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Research Was My Key to Writing the Fight Scenes

It's a knife fight in the world of science fiction romance!

UCSC Living Writers Series Lineup

UC Santa Cruz announces its reading and lecture lineup

I Had One Writing Ritual and I Gave It Up

Writing rituals - when to use them and when to give them up

How Do I Decide What To Write Next?

As a freelancer, choosing what to write next can be an interesting decision

FOR WRITERS: Share Your FB Page

Here's one easy way to build your audience

The Power of the Written Word.

"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it...

On Ecology, Women and Science Fiction: Part 1, Gnosis

Science fiction author and limnologist Nina Monteanu writes about changes in the genre, which she sees as changes in the way individuals interact with each other and the natural world.


If you'd love to sell your new book to one of the big SF print publishers, Steve--with a little help from his friends--tells you how to start!

We All Start From the Same Place

MIchael explains how marketing your book is like a Presidential hopeful going to the down dump to drum up support.

Sapper: A New Literary Movement & Manifesto

I don't know why, but whenever I hear the word "manifesto", I'm always reminded of Italian food.  "Do you want grated parmesan on your...

AMAZING PEOPLE: Douglas Smith Announces Playing the Short Game

"Short story writers have needed a book like this for decades. ... It's spectacular." - Kristine Kathryn Rusch, author of The Business Rusch

Publishers don’t create books…authors do.

No matter what happens between Amazon and Hachette, literature will still exist.

Why We Need to Write

Follow your bliss! Nina inspires us

Things Change and Yet Remarkably Remain the Same

One book does not a writing career make. Advice on considering a writing career from an author who walks the walk and talks the talk.


Editors. You can't please all of them all of the time, but maybe you can please some of them, some of the time.

Four Months In–Trying to Keep the words flowing in 2014

John reveals the every day struggles of the writer and catches up on his New Year's resolutions.

Una mujer-lobo embarazada: ejercicio de verosimilitud


How Are You Telling Your Story?…Part 1: Viewpoint

Nina gives great writing advice. More importantly, she 'shows' rather than 'tells'. Her latest concerns authorial viewpoints: how do you look at your story?

AMAZING News 3/9/14

All the news that doesn't fit is blastered into nothingness...

Five Ways To Improve Your Fiction Writing

Nina gets back to basics with five fundamental elements of writing that every writer should constantly work on improving.

Surfing The Hybrid Wave of Publishing

Publishing is changing in big ways. Nina offers advice on how to hang ten while surfing that wave to success!

Launch Pad now Open for Applications

A long running astronomy workshop for writers (presented by astronomers who are writers) has opened its doors to applications for a new session. Sign up now!

A Year With Amazing Stories: My Anime Blogiversary!

Morgana Santilli reflects on a year of posts and blogging. Happy Blogiversary!

The Neo-Pulp Electronic Revolution

There’s been something going on in the publishing business the last several years, and it’s nothing less than what I’ve been calling a Neo-Pulp Electronic Revolution.

Self-publishing Odyssey: Part 1 The Decision

Alastair Savage joins Achilles, Agamemnon, Helen, Paris and Menelaus before the walls of Troy as he embarks on a self-publishing odyssey.

Story and Metaphor in Art Form: How Writing and Painting Whisper...

Every artist is a reporter of life and truth; examining the similarities between art and writing.

Sobre cómo perder un concurso literario

Susana delivers the definitive take on how to NOT win a literary competition

Road to Publication in 2014

Cedar clues us in on a host of useful tips and guides for those who are looking to publish in 2014.

Articles populaires novembre 2013

Fabien Lyraud turns a French eye towards illuminating the best of November's content.