Allen Steele’s Space Opera Take On Edmond Hamilton’s CAPTAIN FUTURE


Space Opera is making a come back and leading the pack is an old pulp favorite, science fiction’s first superhero, the man of tomorrow, Kurt Newton, also known as –

Originally gracing the cover of his very own pulp magazine and debuting in 1940, Captain Future was an instant hit;  the character would go on to be featured in novels, television, film and even model kits.

The original Captain Future captured the imagination of a young fan who himself would go on to science fiction super stardom – multiple award-winning author Allen Steele.

Now they’ve combined their talents to bring you a new Space Opera, a Space Opera for the new Millennium, Space Opera that has its roots in the origins of the genre and transposes it into our own future.

In four extraordinary volumes, Steele revamps, updates, and modernizes the adventures of Science Fiction’s original Pulp Hero.

Each volume both a stand-alone adventure and an episode in a larger tale.  Every volume lavishly illustrated and accompanied by additional materials.

Available in print in both paperback and hardcover as well as multiple electronic  formats.

Begin your adventure today!

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YA Adventure with John Stith’s Tiny Time Machine!

A new short novel from Nebula Award nominee John E Stith, with illustrations by Nikolett Timar.

All life on Earth will die of thirst unless a couple of loners on the run can use a strange time machine to stop a secret project.

Meg is an angry scientist’s daughter. Her father is not a mad scientist, just really angry–so angry that he and Meg have rarely spoken since the death of her mother. Meg has become a loner, obsessed with combatting polluters like the ones who triggered her mother’s death. And her father has had a different obsession. When Meg breaks into a paint company to expose their practices, she runs into Josh, another loner out to save the world. When Meg and Josh suddenly find themselves on the run from the cops, Meg heads for the one man who should always take her in–her father. But when Meg and Josh reach him, they find him dying. Just before he dies, he gives Meg a strange device that looks like a cellphone and tells her to use extreme caution. When the invention proves to be a time machine that holds the key to humanity’s future, Meg and Josh must find a way to do the impossible–to work as a team. They are up against the cops, a powerful billionaire, a Russian profiteer, and a romantic rival. Can they save the world, and save each other?

“John E. Stith is one of our very best writers, and this is one of his very best stories: a big idea explored from every conceivable angle. Tiny Time Machine is a triumph.” — Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner and author of The Oppenheimer Alternative.

Collection From A Master

David Gerrold has graced the field of science fiction in both print and on screen since his highly popular episode of Star Trek aired in the 1960s;  he has since gone on to win awards, host Worldcons, author numerous thought-provoking stories, advocate for LGBTQI rights and make Facebook friends laugh.

Equally at home with novels, scripts and puns, David is also a serial committer of short fiction author and he offers up these entries in his Adrift in the Sea of Souls collection, which offers up  three unsettling stories of the occult, vampires, and a society of immortals!

Contemporary Anthology

As a nation, we are still debating this issue: “Black Lives Matter” is still being countered with “All: or “Blue” Lives matter, a clear indication that plenty of people still need to read this fantastic anthology that offers up numerous takes on possible futures of policing!

Amazing Stories began its near 100 years of publication on March 10th, 1926.  For the first three years of its existence, it was the ONLY science fiction publication in the entire world.

The authors, illustrators and stories appearing in the magazine ever since set stage for the most exciting, informative and entertaining literary genre known to mankind – Science Fiction!

For several years now, Digital Parchment Services, one of the oldest ebook publishers serving the field, and operating as Futures Past Editions has been compiling annual Best of Amazing anthologies, starting with 1926 and working its way towards the present.

There are seven volumes available, plus two out of sequence years (published to support the Retro Hugo Awards) currently available, with more on the way.

This series offers a comprehensive overview of the development of the genre:  famous author’s first stories; the first appearance of mainstay tropes; the first takes on some of science fiction’s seminal concepts.

Available in print and electronically, buy one or buy them all!

Science Fiction, and particularly our brand of it, would not be what it is without illustration.  It’s one thing to imagine what it must be like to ice skate on one of Saturn’s moons or to seek help from alien lobstermen when you’ve crash landed on their planet (not to mention near naked humanoid bathing beauties – take that brass brassiere!), but to actually see those things depicted in the stacks at your favorite newsstand…well, not even Flash Gordon on the radio beats that!

Yes, a lot has changed since the father of science fiction art – Frank R. Paul – was chosen to be the very first Worldcon’s very first Guest of Honor in 1939 (and later posthumously inducted into the SF Hall of Fame) because everyone else at that very first world convention – including such soon-to-be-luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Donald Wollheim, Forest Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, Sam Moskowitz and many others recognized the deep and positive influence Frank had over the field.  He’s not just credited with setting the pace for SF illustration, he’s also credited with the first (or very early) depictions of space stations, astronauts on the Moon and viable alien habitats.

Amazing Stories honors Paul’s influence with an entire line of enhanced and re=touched high resolution scans of his covers for Amazing Stories, Amazing Stories Annual and Amazing Stories Quarterly (4/1926 – 6/1929) on posters (of various sizes suitable for framing), on clothing (T-shirts, Hoodies) and accessories such as coffee mugs and mouse pads.

All of which can be found in our online store.

Here’s a gallery of all of the covers we offer:

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Ephemera. It’s not a dirty word. It’s all kinds of cool stuff you can collect and display to show your interest in and love for Amazing Stories and Science Fiction!

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