AMAZING News 11-17-13


Philippine Fandom Fund Raiser
Speculative Fiction Authors & Health Care
Ender’s Game Movie Sequel(s) Not Likely, Book Sequels Certainly Are 
Holdfast Magazine Debut: Speculating About Speculative Women
Thanks To Magical Thinking, We’re All Potentially Sicker


TangentOnline OTR: The Undecided Molecule featuring Groucho Marx, Vincent Price & More
Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers “Most Misunderstood Film Of All Time”
The Future of Marvel Television (Interview)
Horror Movie CGI (Or How to make tens of thousands of non-existent extras look like ants)
Identification Friend or Foe:  Starship Image Quiz
Periodic Table of Story Telling (via SF Signal
GRRM Interview Down Under
Airship 27 Illo Sneak Peek
Netflix Must Sees


DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) Nominations Open
NOVA Award Winners
Paul McCartney, Science Fiction Author (“Too Many People….”) 
Endeavour Award Winner Announced
ISFiC Winner Announced
Frank L Baum (Oz) Inducted Into Hall of Fame
Mars Attacks Game Earns More Than Half-a-Million in Kickstarter
Bill Patterson’s RAH Volume II One Step Closer
Mmmmmm, Could Be….Bad or Good:  Copyright Changes
The Spanish Comic Book Revival
More Book Re-Invention


New!  Electric Bicycles For Everyone!
Big Things (The Biggest!) Hiding In the Cosmos (via SF Signal)
Spectacular Inner Solar System Portrait From JPL (Follow the link for a larger version)


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