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Amazing Stories is giving away one copy of Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow via a random drawing on July 1, 2013. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing.

Please note that only registered members of the Amazing Stories website are eligible to enter the drawing since you must be a member to leave a comment, but the good news is that joining is free and easy!

Contest Rules:

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  • All entries must be date stamped by midnight on June 30, 2013.
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  • The contest is open world-wide

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Read Erin Underwood’s review tomorrow (Monday 6/24) on AmazIng Stories


Wolf End World cover small

Win a Signed Copy of Douglas Smith’s new novel THE WOLF AT THE END OF THE WORLD.  





sorcerer-geoffrey-james-book-coverSORCERER: A Novel of Queen Elizabeth’s Alchemist, by Geoffrey James





4_S164_Family_©NASAPat Rawlings IAAA Gallery







TRAVELS OF DANGER IN THE YUCATAN: A Mayan Time Travel Odyssey, by Hunter Liguore



Wolf-End-World-cover-small-300x214The Wolf at the End of the World, by Douglas Smith



IAAA Galleries:

slideshow_gallery_lunarexplorationDan Durda




moonbase-watermarkedDavid A. Hardy





outcastChristopher G. Nuttall’s The Empire’s Corps series – free samples!

In the universe of The Empire’s Corps, humanity has established a massive empire that stretches over a third of the galaxy. Humans are alone in the universe, but there are many different kinds of human; baseline humans, genetically-engineered humans, cyborg humans, all part of the Empire or living on the margins. The Empire, which has been in existence for over three thousand years (following its unification of the human race by force), is dying, a victim of its own success. And its leadership are unwilling to take the steps necessary to deal with the crisis before it overwhelms them.

By the time of the series, it is already too late to save the Empire.

One group of Terran Marines is sent out to battle insurgents on a world called Avalon, where they are effectively abandoned as the final collapse begins. The Empire’s Corps, No Worse Enemy and Semper Fi follows their adventures as they struggle to defeat the insurgents, face pirates scavenging in the ruins of empire and face another successor state rising from the ruins to cast a baleful light over the galaxy.

When The Bough Breaks goes back to Earth and charts the final collapse of the planetary government and the end of Empire, despite all the heroes can do to prevent it.

The Outcast (newly released) focuses on a trader struggling to survive as interstellar trade slowly grinds to a halt, threatening to bring down galactic civilisation once and for all.

It is my intention to have the even-numbered books following the Marines on Avalon and odd-numbered books exploring different aspects of the universe. (Suggestions welcome.) I feel that the stand-alone books add depth to the series, instead of just focusing on the Marines (although When The Bough Breaks also features Marines, if on Earth rather than Avalon).

The series has its own page on my site where you can download samples (10+ chapters) of each book for free. And the Kindle books are DRM-free!

All welcome!


Future WorldsThe Light Dreams – Future Worlds is the new album from Sheffield-based artist Alex Storer (AKA The Light Dreams), who has been independently composing instrumental electronic music since 2006.

Future Worlds is Alex’s first album as ‘Honorary Interstellar Musician’ for the recently established Institute for Interstellar Studies™ (, and takes inspiration from classic science fiction masterworks, with each track depicting a different future scenario. These range from the effects of climate change and mankind’s drain on the Earth to deep space exploration and interplanetary colonization. Future Worlds fuses classic and contemporary synth sounds with thunderous orchestral elements, forming a vast and atmospheric soundscape.

Alex also describes Future Worlds as paying homage to the inspirational and ambitious visions of the future, as depicted in the various album sleeves, SF paperback covers and space art of the 1970s – reflected his own artwork which features as the album cover.

In a specially written introduction to the album, renowned British Space Artist David A. Hardy says, “I find that it creates just the right atmosphere to complement space art, whether it is a quiet, idyllic landscape or a scene of cosmic violence… In Future Worlds you will find many such moods, and this album rewards frequent returns, as you will find something new with each listen.”

Future Worlds was released on 18th March via Machine Beat, on popular digital platforms including Amazon MP3 and iTunes. A special edition version is also available on Bandcamp, which includes two exclusive bonus tracks and illustrated PDF booklet (full album download only).

Contact: ">


“Level 17” A John deCaux Web-series

A college student struggles to understand his destiny when time begins folding in on itself. The only way he can save his girl – is to save the world.

Smart, savvy and unpredictable, Ethan is a college student who struggles to understand his destiny when time begins folding in on itself. According to the mysterious arrival of Professor Anderson,
the only way Ethan can save his gorgeous girlfriend Danielle is to save the world by any means necessary.

Professional, emerging, amateur and student independent South Australian filmmakers have combined their talents to produce the digital web series “Level 17”.

Part of our culture is interest in science fiction, fantasy and action based adventures with Level 17 promising to meet those needs in a fresh, new innovative web-series. With a confirmed YouTube partnership, the web series will be launched on July the 17th to satisfy an already large following based on the successful “likes” count on the internet such as Facebook.

The production has brought together very talented South Australian individuals that are on the way to establishing themselves in their chosen careers.

’Level 17’ is an all-new sci-fi, action based web series that relied on Indie Film makers and volunteers to create.

Previously having worked before on ‘Almost There’, a feature film nominated for “Best Feature” in 2011 and 2013, the team of John deCaux (Director) and Adam M. Carter (Producer) have gathered together some of the finest Indie film makers and volunteers to create the all-new sci-fi action based web-series filming just under a week.

Although the production team worked well together with the help of sponsors such as The Adelaide City Council, the post production team have been working around the clock creating special effects including amazing CGI sequences that will hit audiences in the face. The amazing Alien characters were carefully constructed under the direction of John deCaux along with Jack French, the Special Effects Supervisor.

Keep updated with the latest news, production stills by following the Level 17 Facebook page and Youtube channel:

DIRECTED BY John de Caux
PRODUCED BY Adam M. Carter
WRITTEN BY John de Caux

ETHAN – Hjálmar Svenna
DANIELLE – Melissa Martins
DEIDRE – Kerry-Anne James
ROB – Patrick Clements
‘CRAZY’ LADY – Ali Stokes
LEAD SOLDIER – Jhon Bedoya
SOLDIER A – Joshua Battersby
SOLDIER B – Alex Palazov
SOLDIER C – Nathan Porteus
SOLDIER D – Jonathan Richards
SOLDIER E – Jordan Rinaldi
SOLDIER F – Tim Smith
ETHAN’s HAND – Jordan Rinaldi


Ford Street’s latest book, Gamers’ Rebellion by George Ivanoff. It’s the third title in the Gamers trilogy. Below are two links that will tell you more about the book. I hope you enjoy it: and

One other thing: If you’re a literacy coordinator or librarian, have you organised an author/illustrator for Book Week? We represent over 100 authors and illustrators including Isobelle Carmody, Leigh Hobbs, Phil Kettle, Justin D’Ath and Maureen McCarthy. We don’t charge a booking fee — we see this service as good publicity. Feel free to take a look at our speakers’ agency, Creative Net:

And if you’re not a literacy coordinator or librarian, please feel free to pass on the above information to anyone who might be interested 🙂


Gollancz Geeks book is something a little bit different. Published by our sister imprint IndigoShadow and Bone  is compelling, sweeping and epic– a perfect YA fantasy crossover. But don’t just take our word for it . . .

‘Mesmerizing . . . Bardugo’s setup is shiver-inducing, of the delicious variety. This is what fantasy is for.’ – Laini Taylor in The New York Times Book Review
‘A heady blend of fantasy, romance and adventure.’ – Rick Riordan
‘The Hunger Games meets Potter meets Twilight meets Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones; basically epic magical fantasy but completely for grown-ups.’ – Stylist Magazine
As you can see from the photo of our lovely marketing intern, Becca, has been completely captivated by Shadow and Bone.

What is it about Shadow and Bone that has everyone talking?
Could it be Alina a lonely orphan who has a hidden power that could be the key to saving her kingdom? Or the Darkling a seductive and powerful  creature with plans for Alina? Or Mal, Alina’s the childhood best friend she can’t quite forget? Shadow and Bone has irresistible characters and tells and unforgettable story. Don’t believe us? We’ve got an epic trailer to share with you! Click on the still below to watch the Shadow and Bone trailer.

You’ve heard what the critics have to say, seen our trailer and the photographic evidence of Shadow and Bone’s sway over Gollancz Towers, now we want to hear what you have to say. We have 30 copies of Shadow and Bone to give away to the first 30 lucky Geeks to reply to this email.

We will send t-shirts, bookmarks and badges to everyone who sends back a review by 30th July 2013 to say thank you for helping us out. We reserve the right to publish your review on the Gollancz blog, but if you’d rather not go public then do let us know in your return email.

If you’d no longer like to be on Team Gollancz Geeks, simply reply to this email letting us know and we will remove you from the list.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this book!



The Spider, Volume 13
Pulp fiction’s Master of Men returns in two thrilling and horrific stories from 1938 and 1943. First, emerging from Manhattan’s subways is an army of albino killers, attacking, sacking, and slaying all that cross their path. Neither bullets nor cold steel have any effect on the seemingly invulnerable horde, so debonair man about town Richard Wentworth, alias The Spider, decides to take on the murderous scourge in “The Grey Horde Creeps” (1938). Then, where better to recruit a band of heartless killers than from the ranks of condemned murders? Only the most ruthless henchmen are chosen to wield the power of “The Howling Death” (1943), a terrible secret that makes its victims scream out their lives like dogs gone mad! These two exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading and feature both of the original full color covers as well as interior illustrations that accompany each story. On sale for $12.95, save $2.00



The Shadow, Volume 73
The Knight of Darkness proves that crime does not pay in two pulp classics by Walter B. Gibson writing as “Maxwell Grant.” First, The Shadow follows a trail of murder to retrieve the priceless rubies known as “The Seven Drops of Blood.” Then, to prove the innocence of a man accused of an impossible crime, the Dark Avenger must uncover the strange secret behind “Death from Nowhere.” BONUS: The Whisperer brings true sight to “The Eye of Zion” in a thriller by Alan Hathway writing as “Clifford Goodrich.” This instant collector’s item features the classic color pulp covers by Graves Gladney and George Rozen, the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Edd Cartier, and commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray. $14.95.




The Avenger, Volume 10

The pulps’ original “Man of Steel” returns in three action-packed pulp thrillers by Paul Ernst and Emile Tepperman writing as “Kenneth Robeson.” First, smuggled“Pictures of Death” are only the sinister prelude to deadly sabotage and mass destruction. Then, Justice Inc. hunts for the antidote to a deadly malady that transforms men into apelike monstrosities in “The Green Killer.” Will the cure bring death to The Avenger? PLUS “Calling Justice Inc.,” a bonus Avenger thriller by Spider-scribe Emile Tepperman! This classic pulp reprint showcases the classic color pulp covers by Lenosci and William Timmons, Paul Orban’s interior illustrations and commentary by pulp historian Will Murray. $14.95.




Doc Savage, Volume 67

The Man of Bronze and his daredevil cousin Pat Savage return in two classic pulp novels by Lester Dent and William Bogart writing as “Kenneth Robeson.” First, Doc Savage is accused of serial murders and jailed. Can Pat and Doc’s aides help unearth the strange secret of “The Invisible-Box Murders” and prove the Man of Bronze’s innocence? Then, Doc journeys to Honolulu after a strange letter makes Pat’s friend, Sally Trent, a “Target for Death.” BONUS: “The Hang String,” a rare 1933 tale by Lester Dent from the back pages of The Shadow Magazine. This double-novel collector’s edition leads off with a classic color cover by Emery Clarke, and showcases all of Paul Orban’s original interior illustrations and new historical commentary by Will Murray, writer of eleven Doc Savage novels. $14.95.



Featured Girasol Replica: The Spider #64 January 1939 [Pulp Replica]

This is an authentic replica of an original pulp magazine published by Girasol Collectables. This edition is designed to give the reader an authentic taste of what a typical pulp magazine was like when it was first issued – but without the frailty or expense of trying to find a decades-old collectable to enjoy. The outer covers, the interior pages, and the advertisements are reprinted just as they appeared in the original magazine, left intact to give the reader the true feel of the original as well as an appreciation for the way in which these publications were first offered to their avid readers. To further enhance the “pulp experience”, this edition is printed on off-white bond paper intended to simulate the original look while, at the same time, assuring that this edition will last far longer than the original upon which it is based. The overall construction and appearance of this reprint is designed to be as faithful to the original magazine as is reasonably possible, given the unavoidable changes in production methods and materials. $35.00.


Islam & SF:  Early Utopias
New Elysium Trailer
Smithsonian Channel:  Star Trek:  The Real Story
Daniel M. Kimmel Reviews The Forbin Project
Stranger Than Fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson Edition
 Proto SF from the islamic World
Exploring Tomorrow – Inferiority Episode


planetary resourcesMany of you have just crowdfunded a space telescope, bringing space within reach for everyone!  You know who you are – THANK YOU!!!  We passed our $1M campaign funding goal today and are now on the way to our $2M stretch goal of searching for Alien Planets.  Help us get there.

We passed 11,000 backers while I was live on-air with Leo at / Triangulation, and thanks to The Oatmeal’s pledge and fan support, we’re accelerating towards an exciting final 10 days of the campaign!

Time is running out to join the community that is democratizing space exploration and sharing it with the world.  Make your pledge!  This is only the start of something REALLY BIG.

There’s a ton of new stuff over on our Kickstarter page, including live events next week with Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), Seth Green and Hank Green, Richard Garriott (Lord British) and Jon Mavor (Planetary Annihilation), add-on pledge levels, new stretch goals, and our main Kickstarter video translated into more than a dozen languages, including Klingon.

Check out the full update here!

-Chris Lewicki

President & Chief Asteroid Miner
Planetary Resources

New 3D Brain Atlas
SF Writers Predict the Future


Unused Star Wars Poster
New Canadian Fanzine Archive
Frederic Brown writes a SERIOUS Novel
CONTEST:  Help Finish Roger Ebert’s SF Story The Thinking Molecules of TITAN!
Jo Walton on Eight Books From the Last Decade That Make Me Excited About SF
Gene Roddenberry, James Doohan, others Final Resting Place in Space
Villafranca To Make 2013 Hugo Bases
Why the West Loves SciFi and Fantasy:  A Cultural Explanation
Did Orwell Get it Right?


SFWA Letter to Members on Board Activity
2013 SF Poetry Contest (SFPA)
FTC to Address Frivolous Patent Lawsuits

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