Pixel Scroll 6/4/22 Pixel Of Illusions
ANOTHER BURKE CO-PANELIST MAKES A STATEMENT. Shahid Mahmud, Arc Manor Books publisher, who was one of the panelists on “Diversity Readers and Why You Need Them” at Balticon 56, today told Facebook readers that he and Stephanie Burke “got

Review: A Monster Calls at Kennedy Center
By Martin Morse Wooster: So why do we go to the theatre? The acting, yes, and the sets, and the importance of getting out of the house. But I think the fundamental reason we watch plays is for the story.

Pixel Scroll 6/3/22 Pixeled Like Your Soul, I’d Rather File Than Watch Disco’s Control
BLUE PLAQUE SPECIAL. Radio Times reports “Verity Lambert, Doctor Who’s original producer, honoured with blue plaque”. Some major names in the history of British television gathered on Sunday 29th May to honour the pioneering producer Verity Lambert, as Doctor Who’s

Balticon 56 Chair Will Lead Investigaton of Events
Yakira Heistand, chair of Balticon 56, has asked for this statement to be posted: My name is Yakira Heistand and, as many of you know, I was the chair of Balticon 56. As Con Chair and as a fellow human,

Updates to Chicon 8 Hugo Voter Packet
Chicon 8 Hugo Administrator Kat Jones answered File 770’s request to summarize the changes that have been made in Hugo Voter Packet since its original release on May 27. Here are the additions, subtractions, and changes: Best Novella: Files updated

Jon Del Arroz’ Twitter Account Restored
Jon Del Arroz let everyone know he’s back on Twitter today. It didn’t take Elon Musk buying the company to make that happen after all. For reasons not explained, none of his tweets prior to today are displayed, and a

Get Your First Glimpse Of The Drama That Awaits At This Year’s X-Men: Hellfire Gala
Mutantkind is set to send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe yet again in this year’s Hellfire Gala! At last year’s gala, mutants changed the face of the solar system, terraforming Mars and claiming it for mutantkind. This year will continue

Balticon Publishes Program Head’s Apology to Burke
Balticon has posted on the convention’s Facebook page the text of an apology from Baltimore 56 Programming Head Lisa Alder-Golden addressed to Ms. Stephanie “Flash” Burke, the Board of Directors, and the Balticon Con Chair. For the background, see “Balticon

Pixel Scroll 6/2/22 The Left Hand Of Pixelness
NOBEL MEDAL AUCTION. Heritage Auctions is taking bids for the “Dmitry Muratov 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Medal”, being sold to benefit children and their families forced to flee Ukraine and those internally displaced since the start of the war

Review of Rocket to the Morgue
By Lis Carey: Police Detective Lt. Terence Marshall, of the Los Angeles Police Department, is home with his wife, Leona, feeding their new baby, while she asks about his day. Nothing interesting, he tells her. One dead drifter, though, shot

Check Out Every Cover For The 900th Issue Of Amazing Spider-Man
This July, Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness’ Amazing Spider-Man #6 marks 900 issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Bringing his iconic artwork to the series for the first time, McGuinness will depict a battle between Spider-Man and the all-new Sinister Adaptoid, a

Pixel Scroll 6/1/22 The Ones Who Scroll Away From Pixelas
BURKE TELLS MORE ABOUT HER BALTICON EXPERIENCE. Stephanie Burke has written a 2600-word comment on File 770’s “Balticon Chair Apologizes After Author Stephanie Burke Removed From Panels” post that goes into fuller detail about her experience. The link is

HWA Scholarship Applications Accepted Through 8/1
The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is today opened the submission window for seven scholarships and grants. You do not need to be a member to apply. The deadline is August 1. The scholarships are offered to those pursuing careers as writers of

Top 10 Posts for May 2022
May was a month unexpectedly filled with sad and controversial news items. The most widely read story told how SFWA removed Mercedes Lackey from the annual Nebula Conference for a code of conduct violation the day after celebrating her as

Pixel Scroll 5/31/22 A Pixel Of Scrollsea
BURKE FOLLOW-UP. Stephanie Burke told Facebook readers today her Balticon experience is exacting a physical toll. (For background, see “Balticon Chair Apologizes After Author Stephanie Burke Removed From Panels”.) …Still no word but maybe today I can meet with

Cats Sleep on SFF: Star Wars Memories
Craig Miller sent this picture of a dog cozying up to Star Wars Memories. Well, it’s not Cats on SF but it’s sort of in the neighborhood. (One of my readers, who goes by the name Marco Gallologic, sent it

Travel Back to 1957 in Hansen’s History of the First UK Worldcon
You know that phrase “putting the world in Worldcon”? The first step toward that utopian goal was the London Worldcon of 1957. You can learn all about the con and the kerfuffles in Rob Hansen’s 1957: The First UK Worldcon,

Pixel Scroll 5/30/22 Oh Filed Gruntbuggly, Thy Pixelations Are To Me
WHAT’S SPACE OPERA, DOC? Grant Wythoff tries to learn how authors are defining it: “What Is Space Opera in the 2020s?” at LA Review of Books. In an afterword to Far from the Light of Heaven, [Tade] Thompson asks himself if

Emails From Lake Woe-Is-Me — Fit the Thirty-Third
[Introduction: Melanie Stormm continues her humorous series of posts about the misdirected emails she’s been getting. Stormm is a multiracial writer who writes fiction, poetry, and audio theatre. Her novella, Last Poet of Wyrld’s End


The 2022 Shamus Award Nominees
The 2022 Shamus Award nominees, for private eye novels and short stories first published in the United States in 2021, were revealed June 2 by John Shepphird, Chairperson for the Shamus Awards. The winners will be announced in August. BEST PI HARDCOVER

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