Doc Savage

Am I Blue?

Monochromatic painting has been part of the avante garde since the end of the 19th century, but science fiction and fantasy artists use monochromatic painting techniques to a great effect.

Book Review: Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin by Philip José Farm

Lord of the Trees by Philip José Farmer Titan Books – Reprint 2012 ISBN-13: 978-1781162934 (Trade paperback) The Mad Goblin by Philip José Farmer Titan Books – Reprint 2013 ISBN-13: 978-1781162996 (Trade paperback)   Titan Books has reprinted, with extra “historical” material, two of Philip José Farmer’s classic short novels: Lord of the Trees and […]


P.J. Farmer, Grand Master Award winner in 2000, launched a popular string of novels and essays postulating that a meteorite that landed in Wold Newton, England, in 1795 radiated a band of nearby travelers, whose mutated genes formed the basis for the birth of all the heroes and villains who populated the pages, film, and […]

Three Doc Savage Movies

Rumor has it that Shane Black is writing a script for a Doc Savage movie that may come out in 2015. It has a good chance of introducing the greatest of pulp action heroes to a new generation of fans who, whether they know it or not, have already seen Doc Savage at work in […]

Amazing News Weekly – 6/23

NEW CONTEST! WIN A COPY OF HAUNTINGS, edited by ELLEN DATLOW Amazing Stories is giving away one copy of Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow via a random drawing on July 1, 2013. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing. Please note that only registered members […]

Conventional Wisdom

Any hobby worth its weight in storage space should have a convention. For example, comic book fans have gathered famously during the years in ever-larger facilities with agendas that have expanded to multi-media-focused events with cosplay and Hollywood slants, with the comics taking a back seat. SF and fantasy fans have gotten together for decades […]

Great Science Fiction Artists – James Bama

James Bama single-handedly introduced the entire world to Doc Savage (he and his editors at Bantam Books and art director Len Leone). Doc Savage, as most of you know, was the greatest of the pulp heroes of the 1930s who eventually faded away after World War Two (along with the other great pulp heroes, The […]

Have Literary Luddites Taken Over SFF Fandom?!

For the past year, I’ve been doing the indie thing- writing and self-publishing my own novels on Amazon, B&N, etc. During that time I’ve learned quite a lot and have come to the conclusion that SFF fans are luddites when it comes to the literary scene. I don’t base this on my own pitiful sales. […]

Open Source Horror: The Slender Man

In his terrific monograph, H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life, French novelist Michel Houellebecq proposes that Lovecraft differs from virtually all fiction writers before and after him because his work constitutes a founding mythology. Houellebecq is referring to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, which he created and developed, and then—in a move practically unthinkable in […]

Book Review: Skull Island, by Will Murray

This is going to be a first for me- I’m going to review a book BEFORE I finish it. Hold on! You might be thinking. How can I pass judgement on a book without finishing it? Well, I don’t have to eat a steak in its entirety to know if I like it. Nor do […]

From the In Box

UPDATE:  See below for a new release from Eric Brown Frank R Paul interior art for sale The Man of Bronze is Back Lightspeed’s latest issue The Serene Invasion Frank Wu sent along a note to let us know that newly identified interior artwork by Frank R. Paul is up for sale on Ebay. The […]


Talk Somewhere around the mid-1980s, science fiction novels (less so short fiction) became filled with talk. I think this has to do with the appearance of word processing, but it also has something to do with the perceived desire of the reading public by publishers for longer, thicker novels–more for your money and all that. […]