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Flash Gordon Sundays: Dan Barry Vol 1 – The Death Planet, 1967 – 1971 is one of those books that should be in every collector’s library.

‘From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker’: the Star Wars novelization 40...

How does the novelization of Star Wars hold up 40 years after its release?

Why was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? (Part 1)

Why was early comic book art so crude? It wasn't all the artist's fault....

Flash, Randy, and Sam on Route 66

Here's what happens when Flash Gordon, Randolph Scott and Sam Peckinpah meet out on Route 66.

Buck Rogers: The Way the Future Used to Be

For more than a century the name Buck Rogers has been synonymous with science fiction.


In part two of his superhero blog entry, Steve looks at Superman and others.

Top Ten Science Fiction Movie Sidekicks

Who are your favorite SF movie sidekicks? RK has quite a list for you to ponder....

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 5

Somehow our first taste of fiction always seems to hold a special place in our minds and hearts even after we’ve read hundreds of new stories. Another installment of the ultimate science fiction reading list from some of our favorite authors and editors.

C.J. CHERRY, o la aventura permanente

Laura delivers a nice roundup of the career and influences of one of our best - C. J. Cherryh

Comic Review: Legenderry — A Steampunk Adventure

There are three important things to look for in a comic. One, you need a good story. Second, exquisite artwork should enhance if not inspire the story. And third, the Wow factor. Legenderry – A Steampunk Adventure has all this and more.

Top Ten Best Science Fiction Movie Villains of All Time

The top ten villains to grace the screen.

The Movie Serials: All in Black and White for a Dime!

What do Captain America, Buck Rogers, Batman, Flash Gordon, the Green Hornet and Gene Autrey have in common? They've all appeared in serials!

AMAZING News 11/10/13

All (ok, 'some of') the news for fandom


Retro starships from artist Edward Rowles' website starships.com

Swords, sex and science fiction

Legendary artist Gray Morrow created some comics as well

Lost In Space! Reviews of Unknown or Underappreciated Books Threshold...

Plots have been recycled for centuries and will be for centuries more. The novelty, the interest, comes from seeing what the author brings to the tale, how s/he changes it to make it different.

Rockets and Missiles: Past and Future

Rockets and Missiles: Past and Future by Martin Caidin is literally a blast from the past. It is a delightfully historical account of man’s progression into space – because rockets are cool.

Ray guns don’t kill people, peop … — oh wait, yes...

Be careful. Be careful, they got ray guns. - Loomis in the Carpenter Street episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, 11/26/2003 In Ray Bradbury’s epic The...

Flash Gordon Trilogy on DVD

Howdy friends and neighbors. How's it going? Been kinda wrapped up with writing projects to post much here. But also since this is a...
Cherryh Portrait A

No. 18 – C.J. Cherryh, The Faded Sun, and a World...

No. 18 – 2013Jun02 – C.J. Cherryh, The Faded Sun, and a World Building Ethos. The next time you look into the night sky, try...

Pixels and Panels

A look a two comics you won't have to bag or board

Serial Fiction for Beginners

Serial fiction is old school and the best examples I can think of is probably comic strips, soap operas and the black and white...

Mouldy Old History

For a number of years I wrote The Crotchety Old Fan blog.  One of my favorite posts to write was finding new and interesting...