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Amazing Histories, August 1928: Space Opera Takes Off

Amazing Stories' most collectible issue, featuring the birth of Space Opera and the origin of Anthony 'Buck' Rogers.

Top Post de Julio

June's top posts for our hispanoamerican friends (indeed, any spanish speaking fan)

Buck Rogers: The Way the Future Used to Be

For more than a century the name Buck Rogers has been synonymous with science fiction.


Steve begins a series of columns examining Amazing Stories' first full year of publishing!


In part two of his superhero blog entry, Steve looks at Superman and others.

The Top Ten Best Robots of All Time

This week we take a look at the top ten best robots of all time. The rules are simple. Each robot must have a unique...

The Last of the Star Hawks

Back in the late 1970s, Gil Kane and his collaborators fought the good fight, against more than aliens.

Old Friends, New Attitudes and Other Puzzles

Wilma Deering just said what?

The Movie Serials: All in Black and White for a Dime!

What do Captain America, Buck Rogers, Batman, Flash Gordon, the Green Hornet and Gene Autrey have in common? They've all appeared in serials!

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Two very cool comics websites - one an archive, the other currently featuring an original Buck Rogers adventure.


Retro starships from artist Edward Rowles' website starships.com

A Science Fiction Primer

Media SF - in all of its varieties - is firmly and uncontestably rooted in the literature (whether it acknowledges its sources or not). The problem for the audience of media fare is that the mainstream definition of "sci fi" is overly broad, encompassing bad examples along with the good and offering no inherent means for distinguishing one from the other .

Sword & Planet

Discussions of what is and what is not Sword & Sorcery can be a thorny proposition. On the one hand S&S is largely no...

A Fan’s History, Part 1

I’m going to assume that you are a science fiction reader of some kind, since you’re here at Amazing Stories magazine’s website. Are you...

Ray guns don’t kill people, peop … — oh wait, yes...

Be careful. Be careful, they got ray guns. - Loomis in the Carpenter Street episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, 11/26/2003 In Ray Bradbury’s epic The...

Mouldy Old History

For a number of years I wrote The Crotchety Old Fan blog.  One of my favorite posts to write was finding new and interesting...
The Slan Shack

The Clubhouse: Five words every fan should know

"I have a Cosmic Mind — now what do I do?" Fanspeak is what we call the jargon of fandom that grew up in fanzines...

These Fractured States: An Overview of Balkanized Americas

Adventure and excitement waits for those travelers brave enough to explore Anglo-America… Treasure troves of colonial history await in the eastern aristocracies, but current events...

No. 1 – Philip Francis Nowlan, Buck Rogers, and Military SF.

I’m both stunned and excited by the comeback of Amazing Stories and that I have become a part of this historic process. And it...