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Steve returns with two reviews: a film and a TV pilot. The film's a good one; the pilot not so much. See what you think!

WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER “HEROES”—or do we? “POWERS” debuts!      

Taking a break from his Personal Time Machine, Steve looks at the first episode of Playstation Network's first original series, "POWERS."

Social Media In Fiction and The Rebirth of Cyberpunk

Alternate economies, cyberpunk and world-building the future.

Poor Execution Leads Elysium to its Death

One of my first annoyances was that the entire film seemed like Mass Effect fan fiction. From Elysium and the robots, to the soldier's exoskeletons and even the font-type used on the space station, it seemed like a Bioware rip-off.

It’s All My Fault – An Apology

Another summer of cinematic wilderness is drawing to a close and I owe you all a big apology. Why? Because I am responsible for the terrible state of mainstream American cinema today.

Noticias y estrenos 13-8

Número 2 de la Revista del Portal CienciayFiccion Se anuncia la publicación del segundo número de la revista semestral digital gratuíta del Portal Cienciayficción,  dedicada...

Amazing News Weekly – 6/23

NEW CONTEST! WIN A COPY OF HAUNTINGS, edited by ELLEN DATLOW Amazing Stories is giving away one copy of Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow via a random drawing on...

My top 10 SF and fantasy picks for the big-screen treatment

Science fiction and fantasy are taking over the realm of the Hollywood summer blockbuster, no question about it. Marvel Studios is gearing up to...