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What fan doesn’t love a starship or two?  Perhaps it’s the more modern chic, such as the Nova Prime from After Earth –

kEpthG8Or maybe something a little more dated such as the Sulaco or an X-Wing fighter –


Or maybe – like me – your sensibilities turn more towards the retro – Fireball XL5, the Luna from Destination Moon, even Flash Gordon’s ship.

Such seems to be the specialty of freelance artist Edward Rowles and the focus of his Starships,com website.

There’s a lot retro here to feast your eyes upon – from Space Women (with helmets but light on the spacesuit) –

Spacewoman and Satellite

to a whole range of ships drawn from the history of the genre – including some excellent renderings of von Braun ships like those featured in Colliers magazine and in Disney films –

Moonship Touchdown

Got a little time to waste on spaceship nostalgia?  Head on over to Starships.com!

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