A Post-Apocalyptic Christmas

Felicity Savage recommends some SFF classics for your reading pleasure on Christmas.


It’s Christmas in Japan!

Ain’t it purdy? I made it myself with a little help from Baby. Who needs a Norway spruce when you’ve got green construction paper, tinsel, and glue?

In fifty years (or twenty), we may not have Christmas anymore because we’ll all have uploaded ourselves into the cloud, where no one can hear you singing “Noel, Noel.” Or maybe we’ll be carving seals instead of turkeys on our respective ice floes, or sweating too hard in the desalination plants to even notice that another year has gone by.

But for now, my friends, we’ve got Christmas. I hope you’re enjoying yours. I know I’m enjoying mine. When the presents are opened, the roast duck is gnawed to the bones, and Baby is tucked up in bed, I’ll be over here sprawled on the hot carpet… reading.

A few post-apocalyptic recommendations for your holiday SFF binge!

Breakers, Last Policeman, The Remaining







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