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FuturesPastEditions Releases Three Omnibuses of Starman Series



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Publisher of Off-Trail Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror


FuturesPast Releases Final Three ebook Omnibuses

In Pulp Veteran Stuart J. Byrne’s “Star Man” Saga

Includes Never-Before-Published 12th Star Man Novel!

  Genesis of the Star Man

The saga of the Star Man began in 1978 when Byrne, a multilingual engineer and longtime pulpster who had written for Amazing, Imagination, and Other Worlds, was hired to help translate and polish some of the later Ace reprints of the fabled Perry Rodan books. Two years later, when the German rights holder decided to cancel the American license due to declining sales, Byrne was asked by Master Publications to come up with his own endlessly unfolding cosmic adventure of the Perry Rodan type. The result was a 12-volume science fictional space opera unlike any other.

SIXTH STARMAN OMNIUnfortunately, only the first 11 were published by Master Publications. The 12th volume remained unpublished until Feb. 2014, when the concluding Star Man novel, “The Second Empire”, was issued by Futures Past Editions in The Sixth Star Man Omnibus.

 As Published by Futures Past Editions, Byrne’s Entire Star Man Saga Includes:

  What is the Star Man Saga About?

In the far future, Earth, Mars, and Venus are ruled by the iron hand of dictatorship, as is humanity’s first extrasolar colony on Alpha Centauri. An accident sends modern-day astronaut Steven Germaine to the future and to the colony, where the inhabitants revive him. Unknown to him, Germaine has survived his trip through time due to unique abilities only he possesses, and soon he becomes the centerpiece in a struggle between the colonists, the dictatorship, and hierarchies of aliens whose existence no one even suspects. When he is forced to land on an unexplored world of Alpha Centauri, Germaine’s unique abilities help him overcome the effects of its heavy gravity—and, with the help of an advanced civilization hiding there, they also help him to become a “cross-over”: one of the Supermen of Alpha. But suspicion and counter-plots make him a catalyst in an interstellar revolution, leading to wide-ranging cosmic adventures that build his legend as the Star Man.

The cosmic exploits of Steve Germaine in this series include: capturing a Cosmium-powered interstellar warship; leading the Alpha revolution; riding a comet to Luna; raiding the Cosmium vaults on Mars; finding the lost laboratories of the 23rd century “Magicians” (read: mutants); creating a Cosmium-powered inversion drive; being lost in a negative universe; discovering the awesome Nebula Worlds; falling victim to a time trap, and more.

The interstellar saga of Star Man is filled with memorable characters, such as Star Man’s deadly nemesis Vincent Cardwell, empire builder, and his mysterious mutant daughter, Anne Cardwell; Steve Germaine’s staunch future companion, Danny Duncan, a simple farm boy who becomes the leader of a revolution; “Si” the human cyborg; Alphie, the batrachian savant with a child mind and super I.Q.; great Karmax, the Minotaur-like wizard-creator of the Temonoids; the sacred Zraal, the oldest star race; the Kosmikons, Dark Force hordes from Beyond—and many more.

The Star Man series is epic in scope and a prime example of mind-bending, thought-variant science fiction. Alien worlds and civilizations, negative and alternate-time universes, cosmic purposes, cosmic threats . . . The Star Man novels are classic space opera by one of the original masters of the genre.

The Star Man Omnibuses are now available as ebooks at $2.99 each, for Kindle and .epub reading devices, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes.

They will be published as paperbacks in the autumn of 2014.

For information or review copies (ebook formats only) contact:

Jean Marie Stine, Publisher,

Futures Past Editions is an imprint of Renaissance eBooks, Inc.


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