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Past Popular Posts

Open Source Horror: The Slender Man
Bloc Voting The Hugo Awards – Death Of A Thousand Cuts
Where the Space Pirates Are by John M. Whalen
AMAZING News: 2014 Hugo Awards Double Edition Featuring 2014 Hugo Awards and 1939 Retro Hugo Awards
Review – Noir, edited by Ian Whates
The Conjuring (2013)
Magazine Review – Mythic Delirium – A Transition
ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S JUVENILES: Are they still good? (Part Two of Three)
The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 5
Frank R. Paul – Amazing Stories’ Amazing Illustrator
The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 4
Pick Your Favorite Paul Poll
Dear Publishers, listen to authors and put reader’s first
La saga donde la lucha de polaridades es permanente: Luznar y la Sombra de los Espejos
19th Annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon Day 3 Review; Hollywood Theater, Portland, Or.
Fiction In Amazing Stories Today: Ricky L. Brown’s Heavenly Horizon
Interview: David Langford and John Clute on The SF Encylopedia
Asni’s Art Blog: Mother of Waters
Individualism, Atheism, and the Search for God in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
Scide Splitters: The AAA Ace stories of Robert Sheckley
Innovations in Book Translations
Deconstructing Horror: Haunted Houses
The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Phil Shaffer
Books That Never Were – Farewell Atlantis
Editorial: The End of the Beginning
Finity by Felicity Savage
Heavenly Horizon by Ricky L. Brown
Review – The Moon King by Neil Williamson
An Introduction to the Empire’s Corps
Characters: Clare of Claymore
Everybody Loves A Diagram, or: The Tucker Hotel – A Classic Fannish Legend
The Language of Scandal: Why Do Speculative Fiction Writers Love Disgusting Scatological Insults?
The Artful Collector: On Living (and Dying) with “Knick-knacks”
The Big Bang Theory Recap
TV Review: Salem
There’s Something About Night Vale
Review: An Ape about the House by Arthur C. Clarke
ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S JUVENILES: Are they still good? (Part One)
Interview with Award-Winning Author Lois McMaster Bujold
Expectations of Living in a Science Fiction World
Lightning War by Duncan Long
Top Ten Best Science Fiction Movie Villains of All Time
Review – Mr Nobody (the best film you’ve never heard of)
Recap: “Mukozuke,” Hannibal, Season 2, Episode 5

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