Star Trek roundup, Baen Adventure Awards, Deadpool, Rhyslings, Heinlein Society and Cats. Sleeping Cats. Sleeping Cats lying on all manner of genre goodness!

Cats Sleep on SFF: Cone of Shame
Lurkertype sent a medical update: Not sleeping on any, but here’s the long-suffering and over-priced TK, whom Filers rallied around to the tune of about $1300 (Sadly, the tune goes on for several more verses, between $6 and $7K). Thank

Inaugural Leo Awards Announced at Anthrocon
The first annual Leo Awards were presented at Anthrocon 2018 on July 7. The Leo Awards’ goal is to highlight exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom. The juried award is given to those works that surpass a benchmark

2018 Prometheus Award Winners
The Libertarian Futurist Society has announced the 2018 Prometheus Award winners for Best Novel and the Prometheus Hall of Fame – Best Classic Fiction. Best Novel The Powers of the Earth, by Travis Corcoran The Powers of the Earth (Morlock Publishing), the

Pixel Scroll 7/7/18 It’s My Pixel, And I’ll Scroll If I Want To
MODEL RAILROADING. A hobbyist told readers of the ModelTrainForum this layout accessory will be available this fall from Menard’s Model Train Company — (2) ALIEN RETURNS? Website Omega Underground is reporting on a rumor that a series set in the

2018 Westercon Finishes Its Business
Kevin Standlee sent the link to a playlist of videos of today’s Westercon Business Meeting in Denver, along with an abbreviated report of the results: SeaTac, Washington won their uncontested Westercon 73 bid (2020). Proposal to expand Westercon’s coverage to

The Heinlein Society 2018 Scholarship Winners
The Heinlein Society celebrated Robert A. Heinlein’s 111th birthday today by announcing the three winners of its 2018 Scholarship competition. This year the “Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship” is joined by the “Jerry Pournelle Memorial Scholarship” and “Yoji Kondo Memorial Scholarship,”

Star Wars Roundup 7/7/19
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Comedy killed Last Jedi More videos and news items follow the jump. Star Wars animated spoof Skywalker family “Star Wars: 20 Things That Make No Sense About The Skywalker Family” on ScreenRant As beloved and richly

Pixel Scroll 7/6/18 I Picked A Hell Of A Day To Quit Scrolling
CRUSHING IT. We may have missed the anniversary of Jaws’ release (June 20) but Narragansett Beer will still sell you the gear. (2) ELVISH INVENTIVENESS. Middle-earth Reflections celebrates its second birthday with a recollection of “Fëanor the skilful.” (Yes,

2018 British Fantasy Awards Shortlist
Following two rounds of nomination and voting by members of the British Fantasy Society and FantasyCon, the British Fantasy Awards has reached its jury stage. The 2018 shortlisted entrants are: Best Anthology 2084, ed. George Sandison (Unsung Stories) Dark Satanic

Pixel Scroll 7/5/18 Trigger Scrollfile – Pixelman
AVENGERS REASSEMBLE. The Society of Illustrators in New York will display “The Art of The Avengers and Other Heroes” from July 5 through October 20. The Museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators is pleased to present an

2018 ENnie Award Nominations
The 2018 ENnie Award Nominations are out. The annual awards are given for RPG products, RPG games, RPG accessories, and RPG related items. This year the judges considered a record 514 submissions from 251 publishers and creators. Among the finalists

Visiting Middle-earth
By Robin Anne Reid: Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth This exhibition will run from June 1-October 28, 2018. The tickets are free although booking ahead is probably a good idea! If possible, I’d encourage booking two times because I wish we

Pixel Scroll 7/4/18 We Read About Dinos And We Read About Space At Ten-Thousand Words A Go
THUMB ON THE SCALES. The Fourth of July was the day Vicksburg fell and the day after the South lost the Battle of Gettysburg. On our timeline, anyway. The war had a different outcome at Dinosaur Kingdom II —

2019 Westercon Names Gaming GoH
Westercon 72, to be held in Utah in 2019, has announced its Gaming Guest of Honor will be The GM Tim Mottishaw. Professional Game Master (GM), author and podcaster Tim M., aka The GM Tim, hails from Vancouver, British Columbia,

2018 Rhysling Awards
Mary Soon Lee and Neil Gaiman are the winners of the 2018 Rhysling Awards presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA). The winners were chosen by SFPA members, with 140 votes cast in the short poem category,

Deadpool Roundup
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: 600 Deadpool 2 Easter eggs More videos follow the jump. Deadpool 2 breakdown Deadpool plot holes Deadpool 2: best and worst What Marvel wants you to forget about Deadpool Deadpool 2: A 2 hour Logan joke?

Pixel Scroll 7/3/18 Too Bad I Don’t Have A Scrollographic Memory
THE PRICE OF LIBERTY. It isn’t cheap — Gizmodo has the story: “USPS Ordered to Pay $3.5 Million After Putting Artist’s Weird ‘Sexier’ Lady Liberty on Stamps”. The USPS put a Getty Images photo of artist Robert S. Davidson’s

2018 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalists
Baen Books has notified the finalists in the fifth annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award. “Spun of Salt and Stone” by Deborah L. Davitt “The Lady of Pain” by Steve DuBois “Deny the World with a Thought” by Benjamin Scott Farthing

Pixel Scroll 7/2/18 Bring Me The Pixel Of Scroll Charming!
KLAATU BARADA UFO. The Independent celebrates World UFO Day with a roll-call of alien encounter films: “World UFO Day 2018: Top 10 alien encounter B-movies from the golden age of schlock sci-fi”. World UFO Day is being observed around the

Cats Sleep on SFF: Doctor’s Orders by Diane Duane
Robin Reid brings us — The second of our three SJW credentials on sf! (Same bed, different cat). We won’t be able to get the third who is semi-feral because the only image we’d be likely to get of her

Montaigne again
By John Hertz: The other day I brought you something by Montaigne. Here’s another one (Essays, Bk. III ch. 13 “On experience”; Screech tr. 2003). Truth itself is not privileged to be used all the time and in all circumstances:

Star Trek Roundup 7/2/18
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Generations movie documentary More videos after the jump. Undiscovered Country documentary Final Frontier documentary Voyager documentary Section 31 primer Patrick Stewart: First among equals Marina Sirtis offers some insight into the difference between Patrick Stewart and

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