels of All Time Part 9

This week we are going back before the science fiction awards were created to find our entry into the list of the greatest science fiction novels of all time. In fact, we are going back before science fiction was science fiction. Science fiction has always been around, but it wasn’t until the 20th Century that […]

To Show Or Not To Show? Horror and the ‘Power Of Suggestion’

HOW much horror should you depict and how much should you leave to the imagination? It is a dilemma that has confronted anyone who has ever attempted to scare people in the name of entertainment. The question is particularly relevant for film-makers, who stand some chance of winning critical approval if they stress atmosphere over […]