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Steve rounds out his MosCon Revival (MosCon “40”) report with a few photos and a very small amount of text. Isn’t a picture worth a bunch o’ words?

MOSCON 40 (Part 1)!

Forty years ago, Steve (with more than A Little Help From His Friends) created MosCon. And It Was Good. But like the Living Dead, MosCon Returned! Is it Still Good? Read and find out! (Hint: You betcha!)

THE DEVIL YOU SAY! Reviews and Comments

This week Steve looks at a Hellacious TV series, all about the Devil in Los Angeles, then jumps back and looks at Modesty Blaise in graphic format. Take a peek!

COLUMN 21 Redux: NaNoWriMo IS HERE! AGAIN! (Wha?)

Steve takes us "Back to the Future"... er, "Back to the Past" again with another recycled column. This week, it's all about his writing and NaNoWriMo. If you don't know what that is, you should probably read this.


A lot of old ('50s and early '60s) SF was written by women under masculine or masculine-sounding names. One of the best was Andre Norton. Join Steve in a look at this terrific action/adventure SF like they "just don't write anymore!"

Noticias Literatura 21-9

Announcements about a steampunk and science fiction conventions, as well as an interview with Juan Manuel Sánchez Villoldo, author of Las Guerras del Código.


Steve gets all excited over a shared-universe anthology series. And tells you where to get FREE SF!

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 6

Who better to recommend a summer SF read than the authors themselves!

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on “Jael”

A conference on alien contact inspires a change in careers

The Changing Face of Science Fiction Part 2

What has changed in Science Fiction? The best authors in the genre answer that very question.

The Secret of Writing Great Science Fiction Part 2

Writing advice from a stellar line up" David Brin, Gary K. Wolfe, Michael Moorcock, C.J. Cherryh, Ursula Le Guin, Neil Clarke and Michael Swanwick!

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 5

Somehow our first taste of fiction always seems to hold a special place in our minds and hearts even after we’ve read hundreds of new stories. Another installment of the ultimate science fiction reading list from some of our favorite authors and editors.

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 4

A few recommendations from some of the greatest minds in the industry of what you should be reading.

C.J. CHERRY, o la aventura permanente

Laura delivers a nice roundup of the career and influences of one of our best - C. J. Cherryh

Interview with Award-Winning Author C. J. Cherryh

Interview with C. J. Cherryh about her writing, universes, and inspiration.

NaNoWriMoVember — What the Heck Is It?

Anyway, I thought maybe some of you might be interested in the process of writing a 50,000 word novel in the span of 30 days
Top Secret

Crossroads: I Spy, with My Little Eye…Espionage in Speculative Fiction

Hello and welcome to August! I was away for much of July on a "blogging vacation", and I very much missed you and our...

Popular Posts 6/1-6/8 2013

Have Literary Luddites Taken Over SFF Fandom?! Sexism and the SFWA Girl, You’re In the Army Now Crossroads: The Difficulty of Police Procedural Speculative Fiction No. 18 –...

Finding Women in Science Fiction

Where are all of the women writers in Science Fiction? Some are among us and we don’t even know it.