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Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffitt, who created the BBC’s “Sherlock,” take on Dracula with the help of Netflix. Is it good? Well, yes and no. Read the review but BEWARE OF SPOILERS!


Steve's second Halloween column this month, in which he tries to do teeny-tiny reviews of 27 movies. Let us know if he succeeds or falls flat on his face.

‘From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker’: the Star Wars novelization 40...

How does the novelization of Star Wars hold up 40 years after its release?


This week, Steve travels back to Ancient Egypt with Boris Karloff as "The Mummy." No CGI, but scarier than Brendan Fraser's "Mummy"!

MOVIE REVIEW: NOSFERATU (1922), Copyright? What copyright? 

Steve travels back to 1922 to look at the first vampire movie, Nosferatu, and its influence on modern vampire movies.

MOVIE REVIEW: FRANKENSTEIN (1931), Just in time for Halloween!

For Halloween, Steve looks at one of the oldest, and perhaps the best-known "monster movie" of them all, James Whale's "Frankenstein," starring Boris Karloff.

The Truth About Zombies

Zombies are no longer confined to the sandbox known as horror. They have found their way into science fiction and fantasy.

Interview: Electric Cinema – Andrew David Barker

The Electric is a ghost story steeped in the love of movies, with shades of vintage Bradbury and King. It is quiet an achievement.

Top Ten Science Fiction Movie Sidekicks

Who are your favorite SF movie sidekicks? RK has quite a list for you to ponder....

Ed Wood Jr.’s Legacy of Advice to Budding Starlets Who Love...

Haven’t you ever wondered what Ed Wood himself thought of his career, ever wondered what advice, based on somewhat realizing his lifelong dream, based on the sum total of his experience, he would have given to filmmakers starting out as he once did?

A Bloody Mashup: A Review of Kim Newman’s “Anno Dracula”

A journey down Lugosi lane: a documentary on the famous Dracula star leads to the discovery of Kim Newman's mashup - Anno Dracula.

The Predatory Gentleman: Manners and The Gift of Fear in Universal’s...

Predators hide in plain site, leveraging the social rules of their environment to help them identify, isolate, and manipulate their prey.

Ed Wood’s Paper Hubcap Space Fleet, or: The Truth Behind the...

R. G. Cameron turns in a stunning forensic history report challenging what we all thought we knew about Plan Nine From Outer Space