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Common Traits of the Elusive Trump Voter

Trump Supporters Aren’t Ignorant.  They’re Evangelically Ignorant

As #MeToo and Women’s Rights Come to the Fore, Lilith Makes a Return

Minister Pens Filk Song – God Save the USA

State Rep Has Cops Called on Her While Canvassing.  (Hint:  she is black)

JAR JAR Actor Came Close to Suicide

The Wages of Online Trolling


Disney Princesses as Scientists

A Dozen Recommended Books for the Summer

John Oliver Dreams of Pig Hitlers

Imperial Walker Repairs

Revolutionary Roundup:  9 SF Revolutions

Amazon Prime has 25 SF and Fantasy Shows for You

Annotated Captain America #1

B&N Releases This Week

Henry Ford Museum in Michigan Features Pulp Science FIction

StarShipSoft Episode 544 – Looking Back at Genre History

David A. Hardy Space Art


July is Pro Se Productions Month

Steve Ditko, Co-Creator of Spiderman, Dead at 90

Heliosphere 2019 is Already Gearing Up

B&N Drops CEO

Law Designed to Curtail Online Sex Work Negatively Affecting Artists and Authors

How To Handle Online Harrassment


New Battery Tech.  Faster.  Cooler.

Baby Planet Birthday Pics

Journalists Mess Up Science Stories (for clickbait)

Earthlight Show

More Fermi Paradox Ponderings

Spider Balloon Using Electrical Fields (or “Flying Electric Spiders!”)

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