Bluebells bloom for the first time in hundreds of years, offering us a charming, yet concerning, indication of the effects of climate change

Another theory about how water got to the Moon

Humorous SF titles selected by a humorous SF author, Daniel M. Kimmel

Apparently, there are new chapters in the Book of Secrets, maybe

David Brin draws our attention to the accomplishments of the Mars copter

Anders Bellis comments on the Balticon “Woke” kerfuffle

Many, many mummies unearthed

Obi Wan Kenobi show reveals important Leia backstory

Queer Ducks author takes on human sexuality through animal kingdom examples

What’s in that junk food?  You might not want to know

New technique for finding killer asteroids reveals hundreds of new objects

New Releases:  Alex Shvartsman’s The Middling Affliction: The Conradverse Chronicles, Book 1

Hulu subscribers will already know if season 3 of The Orville steps things up

World’s largest plant found down under

Crimes of the Future generates standing O and walk-outs

The Last HoJo (a hotel and restaurant chain frequented by many older fans) closes

Wonder Woman says “yes, WW IS a Queer Icon” (the only way Wonder Woman could be more of a queer icon would be if Judy Garland had poretrayed the character)

Levar Burton – fix was in an it wrecked him – tells Jeopardy tales

James Palmer supports Moses Ingram

This article suggests you can understand Elon Musk by reading RAH’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress  (Mini editorial:  It may be that you can suss out Musk’s thinking based on a read of Heinlein’s novel of revolution, but the author of this piece either hasn’t read the novel or misunderstood it so badly that they attempt to evaluate the Moon colony without ever acknowledging that it is a Penal Colony, which drastically alters any and all interpretations one might make of their society.  Besides, all of the rest of us know that the Heinlein character Musk is closest to emulating is Delos D. Harriman, the man who purchased all of the land over which the Moon orbits.  Is it possible that the author of the article confused their Heinlein “Moon” titles?)

Richard Graeme Cameron informs us that Polar Borealis magazine is now open for submissions

Dumbest SF Film ever will star Beavis and Butthead

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds explores Vulcan sexuality and steps on canon just a little bit more

New FB Group Heralds the arrival of Studio-Based Fandom (Other mini-editorial:  it was a shock to realize how quickly partisan Fandom is beginning to impact our world.  This new FB group centers itself on genre materials produced only by Universal Studios.  We are anticipating open warfare between partisan fandoms to break out at any time now.)

Star Wars Fans call out Disney…see previous post about fan-based fandoms

2001 deleted scenes preserved in salt mine

Ari Marmel reveals a Patrick Stuart wardrobe “secret”

Ambitious Green Lantern project

Samuel Delany offers some writerly advice

Raised by Wolves is cancelled

China will complete its space station with next mission

Paul Di Filippo shares a new anthology’s release Multiverses An Anthology of Alternate Realities

Richard Holloway shares this Star Trek themed drone display in Australia

Carpenter’s remake of The Thing to be in theaters for its 40th anniversary

Star Trek Discovery’s cat gets some attention

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