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“Mi amigo Quyllur”: una fábula de ciencia ficción ecuatoriana

Voyager's golden disc prompts aliens to seek Earth in Mi amigo Quyllur, a film based on the eponymous novel by Renato Mendizábal Guillén

Bordeando el país de los ciegos

Retro-review of H.G. Wells' The Country of the Blind

Un viaje al mundo espiritual marciano

A Danish film from 1918 has been restored, a unique contribution to film called A Trip to Mars

“Abandonado”: acento de la ciencia ficción en el medioambiente

In this review of Abandoned by Jorge Oswaldo Claudio Toscano, Ivan questions whether it achieves its purpose of raising awareness of environmental deterioration.

Asni’s Blog: The Peahen Incident

New Zealand has become a clean, green, and liberal Utopia to a lot of people. For the last thirteen years, I have experienced something very different.

Viajes iniciáticos: “Casi mágica” de Yvonne Zúñiga

A review and a profile of Ecuadorian author Yvonne Zúñiga


Steve dissects two movies: a new one and an oldie. But are they goodies?

Where’s Jessica Hyde? Find Out. Utopia Series 2 Episode 1 Review

Utopia Season 2 Premiere: Utopia is a cruel show. It's made up of cruel people. It's a cruel world.

Expectations of Living in a Science Fiction World

Our imagined futures haven't happened. Yet.

Trips to Hidden Places

Astrid shows us the way to Shangri-La, and other mystical, hidden places

World Building: To Market, To Market

I was getting all excited last night over the idea of making my next purse. I can work with leather, and I don’t want...

Why Science Fiction Has a Troubled Relationship With Utopias

Maybe it's time to donate to SETI ... and vote for politicians who believe that Gross National Happiness is less important than Gross National Aerospace Investment.

The British Are Coming…Again

I've always thought that US TV shows have the ground covered when it comes to science fiction TV shows (although the UK has the...