AMAZING NEWS: 11/19/23

Hamas’s attack on Israel on 10/7 followed by Israel’s on-going response has engendered a lot of discussion among Fans who are generally “liberal” in their political expressions; Fandom also has a long history of Jews being involved and welcomed, so multiple responses and positions are understandable.  Here’s one take – young college students, marching in protest against Israel, completely unaware of Hamas’ original attacks. 

For WHOvians – lost episodes found!  Problem is, they were acquired under questionable circumstances (removing tapes from BBC trashbins) and the holders are reluctant to give them up.

Kevin Standlee announces that “The WSFS Constitution and Standing Rules are now updated. The Minutes, Business Passed On, and Resolutions and Rulings of Continuing Effect are still in preparation.”

Jeffrey Bays, writer and producer of the SiriusXM radio play Not From Space announces the 20th anniversary edition of this comedic take on human greed.  Identified as “the first radio program of its kind where voice actors exchanged their recorded lines remotely via the Internet rather than on-site in a traditional studio.”, when originally released in 2003, you can find it here.

Cedar Sanderson offers up this artistic homage to the space-traveling tool bag.

Nnedi Okorafor details her take on AI usage in creative fields.

Elephants have names!  Study reveals that elephants have distinctive calls for individuals within their families.  (Makes me wonder what they call humans.)

WEBB has spotted a galaxy that is the closest analogue to our own Milky Way.

Drones for Peace:  Unique aerial display of 1,000 drones emulating bird flock murmuration

Alex Shvartsman announces his appearance on Scott Edelman’s Eating the Fantastic

Monday, Monday! MONDAY!  Catch a glimpse of Uranus in the night sky

Speaking of toolbags in decaying orbits, C.J. Cherryh offers tips on how to spot one

Regina Kanyu Wang announces the release of The Routledge Handbook of CoFuturisms – “A 716 page volume with 60 essays from all over the world. 500,000 words. It took the editorial team 4 years to put this work together.”

Even More:  The Continuing Adventures of the Lost Tool Bag – video

Maurizio Manzieri  revels his cover illustration for The Year’s Best Science Fiction On Earth

Michael Walsh shares this visual pun of a Millennial Falcon

AI is becoming ubiquitous:  an AI operated lifeboat

NSFW:  A special science fiction issue of Swank “men’s” magazine, featuring an interview with Harlan Ellison.

Michael Bishop 1945 – 2023

Review finds that China operates the largest online disinformation campaign against Americans

Petrea Mitchell of the SMOF Newsletter covers “chaos” at Ohaycon, a long-running anime convention.  You can subscribe to SMOF News Here

AI used to generate antisemitic attacks

Lou J. Berger shares a sneak peek of his novel The Walking Man

WAPO Announces its list of The Top Ten Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels of 2023

Bruce Richard Gillespie laments the unpublicized fate of the Patrick White Award, awarded for a writer who has contributed to Australian literature, but received inadequate recognition.

Explainer:  Israel-Palestine

Stellar “Corpse” reveals previously unseen phenom

Jumbo Jet lands in antarctica

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